SQ: Kaaba Oromiyaa walloo irratti humni waraanaa humnaan meeshaa hiikkachiisaa jira.

Kaaba Oromiyaa walloo irratti humni waraanaa humnaan meeshaa hiikkachiisaa jira.

SQ | Amajji 27, 2021
Kaaba Oromiyaa Walloo aanaa Dawwaa Caffaatti uummata Oromoo Walloo irraa meeshaa/qawwee hiikaa jiru. Kunis Oromoo Walloo erga hiikkachisanii booda maqaa godinichaa jijjiruuf murtee sabni Amaaraa murteeffateedha. Yeroo uummatni Amaaraa fi Affar meeshaa gurguddaan Oromoo Walloo lolaa jiru kanatti Oromoo Walloo irraa meeshaa ykn qawwee isaa hiikuun kun egeree uummatichaafis ta’e godinichaaf rakkoo hamtuu waan taheef uummatni keenya Oromoon Walloo kallattii jiruun of qopheessee of irraa ittisuun dirqama qofa osoo hin taane eenyummaa isaa tikfachuuf aangoo guutuu qaba!!


Amajjii 28, 2021

An attempt to kill Abiy and the division inside PEE-PEE establishment that resulted in Abiy’s physico-brake down is caused by the following factors.
1. The deterioration of Weak imperial fundamentals
2. Excessive effort to repair the rotten empire
3. vast amounts of inefficiencies and faulty priorities set by Abiy Ahmed
4. External factors and economic shocks that prevented the empire from allocating resources to best use
5. Large defense spending
6. Effort to centralize multiple identities by force
7. Deviation from federalism principles
8. Habashas cognitive racism that disturbed societal dissonances
9. Exasperated conflict between the empire and Oromia, Tigrai, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Somalia, Afar, the southern people
10. Abiy‘s attempt to revive Minilik’s rule by killing thousands of Oromos and the Tigreans
11. Attempt to implement the Amharanization policies
12. Habashas inflated ego caused by cognitive racism
13. A desire to destroy the Oromo and the Tigreans nationalism
14. Habashas dream to centralize empire Ethiopia under their political and cultural hegemony
15. Abiy’s obsession to maintain political power at all costs
16. Abiy’s faulty priorities
17. High emphasis on military and defense spending
18. Abiy’s inability to handle external and internal conflicts


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