Rewarding a Murderer, Guilty by Association

Rewarding a Murderer, Guilty by Association

The Case of Abiy Ahmed & The Nobel Peace Prize

An Open Letter to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee

Dear Members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee,

The Honorable Alfred Nobel states in his Will that The Nobel Peace Prize be conferred to the worthiest person who has done the greatest benefit to humankind. This is indeed a Noble Idea. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee is morally obliged and duty bound to act following the Letter and Spirit of the Will.

However, we are not convinced that the Committee had conducted thorough assessment and proper evaluation of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate’s past records, and what he has set forth in motion once he usurped power. We are dismayed by the hasty decision because we are suffering the consequences. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee through its award heartened and let loose an extremely dangerous despot who turned against Oromo, the very Nation that provided him with unprecedented opportunities. Right now, Abiy Ahmed is bent on exterminating one of the ancient Nations on the planet: The Oromo People.

It is not long ago that we witnessed the 1991 Nobel Prize for Peace winner, Aung San Suu Kyi falling from grace when she defended the brute force and barbaric act of Myanmar Army that devastated the Rohingya Population. Her actions generated the call for the withdrawal of her Nobel Peace Prize. We thought The Nobel Peace Prize Committee would take note of that experience and use it judiciously in considering candidates for such a Prestigious Prize.

Reasons Why Abiy Ahmed doesn’t deserve The Nobel Peace Prize:

  1. Abiy Ahmed acted as a founder and head of the Information Network Security Agency (INSA) that was responsible for the killings, disappearances and tortures in the notorious dungeons of the EPRDF government. Abiy Ahmed refined the instruments of repression of the brutal government for which he shall be held accountable when the time comes.
  2. Abiy Ahmed was an active member and now the Prime Minister of the Ethiopian regime, EPRDF officially known for its abysmal Human Rights records witnessed by International Human Rights Organizations: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc.
  3. The premises of Abiy Ahmed’s awarding of the Noble Peace Prize are at best shaky: “for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea.” There are no protocols followed and official documents signed that would contribute to the cessation of hostilities and lasting peace in this regard. The border between the two countries is still a no war, no peace zone where tensions remain high.
  4. Abiy Ahmed made it unmistakably clear as he maneuvered to power that he aspires to be an autocratic leader, a king by deconstructing the hard-won Federal Structure of the Nation States, and destruction of the National Fabrics and identities of the various Nations ultimately reverting back to the old order: An empire.
  5. Right from the outset, Abiy made it publicly clear that the Oromo people are the major obstacles to the fulfilment of his agenda and therefore declared them as his prime target: Extrajudicial killings, mutilations, mass incarceration and torture. Under Abiy Ahmed the sufferings of the Oromo people have been intensified.

Reasons enough to reconsider Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Peace Prize Award:

  1. Honoring Alfred Nobel’s Will and holding onto the credo of The Noble Peace Prize has to be taken solemnly and earnestly. Rewarding a brutal despot seriously tarnishes the good name of The Nobel Peace Prize. It will definitely damage the standing of the institution.
  2. Dissociating the Nobel Peace Prize from the heinous acts of Abiy Ahmed becomes necessary to protect the prestige of the institution. Abiy Ahmed’s actions are diametrically opposed to the Letter and Spirit of the Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is waging the war of extinction against the Oromo people. Since Abiy Ahmed seized power, the right to life of the Oromo people is being systematically and profoundly violated: Extrajudicial killings, mutilation, gang-rape, mass incarceration, torture, and displacement have become rampant and mounting by the day. The threat to the survival of the Oromo Nation has never been so acute. The Nobel Peace Prize will always be associated with the barbaric acts of this despot.
  3. Abiy Ahmed feels that his actions are justified by the Nobel Peace Prize, and he is considering the Award as the License to Kill.
  4. Alfred Nobel’s Will also states “… recognizing persons who have done the most or best to advance fellowship among nations, the abolishing or reduction of standing armies, the establishment and promotion of peace congresses…”. Abiy Ahmed’s staged show as a regional peace maker has ran its course. Skirmishes are flaring up on the border with the Sudan. Relationships with Kenia and Somalia are on ice. Abiy is beating a war drum with Egypt to divert from the internal problems confronting him. Overall, the honeymoon is over and reality is resurfacing.

Unwilling to solve the problems and driven by his personal ego, he is wielding his sword and brandishing his gun to wage an all-out war both inside the empire and in the region as a whole. Therefore, Abiy Ahmed is not a messenger of peace worthy of The Nobel Peace Prize, rather a serious danger to the Peace, Stability and wellbeing of the region you would rather condemn and dissociate from.

Given the facts on the ground, we hope that you will reevaluate your consideration which will be in the best interest of your Institution in serving humanity and the wellbeing of the region.


Guddisaa Muleta.


(1) I request my compatriots in Norway to present this message to the Committee
(2) Amnesty International recent report on Ethiopia

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