Saudi Arabia to release Ethiopian-born billionaire held over corruption

Note from the editor: All the secrete behind the non-ending trip (domestic and foreign) by the newly appointed PM of Ethiopia, Colonel Abyi Ahmed is to get Mr. Mohammed Alamudi (the billionaire) who has been in jail for committing corruption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where there is relative rule of law and justice. The TPLF gangsters who are behind the appointment of PM Abyi are much worried about the incarceration of their henchman and the architect of corruption, looting, money laundering, public property embezzlement etc. in collaboration with the TPLF-OPDO-EPRDF triangle and sent the nominal PM to Soudi Arabia to lobby his release

These OPDO thugs did not worry much about the fundamental question that has been the center of the over four years protest by the Oromo people and Qeerroo that paved the way for their appointment to the premiership and other ‘top’ positions that they didn’t expect. They rather continued their servitude business to TPLF and have been making continuous vacation style trips to different countries instead of answering popular questions and focusing on formulating policies and strategies to solve those basic questions that the Oromo people have been asking for decades as those demands require time and focus to work on., May 21, 2018

Saudi Arabia will soon release Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi, an Ethiopian-born Saudi billionaire arrested in November 2017 during a crackdown on corruption, Ethiopia’s prime minister said.

Abiy Ahmed made the remarks late on Saturday after arriving from the Gulf kingdom, where he met Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during a two-day visit.

Al Amoudi, a son of a Saudi father and an Ethiopian mother who has invested heavily in construction, agriculture and mining in the Horn of Africa country, was among 11 princes, four current ministers and top businessmen detained during the swoop by a new anti-corruption body.

“The incarceration of one Ethiopian is the incarceration of all Ethiopians. Sheikh Al Amoudi’s arrest is top in the agenda for all Ethiopians.”

“The incarceration of one Ethiopian is the incarceration of all Ethiopians. Sheikh Al Amoudi’s arrest is top in the agenda for all Ethiopians,” Abiy said in the capital Addis Ababa.

“We have made the request – we are sure that he will be released very soon,” he added in a townhall-style gathering.

Saudi authorities have dismissed claims that they mishandled the anti-corruption campaign, which included the three-month detention of billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal – one of the country’s top international investors.

Officials in Riyadh say most detainees have been released, after settlements that they say secured more than $100 billion from members of the elite.

On Friday, Ethiopia also announced that Saudi Arabia had agreed to release 1,000 Ethiopian nationals who have been in prison in the Gulf state for a variety of offences.

Officials in Riyadh are in the process of deporting more than 500,000 illegal Ethiopian migrants. So far, 160,000 have arrived back in the Horn of Africa country.

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