Soliciting Foreign Forces to Fight Against Own People:

Soliciting Foreign Forces to Fight Against Own People: The Hallmark of “Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed’s Leadership”

By Oromia Fact Checkers

Soliciting Foreign ForcesPresident Uhuru Kenyata of Kenya and the Ethiopian Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed met at the Oromia border town of Moyale on December 9, 2020 to launch the opening of the one stop border crossing and the Mombassa-Finfinne highway connecting Ethiopia to the Kenyan port.

At this very occasion where communities from both sides of the border were gathered to celebrate the launch, Abiy Ahmed poked into unrelated issue during his remark on the event. In what is supposed to be a public celebration of friendship and togetherness among people on both sides of the border, the Prime Minster maneuvered his message (the one delivered in English) away from one that marks the occasion to inciting hate and animosity against the Oromo people in front of the media. He asked the Kenyan government and people of the region to support his sinister plan by saying “… just like the infrastructure, we need to work together to eliminate Al-shabab and the OLF from the region….”. Calling for elimination of a legally registered national political party that embraced the national constitution and peacefully operating in the country is clearly a genocidal threat and breach of the country’s constitution. Solicitation of support from Kenyan people and government is an open call for participation in genocide. PM Abiy was not having a slip of tongue when he appealed for support, it was a conscious expression of deep desire and conviction to forcefully suppress the aspiration of the Oromo people by eliminating its vanguard organization. It is a way of telling the Oromo community of the area, both in Kenya and Ethiopia, about his readiness to do what it takes to destroy them and their organization. Simply, it was an open call to commit genocide against the Oromo people. Just like he used Isaias Afeworki to attack Tigray, he is extending open solicitation to the Kenyan government to participate in genocide against the Oromo people that is already underway.

The OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) is a nationally registered political organization legally operating in Ethiopia. It is not Al-Shabab; it is not terrorist; as such it should not have been named along with those. Both the people and government of Kenya and the rest of the world know who OLF is and what it stands for. They also know very well that it was the OLF led Qeerroo movement that propelled Abiy Ahmed to the helm of power in Ethiopia. It is political short sightedness on the part of “PM Abiy” to seek to eliminate the OLF and the Oromo people. The OLF and Oromo people are one and inseparable, as such one cannot alienate the OLF without infringing on the rights and security of Oromo people.  Thus, Abiy’s call to eliminate the OLF is simply a desire to decimate the Oromo people and that he is already at work for the last two and half years to accomplish. Even worse is his attempt to drag the Kenyan government to be a party to this sinister crime. Undoubtedly, his attempt to make use of a political formula that rallied Isaias in the fight against TPLF in the north would not work in the south with President Kenyata. President Kenyata, is a true leader elected by the people of Kenya and recognizes the duties and responsibilities of the head of state.

Through this short note we like to remind our brothers and sisters in Kenya, the Kenyan government and the global community that Abiy Ahmed in collusion with Isaias Afeworki is working day and night to turn the horn of Africa region into bloodbath. He has already placed Ethiopia at loggerheads with Sudan and South Sudan. The fragile peace in Somalia is about to fall apart with countries contributing peace keeping forces intending to withdraw. Kenya is the only stable country in the horn region with moral and diplomatic power to bring normalcy to the region. The desire by Abiy Ahmed to drag Kenya into this conflict is a call for total anarchy, lawlessness and rampant genocide to the horn region. We have no doubt that the Kenyan government will stay high and above moral threshold, and will not allow itself to be dragged into political and security dilemma that Abiy wants it to.  In fact, as a regional diplomatic hub, Kenya has much higher stake to stand up and lead the global and continental political forces to advocate for peace and security in the region. At this historical juncture, the people of the horn region do not have anyone else to turn to for help but Kenya. Time and history has placed their fate in the hands of Kenya and the people of the horn region are counting on Kenyan government to navigate the entire region and lead its people to safety away from the impending genocide and displacement that Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afeworki are brewing for them.

Horaa Bulaa!

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