Rethinking How We Perceive Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)

Rethinking How We Perceive Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)

Worku Burayu (PhD), September 6, 2018

Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo on foot from Nekemte, pictured on September 6, 2018 in Shaambu, en route to Finfinne to greet OLF leaders on September 15, 2018

The powerful resistance waged by the National Oromo Youth (QEERRO BILISUMMAA OROMOO), persistently supported by the Oromo masses and spearheaded by the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), has entered a new chapter, a very critical juncture, in the history of the Oromo People’s struggle for freedom, democracy and peace. Unless this critical and unprecedented occurrence be led with cautions and wise decision, there would be complications and needless scarifies in our future journey, the journey of the beginning of the end.

To be led in the right direction as a people we need to be prepared mentally, spiritually, physically, logistically and socially, by being resilient, clever, enthusiastic and ready for unexpected. When we improve the ability of ours to identify who lifts us up and who brings us down and choose the right networks, it means we are on the right track to the right direction to headway and move advancing.

As a people, you already have a pretty good understanding of the types of Oromo political organizations you met physically in Oromia sphere. You as a people, at this moment, have a deep idea of the Oromo political organization who could lift you up and others who could bring you down knowingly or unknowingly. You have already identified organizations that you know right at this moment who continually make you feel good in their existence and other organizations that you have known for a long who have constantly made you feel worse or uneasy in their presence.

There are individuals in OPDO or in any other organization for that matter who may try to cross over the dark spirit of TPLF into the Light Spirit of Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo. There are also individuals who are purposely chosen to live and lead a darker spirit life and path in EPRDF; because these are money blinded and EPRDF privileged individuals. There are also, individuals with Oromophobia, those who their mental is closed for the bright world.

Think of this way, individuals are different from the system. Loving and compassionate personalities of individuals at heart is irrelevant here, as many people are loving and kind at heart including the present Ethiopian Prime Minister as well as the president of “Oromiya State,” as far as practically they follow and implement the objective of the system they are in, the system that is projecting something else externally that is unsafe for the people’s freedom, equality, peace, justice and happiness.

As “good and bad ideas” existing together although not in harmony our minds should be ready to sort out the bad from the good ideas. You can’t eliminate “the bad ideas” at once as you can’t get good on one occasion. The bad idea consume itself when you are getting matured in politics, equipped with necessary resources including arming yourself (WBO), well organized and become more than ready to answer your own questions. Hence, be ready to give answers for all of your questions as a system of your life than waiting answers from some parts of your life.

In my life time in Diaspora, I have witnessed when many questions poured from thousands of people to get answers from a few individuals of OLF leaders during a meeting, even at a social event for fun and special occasions. These should be reversed. You have to be ready enough to answer your own questions. To do this, we should rethink how we perceive OLF. OLF is not a robot, a robot that you wait for the ready-made programmed answers. It is not also a computer, a computer when you put data in you got programmed data out. It is not a foreigner entity that you wait for assistance or reply for your questions or requests. OLF is not a mere political organization; it is the light spirit of Oromo, the spirit that is part and parcel of our body and the spirit that shake beyond Oromia, the whole Ethiopia and the entire horn of Africa.

The mentality of waiting answers from others should be stopped. When one part of our body, say our heart, beginning aching or irritable, other parts of our body continue to find solutions; eyes start searching, hears listen properly, legs start walking, hands pick, tongue and mouth swallow the medication in the healing process of our heart. The system as a whole gives answer for the question of heart and lead to the final solution. Our mind gives order and leads the whole system. Now, the light spirit of OLF is a member of your system. By implication, OLF is a member of your system beyond being you are a member of OLF. It is you. When that spirit is in danger, it means that your existence is in danger. When that spirit is glowing and continuously lighting that means you are approaching to achieve your objectives. Hence, your mind should be ready to give the order and synchronize the system to get remedy in sustainable manner.

In short, OLF should be more than ready to lead and give directive in synchronized manner, while the people should be ready to give answers for their own questions. In rather simple approach, the questions for self-determinations raised by yourself are approaching in your court to be answered by you and only you. Unload your borrowed package to load one of your own (next topic)

Note: Many of my childhood, high school, particularly University and work friend’s emailed and asked me what triggers me to write frequently this time (stay tuned to get reply). Don’t wait to get answers, we have already agreed to find answers ourselves. Regarding e-mail: You can reach me at or Both Worku (my official name) and AbbaWalalaa (given name by Eebantu’s during my childhood) are my real names. You can follow me on my Facebook page: abbawalala baloo

Horaa Bulaa!

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