Statement of the Oromo Liberation Front – February 12, 2021

OLF Denounces the unlawful actions of Ethiopian Security Forces to Stop Peaceful Protests throughout Oromia

Statement of the Oromo Liberation Front 

Oromo Liberation Front – OLF/ABO |  February 12, 2021


The Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front (EPRDF) perfected the tactics of force and intimidation of civilians and government employees to manufacture support. Despite the rhetoric and promises, the Prosperity Party has been engaged in the same tactics. At the beginning of February 2021, the Prosperity Party (PP) forced citizens of Oromia to participate in rallies called to orchestrate support for the government of Dr. Abiy Ahmed in various parts of Oromia. The government’s armed forces provided cover to those who were forced to participate, and the rallies were carried out peacefully. However, citizens who refused to participate in these rallies meant as a show of support for the government of Dr. Abiy Ahmed were subjected to horrific beatings and killings. For example, on February 2, 2021, people who refused to participate in the rally held in East Hararge zone, Chalanko town, were forcefully loaded onto a truck and transported to the town. While on the way, 45 youth tragically lost their lives when one of the overloaded trucks flipped over.

While forcing citizens to support the PP, the government of Abiy Ahmed has also unleashed its armed forces to stop peaceful rallies that citizens of Oromia were trying to hold all over the region. As of February 5, 2021, citizens of Oromia have successfully organized to hold peaceful protests supporting the formation of the National Transitional Government of Oromia (NTGO); demanding the release of all political prisoners; and bringing to an end the killings of civilians by government forces. In these rallies, while Oromia’s youth (aka Qeerroo and Qarree) have been conducting their protests in a well-disciplined and peaceful manner, armed PP groups have savagely beaten, arrested, and killed several of the protesters. Many have been wounded by live ammunition indiscriminately fired at them. As of this moment, the information we have indicates that the following individuals have been victims of the unlawful actions of the armed forces of the PP group.

1. Diqqaa Dabbasoo (a young man) killed by the armed forces on February 8, 2021, in Yabello town, Negelle Borana.

2. The following three (3) youths were wounded by live ammunition fired at them by the government forces in Dirre Dawa town on February 10, 2021.

a) Dachas Hassan,
b) Fuad Mohammed

c) Nasima Yaya

3. Gada Gabbisa, an officer of the OLF was thrown into Burayyu jail on February 9, 2021, while he was

going home from training. It has to be clear for everyone that where the country is headed with citizens of Oromia getting harassed by government forces, and thrown to known and unknown prisons in mass, while peacefully demanding the release of those already in jail without crime or wrongdoing is extremely troubling.

The OLF extends its deepest condolences to families of those who lost their lives in these tragedies, especially those who lost their lives at these peaceful rallies. We condemn the brutal actions taken by the government forces in the strongest possible terms. We request all human rights organizations, especially those who are concerned with the rights of minors and children to put the necessary pressure on Ethiopia’s government and to stop them from pursuing the path they have embarked on.

At this moment, all citizens of Oromia, the oppressed nations and nationalities, and the international community should note that the human rights situation in Ethiopia has passed the level of just human rights abuse and is heading towards a genocide. The PP regime which claims to be ruling the country is attempting to erect and legalize a dictatorial government through a sham election, the humanitarian crisis that is about to face citizens of the country should be worrisome for all concerned. Precious human lives are unnecessarily being lost in the current Oromia regional administration with little or no government structure in place. Resources that belong to the Oromia resources are being destroyed and ransacked. Citizens of Oromia have embraced the formation of a National Transitional Government of Oromia (NTGO) as the first step to restore peace, security, and instability, and are moving ahead with establishing it. The group that claims as a party ruling the country should realize that trying to stop the popular desire will bring enormous danger that will lead to the disintegration of Ethiopia. To avoid this imminent danger, the OLF is working on a means to start a peaceful dialogue among all stakeholders and institute an all-inclusive democracy.

To this end, the OLF would like to underscore for the citizens of Oromia the need to strengthen the formation of the NTGO and call other oppressed nations and nationalities to focus on ways to reconstitute government structures and stabilize their regions.

Victory to the Masses!

Oromo Liberation Front.

February 12, 2021



  1. Expect more violence against upcoming fake elections. People must not waste their time about the fake elections, or else they will end up prison or maybe regime will kill them.
    Ethiopia is a barbaric state, and thinking free and fair elections will happen is a most stupid and foolish idea.

  2. “FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST…..” How long should every coming, just to go soon, Ethiopian regimes victimize the Oromo as a nation? What emboldens the cureent so called Ethiopian government (??) The total control of the Nafxanya and the power of the Army motivated buy so many Oromo jalees and galtuus.
    At the end though, the regime will go either destrying itself or by people’s power.
    Oromia shall be feree! And Free at last, free at last both for Oromia and for Ethiopia without Oromia.

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