Sidama: Doomed To Failure Is SNNPRS and Its Plots Of Blocking the Sidama’s Stride Toward Regional Self-Governance!

Sidama: Doomed To Failure Is SNNPRS and Its Plots Of Blocking the Sidama’s Stride Toward Regional Self-Governance!

Sidama National Liberation Front -SNLF March 07, 2019


SidamaTwo weeks ago the SNNPRS central committee held its meeting in Arbaminch city with the prime objective of negating the Sidama’s move towards its national regional self-rule that has been constitutionally guaranteed. The Sidama’s progressive forces fought and defeated SNNPRS’s puppets in Arbaminch’s meeting although they are advised to remerge from their graves as per the order of federal unionists leaders, the Sidama’s behind the scene conspirators such as the infamous criminal Shiferaw Shigute (whom the current PM Dr Abiy Ahmed appointed as Ethiopian ambassador to south Korea in spite of his criminal record in Sidama land and beyond), Dr Markos Tekle, Ex-SLM’s traitor selfish Dejene Woldeamanuel and the others Sidama’s selfish quislings such as Biru Bale and Bekele Wayu who become virtual G7’s puppets hence agreed to sabotage Sidama’s national struggle for self-governance and concomitant benefit. The indicated are all working in unison to derail the Sidama’s national aspiration for self-reliance.

The indicated illegal establishment so called, SNNPRS whose creation is ascribed to TPLF’s late evil architect, PM Meles Zenawi has been imposed not only on Sidama nation, but also on the other 55 various systematically enslaved nations with distinct cultures and ways of lives. It has been installed in Sidama land of Hawassa in 1993/4 after TPLF’s EPRDF has merged 5 independent regional states into the indicated pressure cooker without the will of the subjects so that the regime can easily enslave them all whilst exploting their rich resources. Since it has created and imposed this lifeless amorphous entity, its cadres have triumphed over the Sidama’s national wealth whilst relegating its people. The culprits were given ultimate power to dehumanise the Sidama nation in its own soil time and time again for the last 27 years. Its cadres have repeatedly uprooted Sidama people from their soil to vacate it for themselves and TPLF’s business groups who were given further ultimate power to rule over the Sidama and the rest 55 enslaved nations of the amorphous illegal SNNPRS.

The Sidama nation whose population can be the third or fourth in Ethiopia has been time and again relegated and deliberately impoverished by TPLF/EPRDF’s central government for the last 27 years. Therefore, the Sidama nation has been demanding its rights to a regional self-rule not only during the era of TPLF’s EPRDF rule since 1991, but also for the entire period of Abyssinian occupation. There is no time the Sidama nation has peacefully accepted colonial occupation and concomitant subjugation. During various eras, the Sidama nation has fought for its rights taken from the nation by the invading Menelik II’s army in 1892/93 to be reinstated, yet in vain.

The Sidama nation began its resistance in a number of ways from which the prominent and recent one is over 42 years old Sidama’s national organisation, Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM). SLM has been established over 60 years ago by gallant Sidama freedom fighters such as Fiisa Fichcho, Yetera Boollee, Ashe Hujawa, Gawiwa Siriqa and hundreds of various Sidama heroes although it has been constrained with modern military training and weaponry. When modern SLM has been established by Sidama politicians who fled Derg’s regime and joined the former to be part of SLM and take over its leadership, the SLM’s prominence has increased.

The later with former managed to travel 40 days and 40 nights to Somalia where they received a formal military training when TPLF was in its embryonic stage to return, fight and dismantle Derg’s regime in Sidama land. The SLM in its 7 years fierce guerrilla operation, it has managed to free about 50 to 60% of Sidama land from Derg’s regime although SLM has failed on later stage due to a failure of leadership from its top as their capacity has been limited, self-centrism and egoism has dominated instead. Therefore, the Sidama’s demand for a self-rule is not TPLF’s EPRDF initiated quest; but it is over a century old demands that no power in Ethiopia can deny the nation. Neither SNNPRS’s puppets, federal regime nor any person in Ethiopian political establishment have any right to deny the Sidama nation of its unalienable rights to a regional self-rule.

This is why the Sidama leadership of the Sidama zone boycotted in unison; today’s SNNPRS’s meeting in Hawassa that has attempted to sabotage the nation’s quest for regional self-governance. Kudos to the Sidama heroes and heroines!! They regretted for the past mistakes as they stand their ground to defend the national interest of the nation today. Their heroic actions show the Sidama’s national resolve. The Sidama nation never surrenders its rights and submits to more subjugation and slavery.
The wind of hope and positive dream is giving way for frustration and hopelessness simply because those who are hell-bent in denying various nations’ rights to a self-rule are sitting at the driving seats in Ethiopian politics under fatal slogan of ‘Ethiopia Woym Mot’, the same slogan under which their ancestors have dehumanised the oppressed nations including Sidama. Now that time has gone although these obdurate unionists hardly understand. The Sidama nation with the others subjugated nations and the closest family of Oromo nation will continue its fight until it achieves its objective of self-rule and reinstates its national pride.

The Sidama’s progressive leaders, Ejjeetto and the nation at large must stand united whilst moving hand in hand in rejection of SNNPRS and demanding it to leave the Sidama land as matter of urgency. Those Ethiopian brothers and sisters who are peacefully living in Sidama land must show their loyalty and solidarity to Sidama nation as the history so far narrates otherwise. We can’t afford any traitors in Sidama land. Both the Sidama quislings the others non-Sidama plotters must immediately refrain from their reckless actions as the Sidama nation peacefully continue with its demands.

Finally, the Ethiopia’s PM Dr Abiy Ahmed government must seriously take the Sidama national quest to avoid catastrophe in waiting to unfold. We never allow the slavery of the nation in its land to persist under whatsoever pretext! Period!!

Fix the date for Referendum Now!

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