Similarity between Kim Jong-un and Abiy Ahmed on coronavirus

Kim Jong-un orders to shoot a person who tests positive for corona virus while Abiy Ahmed denies information

Dangerous coronavirus has caused chaos all over the world. Meanwhile, people are trying various ways to avoid this epidemic. The central and state governments have also taken several important steps in the country. To prevent this epidemic, orders have been issued by many states to close schools, colleges. With this, 144 have been installed in many places. So that people remain in most homes and the coronavirus does not spread the infection to more people.

Meanwhile, a big news is coming from North Korea. According to the information received, after the first patient of Coronavirus was found in North Korea, the dictator Kim Jong Un’s actions to prevent it from spreading in the country is quite frightening. In fact, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has ordered the victim to be shot after finding the first patient of the coronavirus in his country.

In Ethiopia a genocide is also in the making. The Ethiotelectom CEO, Firehiwot Tamiru told BBC that there is no change to restore back internet and telecom services in the major parts of Oromia as coronavirus issue has become a serious concern. This shows that the government of Abiy Ahmed’s intention is to isolate people from information and updates for prevention guidelines.

So far 1,69,524 people worldwide have been infected with corona. Also, 6515 people have died due to this. In China alone, 3213 people have lost their lives. The most affected people after China have been in Italy. So far 1809 people have lost their lives. In Italy, 24747 people have been infected by it. Let us tell you that in Italy, 368 people have died in one day (March 16, 2020).

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  1. No University Students from Dembi Dollo were abducted per the newly leaked information from the jungles, the students are in the jungles with their own free will as many other high school and University students are in route to the area where the jungles are deemed habitable , inorder to live in the jungles until school is back in session expecting the schools to remain closed until September which is about six months from now .

    Many Ethiopian high school and University students especially many from Gambella region are heading towards the jungles including towards the Dembi Dollo area jungles in masses from Gambella direction , hoping they can hide from the virus in the woods by living a life of no civilization in the jungles with no communication with the outside world ,away from all civilization. They call themselves “the freaks” since they intend to live in the jungles until schools are back in session , the freaks claimed they encountered some of the ” abducted ” in the jungles , but for the safety of all the jungle dwellers they are not at a liberty to disclose the exact whereabouts of the “abducted” University students from Dembi Dollo University of Ethiopia.
    All the freaks said through the social media which was shutdown within moments after it was posted was that all the Dembi Dollo “abducted” University students were there volunrarily , noone is held against their wills, even the military knew that they are there voluntarily since the military interviewed the “abducted” University Students about their situations within the first days after they were reported missing by their families , the military took a signed statement stating that the students were living in the jungle with their own free will trying an alternative lifestyle of several centuries ago away from technological advancements such as phones , clothes , pens , books and pencils. The only time they used these things was when the military forced them to present their identity cards tonprove who they are with their peaceful intention by exercising their constitutional right as adult citizens of Ethiopia to move around the jungle freely with noone limiting their movements as long as they don’t cross into the areas of the country where the State of Emergency military rule are declared .

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