Spectacular Work of Kello Media must be Revered

June 3, 2021

Kiyya and his friends are currently and have done an astounding job establishing Kello Media. Kello Media is one of the best non-controversial forms of Oromo media ever seen outside of Oromia. It has effectively mobilized hard-working youth who are dedicated to free their country, Oromia. Most of all, the Kello Media members were born in the USA, but thanks to their parents, they are thoroughly informed and educated about Oromia and its politics. They attracted very intelligent journalists, like Monet Badhasa who has a substantial role in making this media outstanding.

These young boys and girls have a clear vision for Oromia. They can fuse their understanding of the outside world and Oromia. Their programs are far from boring. They combine the successes and failures we made in our struggle. You cannot constantly tell about the tragic killings in Hararge, Wollega, Gujji, etc. The achievements of our heroic fighters and people as a whole also need to be recognized.

Oromia belongs to the future generation. They have to shape up it, for their future. That is what Kello is enforcing. Some old people who benefitted from at least under one of the regimes of Haile Selassie, Mengistu, Meles or Abiy are very dangerous. I thank Kello for giving us the challenge to identify these individuals at these crossroads.

Regarding the newly leaked Abiy’s speech, no one denies that it was the voice of Abiy Ahmed. It is 100% Abiy’s voice. Secondly, Abiy told Hachalu Hundessa also at his office that he will stay in power for at least the next 10 years. Listen to Hachalu’s interview. Thirdly, he was talking about the election, which painfully obvious in the current recording. In all, whether the clip was put together or not, it is Abiy’s voice. Period. That is enough to make him a dreamer and vicious dictator.

It is unfortunate to introduce our old self-destructive tactics to these young energetic and ambitious youth who are behind Kello Media. Our advice to them is ‘please do not listen to the distractors (most them are OPDOs). You are doing a revolutionary job for Oromia. As a team you are strong. You will be part of the school of thought if you continue the good work. Keep up.’ We stand with you. /Ayyaantuu Online.

Kello Media

The remarkable, authentic Abiy’s voice clip

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  1. The Kello team are dynamic and revolutionize the Oromo struggle through media and Information technology. We should stand with this team for their commandable job. Wani nama dinqu MM Abbiy akkan hinjanne yk hinjeuu yoo jadhameedha.

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