Send off dinner event of Artist Zerihun Wodajo at the OCO

Send off dinner event of Artist Zerihun Wodajo at the OCO

The Oromo artists were and are at the forefront of the Oromo National Liberation struggle and are the source of inspiration for the nation. One of our great artists and heroes of the nation, Zerihun Wadaajoo, who is currently residing in the Washington Metro area is planning to relocate back to Oromia and re-join the home front struggle which he was forced to leave behind.

The organizing committee has prepared a send-off dinner event at the OCO house located at 6212 3rd St NW, Washington, DC on this Saturday, September 1, 2018 at 6:00 PM. We are writing this letter on behalf of the event committee to request your help by purchasing an event ticket and/or making a donation to Zerihun’s send home fund.

As you all know, Zerihun was among one of the first Oromo artists who showed through their art the road to Oromummaa/Bilisummaa, nurturing and paving the way for the artists of the Qeerroo generation. Now, the Qeerroo artists are calling him back home to join their struggle. The Oromo compatriots in the DC area, in association with the Oromo Community Organization, have organized a send-off fund raising event to support his relocation back to Oromia.

As it is our responsibility emanating from Oromummaa to help our heroes when in need, we expect your generous donation towards the fund to make a meaningful and memorable send off and thank you in advance.

We hope you will join us at the dinner event.
Galatni kan gootota kabaja nutti horanii ti !!
Oromoon Goota isaa ni kabaja!!
“Wal malee mal qabna”
The Organizing Committee

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  1. Viva Oromia nation
    Viva qeerroo
    Viva olf
    Oromia shall be free
    And rest of oppressed nations in fake Abyssinia
    Will follow suit inshaALLAAH

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