Seife Nebelbal Radio; Dhamasaa hayyotaa Oromo

Seife Nebelbal Radio; Dhamasaa hayyotaa Oromo

#የማንነት_ኪሳራ (Identity Crisis) !

Via Yoseph Mulugeta Baba

Identity crisisA farmer found eagle’s egg in the forest. He brought it home and put it under his own nesting hen along with the other eggs. time passed and the little chicks chipped their shells and emerged into the light of the day. The young eagle did the same. it looked different from the other chicks but IT FITTED IN WELL with life in the nursery.

Days went by and the young chicks graduated into the farmyard where they learned from the older hens how to peck for their own food, to walkabout end to go back to their sleeping roost in the evening. The young eagle learned also and only his appearance differentiated him from others.

All went smoothly until one day a visitor (Philosopher) came to the farm. He said to the farmer “i notice you have a young eagle among your chickens.” The farmer replied, “No, it was an eagle’s egg but you see how it behaves like any other chick, scratching, eating, sleeping day after day.” The visitor (Philosopher) was not happy and protested, “it may behave like a chicken, even look like a chicken, BUT it has the wings of an eagle, the heart of an eagle, it is made to fly!”

This is called Identity Crisis! The same is true for Fake Oromos!
As Prof. Gemetchu Megerssa correctly stated, “The Oromo will never become good Ethiopians before they become good Oromo !”

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