Shake the Empire

Shake the empire

By Rundassa Eshete, August 29,2021

Shake the empire as hard as need be,
To make it crumble and fall,
Be it Minilik’s, or the PP one,
Even if it speaks five languages or more,
Still standing or rotten to the core,
Shake the empire and make it fall.
If shaking the empire does not suffice,
Organize WBO most carefully,
Let it destroy the empire’s heart,
Break its spirit as it roars,
Sap its strength most thoroughly,
then just wait until it falls.
But if that tactic doesn’t work,
Rip out the empire’s protective bark,
Expose its Mahiber-Qidusan roots,
Strike it hard again and again,
Aim at its branch, the Mahibere-qidusan
Keep striking it until nothing remains,
And watch and rejoice,
When the empire crumbles and falls.
And should the empire still stand,
Clinging to the Mahibere-Qidusan mob,
Take your Dhagaraa and sharpen it well,
Chop the empire and bring it down,
And force it down to the ground.
And should the empire still cling,
To the root devoid of life,
Douse the rotten, useless empire
With gasoline, light a match,
And burn the empire’s, branch and root,
All to a gloriously fine ash.
Do this for human freedom sake,
Fight the indignation and the injustice,
For the sake of the fallen heroes
Wearing Oromummaa on your face
Shake the raised fists of Amharanization
And bring back the Gadaa civilization

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