RSWO: Haala hamaa Konyaa Matakkal keessatti

RSWO: Haala hamaa Konyaa Matakkal keessatti

Hamaa Konyaa Matakkal keessatti Oromoota irratti raawwatamaa jiru | Mancaatii qabeenya Oromoo irratti, Kaaba Shaggar, Ona Dagam keessatti LMKII’n raawwatamaa jiru | Ona Aayiraa keessatti Oromtichi tokko ajjeefamuun, reeffi isaa bineensaan nyaachifamuu | RSWO – Waxabajjii 21, 2020

Ethiopia always eat Oromo’s child!

Guys, those of Oromo children, why are they going to kill this? How long will our blood live?

This young man’s name is Samuel Merga Negera, when he is the owner of the Ethiopian Robot (Artificial Intelligence), he is the owner of the country, he is the owner of the country, he has been able to sign up with this country. When he comes to Sheger, he will follow the people who are following v8 in Sheger, he came to Sheger and came to Sheger and came down from Sheger’s hotel around Sheger Adas hotel, he asked him where he was going to be around #harmoney hotel, and the child showed them the direction of the hotel. When he starts walking on foot, he came and followed him in another way and came down from the car and stopped the car in front of the car, ′′ what is the relationship with Mr. Duku deyas ′′ and he will answer them ′′ Aba Dula active means he is the hero of Africa ′′ people are more angry Even if they try to put him in a car, the man who was in a car has been killed by the man who was killed by the fire, he fell down with a shoe, and the other person tried to fight with another person, and the other person was trying to escape from killing his life.
When the young youth who called this country from Africa to NASA, they are going to take care of them and more help.

I don’t understand how long will this flour learn and respect oromo children who should be respected.

Samuel, may god help you, my brother!


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