The State of Emergency will not bring peace and stability in Ethiopia

The State of Emergency will not bring peace and stability, but hastens the demise of the TPLF/EPRDF regime of Ethiopia

MassacreFebruary 18, 2018

The Global Gumii Oromia (GGO) is organized to mobilize resources to assist Oromo victims of human rights abuses, injustices, displacements and dislocations by political and natural disasters; to create favorable environment to build awareness for sustainable development and empowerment; and to maintain, preserve and promote Oromo culture and language. GGO supports Qeerroo and Qarree-led Movement.

As the Qeerroo-led popular movement for freedom has intensified in Oromia, the TPLF regime has declared a series of state of emergencies, in less than two years, since October 2016. Unfortunately, instead of addressing the legitimate grievances of the Oromo people and the rest of the peoples in Ethiopia, the TPLF uses state of emergency as a license to kill and murder the unarmed and peaceful protestors, hence deepening the crises. During the last state of emergency, the TPLF regime unleashed the Agazi, a notorious and ruthless militia, to kill and terrorize the Oromo people. Consequently, TPLF’s armed and security forces have indiscriminately killed, tortured and committed genocidal crimes against the Oromo people. As a result, tens and thousands of innocent Oromos were imprisoned by the TPLF/EPRDF regime. However, despite the regime’s continuous use of state of emergency to ‘eradicate the popular Qeerroo-led movement once and for all”, the peaceful movement has gained massive popular support from the peoples of Ethiopia and expanded to other regional states, and have yielded unparalleled results. Therefore, we GGO believe that this should have sent a clear message to the regime that state of Emergency and use of armed violence is not and cannot be the answer to the peaceful demand of the peoples.

The Qeerroo-led popular movement has continued with more determination and intensity. Accordingly, the recent Qeerroo-led stay-home campaign for three days, from February 12 to 14, 2018, have forced the regime to release some notable prisoners who should not have been in prison in the first place for crimes they have not committed while thousands of prisoners are still languishing in jails throughout Oromia and other parts of the empire. Hence, GGO supports Qeerroo’s decision to continue the struggle until all prisoners are released and the Oromo people are free to decide on their future as people. We believe, Qeerroo’s continuous efforts and sacrifices deserve full support of all Oromos and all other peoples who share the values of human freedom and dignity.

Despite its miserably failed policies of violence and government by gun, the TPLF/EPRDF regime has declared yet another round of state of emergency on February 16, 2018, just a day after Prime Minister Haile Mariam Dessalegn announced his resignation citing a complete political turmoil across the entire country and the need to clear the way for reforms. We believe, this round of state of emergency shall also fail just like the previous ones. This declaration of national state of emergency violates human rights; it is illegitimate as is prepared to unleash mass arrests, killings and displacement of millions of people. Its intended goal is to spread fear and terror among the ordinary people. But it does not address the current political crises, nor restore peace and stability. Calling for the suspension of civil liberties, while people are demanding more freedoms is totally counter-productive. For this reason, this state of Emergency should be rejected and resisted.

Clearly, the TPLF/EPRDF is now a wounded and weak regime. The writing is on the wall; the regime is crumbling. The regime itself knows that it has lost all the grounds of legitimacy. It is viewed as foreign invader by the Oromo people. Its attempt to rule through the state of emergencies is an indication of  weakness. Yet it has still a huge capacity to use violence and inflict pain on the people. The regime can become even more vicious and destructive as it loses hope to stay in power. It will try to utilize all destructive means and methods to cling to power at any human lives cost if possible.

The Oromo nation should make no mistake. The TPLF/EPRDF’s state of emergency is meant to prolong a repressive rule by weakening of the Qeerroo-led freedom movement in Oromia, and across Ethiopia. Hence, more than any time in our recent history, the Oromo people must be united and remain strong. Oromo political and community organizations, at home and in Diaspora, should put aside any tactical and minor differences, and mobilize the nation to action to defend itself. The Oromo people should also thoroughly scrutinize all actions of individual actors, organizations and leaders of organizations who may betray the trust and interest of the Oromo nation, and ally with our enemies at this very critical time.  The Qeerroo movement has proven leaders to the dismay of the enemy and they are not asking for leaders. They are asking all of us to stand with them and free the Oromo people.

GGO urges all those who are working for/with the TPLF to dissociate themselves from it, thereby free themselves from committing crimes against humanity. It is wise to stop assisting a dying regime. It is wise to immediately stop harming innocent people. They should be fighting the enemy of the people that is preparing to continue genocide against their people. History will not be kind to those who stand on the way of freedom that has been in the coming over the last hundred plus years for the Oromo people. Sooner or later, all those who committed crimes against innocent civilians shall face justice.

The ongoing civil disobedience and the peaceful mass protests should continue unabated. We urge all freedom seekers to join the Oromo people and make a historical decision to support their legitimate cause, defend human rights and freedom.

Finally, GGO calls upon the international community to withdraw all non-humanitarian assistance given to the repressive Ethiopian regime and put appropriate pressure to force it answer to the demands of the people.

Global Gumii Oromia

Washington DC

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