RIB, a soft landing for Lamma Magarsa is the drama of the week!

RIB, a soft landing for Lamma Magarsa is the drama of the week!

By Moa Abagodu, April 21, 2019

Gedu Andargachew and Lamma Magarsa, former Amhara and Oromia regional state presidents, were pushed out of the offices they rehabilitated,  earned love and trust from their people.

First the fact that Eng. Aisha was appointed in October, 2018 and six months ago and today she is replaced by Lammaa Magarsa shows the day-to-day nature of the administration. This makes her appointment look like purposefully done for political mileage both at home and abroad. Otherwise why would you change her before she even learn the names of all her Generals? This would also make the Western countries nervous. OR could it be Western influence?

Second, this is clearly a demotion to Lammaa Magarsa and to give him a soft landing unless the ministry is to be restructured and go back to its old structure where the defense ministry has real authority. But looking at who participated at the Lammaa’s departure ceremony from Oromia, the PM, Demeke Mekonen, Tigray Sate V/president and TPLF chairman and other dignitaries, it does not look like this is a move up rather a move out and farewell ceremony!

Third, the appointment of Shimelis Abdissaa as president of Oromia directly from the PM’s office shows that the PM is losing confidence in the Cafee Oromia and needed to have his right hand person in there. Otherwise there are a number of qualified and seasoned parliamentarian to become president of Oromia. Another appointment to a high office as vice president.

Finally, the appointment of the most corrupted person, Alemu Simee, to MITEC, a long and rich history of corrupted office in the land is another indication that OPDO is not serious!

All in all it is an indication of incompetent.

Please enlist seasoned and well liked people who can solve people’s problem not create them.

As the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is the mere word “extra”, the difference between stability and chaos in Oromia and by implication to Ethiopia is the refusal of OPDO to read the writing on the wall. Give the Oromo people what they deserve and are demanding. The Oromo people are saying release the OLF from your political shackle and let it help stabilize the Oromia. Please wake up and do the right thing. It is OK to lose election by doing the right thing. After all, you squandered the last 27 years and why you want to squander the next five years.

My 0.02 cents.


  1. Thanks a lot, Moa.

    As the say goes “people get their leaders”. For so long: injustices, incompetence, empety show cases, false heroisms, mismanagement, corruption, deception, cruelty dishonesty, theft, crimes, manipulation, shortsightedness, looking the other way when things go wrong, lack of accountability, big appetite to consume rather than developing, etc., have characterized governments and public offices in Ethiopia. The extension from the Ethiopian long polity has not stayed in the palaces. It got out to those with big appetite for dishonesty and negatively impacted the Ethiopian social fabrics, especially, the so called intelligentsia whose thinking level is not ahead of the gangsters crowding the country’s political affairs. I met and was acquainted with a bank boss who was boasting of “taking his Ethiopian share” and building a Villa in Bole area when I was a student in Finfinne long ago. I was puzzled with his remarks and was asking myself wasn’t he appointed to look after the public money? Why was he allowing himself and others to embezzle what he was supposed to protect? Before I forgot my encounter with the banker, we got through graduation and most of my classmates found (given) work in the public sectors. A year or so later I met up with some of my former classmates and conversation turned to who was doing what. One of them casually told us that “X and Y where doing well; X has become very rich while Y just managed to grab a couple of hundred thousands birr”. It was a chilling remark to some of us since we were aware that those individuals (” X and Y”) were working in a readily fertile government institutions for corruption. Those are the kinds of “gentle, educated Ethiopians” crowding the streets of Addis Ababa/Finfinne and Ethiopian affairs.

    The peoples of Ethiopia must wake up and start to ask, who are you after all? They must learn to see beyond clean clothes and polished Amharic (ye-arada qunquwa). Particularly, the gangs and gangsters who have occupied Finfinne and trying to build the wall of separation based on prejudices and hatred must be paid attention by the peoples of Ethiopia and the government. Lunatic fringes and ultra-nationalists trading in the name of Addis and Amhara are poised to speed up the disintegration of the country which was founded on thin societal fabrics. The gangsters who have self- appointed themselves as ” Addis Ababa Care Takers” are preaching anti-Oromo hatred propagandas day and night on the watch of the government. Those who running up and down in the name of Amhara movement are fanning anti-Oromo and other Ethiopians sentiments. Sadly, no one has attempted to come out and tell them that they are wrong. The people in charge of the government are afraid of offending the gangsters and the usual raw meat consumers city lunatic fringes. The fact of the matter, however, is that the gangsters running the gangs which are breaking the country’s laws by self-appointing themselves to meddle with the affairs of the city adminstration are not only undermining the government but also are planting a time bomb that will hugely contribute to the disintegration of “Emiye Ethiopia”. Nevertheless, the so called Ethiopian Intelligentsia (I prefer to use the term intelligentsia since I believe that those who are crowding the country’s political affairs have not achieved the superior level of political elitism required of them) as well as those who are in charge of government are deaf quiet to speak to the truth. The gangster who is running the anti-Oromo lunatic gangs in Finfinne (coining the term ” Addis Ababe” and preaching hatred against the Oromo people is nothing other than a replica of the so called Kassa Hailegorgis (Bezbiz Kassa, aka Emperor Tewodrors II). The only difference is that the old Bezbiz Kassa was a bandit in the jungle while the modern lunatic is a city bandit exploiting the political naivety and incompetence of the team leading the reforms.

    It is, thus, essential for the country’s peoples to wake up to the realities and tackle recurring damaging hate politics wrapped in green, yellow and red banner. The Ethiopian peoples must be tired of mediocre deceptive pseudo Ethiopian politicians with no dreams apart from maintaining their daily luxuries in Finfinne at the expense of hundred million Ethiopians. As for the Oromo people, the choice is clear. They have sacrificed their bright sons and daughters to take the struggle for justice and freedom to where it is now. Their destiny is not decided by anti-Oromo lunatic fringes and their media outlets or by the fainthearted Oromo politicians who cannot go beyond the limits set for them by their masters or those pretending to look accomplished Oromo nationalist, however, are unable to go beyond their own egos and measure up to the level required of them. Qeerroo and qaree, you need to honour the sacred cause for which your comrades paid for with their lives. Everything is in your hands; understand your potential and realize the Oromo big objective. The sky is NOT the limit for what the Oromo is poised to achieve! Dr Abiy can appoint anyone to any position and move them around. Our concerns must revolve around our big objective, our fundamental questions, greater freedom and abbabiyuumma.

    Victory to the Oromo people and other subjugated Ethiopian peoples!


  2. Hello …. my beloved Oromia nation led by qeerroo heroes and rest of oppressed nations in fake apartheid Abyssinia…..
    Why waist time…..every body knows that an apartheid cruel Settelers regime can’t be reformed .
    The only way forward for Oromia nation is to free from Abyssinian settelers hegemony mentality, economically, politically and physically ( total liberation from great Oromia nation in east Africa) and rest of oppressed nations will follow suit inshaALLAAH.
    The minority settelers ( apartheid Abyssinians ) sees the oppressed nations as their properties…..!
    Look how they behave when talking about FINNFINNE the land they looted and rooted out Oromia nation..
    Don’t trust Abiy slave & co
    He is working day and nat with Neftegna to introduce news version of mililk manifesto the using this time slagons like democracy….!
    Neftegna…… talks democracy, humanity
    What about land grabbing from Oromia farmers…?

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