Seife Nebelbal Moving Home to Operate FM Radio

Seife Nebelbal Moving Home to Operate FM Radio

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Considering or visualizing the size of the population, the Oromo people are underserved with media. There are few TV stations to cover the larger parts of the countryside. In most of the remote areas, TVs are either not affordable or no services at all. In order to fill this gap, FM radios are the right media to reach them. Click here support Seife

That is why, Seife Nebelbal radio, sought a permit (license) from the Ethiopian communication authority to operate a 24×7 FM radio in both Afaan Oromoo and Amharic. Seife Nebelbal radio has planned to air awareness about general public health, education, entertainment, interviews from inside the country and abroad, about science and technology, about democracy and human right issues. An educated and well-informed citizenry is a vital requisite for survival as a free people. Click here support Seife

Seife Nebelbal radio is moving to Finfinne to operate the FM radio. It is in the process of acquiring an office. However, the starting cost of this operation is staggering for a single person. While Seife is seeking running or operating costs from other sources, it asks you to support it with startup money to buy necessary equipment, including among others: digital mixers, digital voice recorders, CD/MP3 players, desktop PCs and radio playlist software, telephone hybrid, dual cassette/cd recorder, office equipment and accessories, miscellaneous wiring straps and installation material, labor for installation of control room, etc. Roughly about $24,911.00. Click here support Seife

Without your support Seife Nebelbal cannot execute all of its plans. Please click the Donate button above to support Seife Nebelbal FM Radio.

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  1. We will continue to help you, as long as you remain the voice of the voiceless oppressed-people, like the Oromo people. Our hope and prayer is that you will not be another OMN or ONN and forget your Kaayoo.

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