Stop! Mootummaa Gaafannee Jirraa

Stop! Mootummaa Gaafannee Jirraa

By Worku Gadissa, April 12, 2021

Gammachuu Ayyaana

(Ayyaantuu) — We are living in historic time of evolution of Oromia politics. Many events, currently taking place, are likely to have a major effect on Oromo politics. For the last three years, we often hear specific expressions, void phrases used by prominent Oromo leaders, activists, Abbaa Gadaas, and individuals. Think of all how many times we hear “mootummaa gaafannee jirraa” (appealed to authority). I am sick and tired of hearing these most popular, often misunderstood phrase “mootumaa gaafannee jiraa”. Sometimes “gaafannee jirraa” makes me angry and sometimes makes me laugh. The following five “gaafannee jirraa” petitions are among which people often asking and achieving nothing:

Warri hidhame yaa hikkamani
Mirga abbaa biyyummaa keenya yaa kabajamu
Afaan Oromoo afaan federaalaa yaa ta’u
Filannoon yeroosaatti yaa adeemsifamu
Gaaffin Finfinnee nuuf yaa deebi’u

It should be observed that the term gaafannee jirraa is a request or petitions to some higher authority and has a tendency of begging for mercy, right and had its origin with the Habesha colonial rule. Gaafannee jirraa is rooted in the issue of gabrummaa (slavery) Gaafannee jirraa by itself is the voluntary relinquishment of your own right to another. If you look at the reasons behind every gaafannee jirraa, it comes from lack of self- confidence (ofitti amanummaa dhabuu) that has its origin from colonial rule. The point that be made is the fact that, you do seek permission to speak your language.

The major question is, who do you ask? Col Abiy Ahmed, Lema Megersa, OPDO, Birtukan Midheksa, or Adanech Abebe, etc.? Do you really expect justices and equality from these guys? Does, any good coming from these individuals, ever benefit the Oromo people? I don’t think anyone care and represent the Oromo people. They are all mentally or morally corrupt officials, who have no regard for the Oromo society. All of them have evil characters filled with lies and deception. These are leaders ruling over the Oromo people by imprisoning and killing them and they are “warra garaa malee sammuu hin qabne, gantuu, galtuu fii bitamtuudha”.

The Abiy mafia regime must be viewed as the most heartless, inhuman and apartheid regime in the world. The regime has evil character, with no respect for the lives of the Oromo people. On the contrary, the regime is in a fantasy desire to build the “Evil Empire” on the graves of Oromummaa. We are easily grown confused as to where to make our petitions.

The primary motive of Col. Abiy’s government is to destroy Oromummaa and build the Amhara dominated system of government. No Oromo should ever expect Abiy Ahmed to deliver demands of the Oromo people. Oromos should not make a fool themselves by arguing with zombies idea of gaafannee jirraa. Stop daydreaming!

Mirga abbaa biyyummaa

Taking yet another perspective with respect to “mirga abbaa biyyummaa” (right to self-determination). From the perspectives of the Nafxanya class, it is a fact of history, that the Oromos are the most oppressed, hated and despised people in Ethiopia. Oromos are falsely accused of belonging to “OLF Shanee = Oneg Shanee”. That accusation can result in the arrest, interrogation, torture of the accused. In worse cases, the accused can even be killed, and his dead body damped in bushes.

One of the major problems of some Oromos, is self-denial and hiding themselves behind Ethiopiawenet and submitting to the system that suppresses them.  Self-rule or autonomy is never given by the oppressor: Nafaxanyaa. History asserts that self-rule must be demanded by the oppressed and fought through until it is earned. We need to open our eyes, to examine the pros and cons of Ethiopiawenet.  We are facing the highest human right abuse on the planet earth.

Trying to resolve disputes with nafaxanyaa is a waste of time. Stop! Don’t waste your time and energy. As a defacto-head of the nafxanyaa system, Abiy Ahmed is not a part of the solution for demands listed in the gaafannee jirraa.

Ethiopia is a Failed State

We are living in a historic time when there is no respect for basic human right and the absence of the rule of law and order in the country. Believe it or not, Ethiopia today is a failed state like Somalia and has disintegrated to a point where the basic responsibilities of the government are no longer functioning properly. There are conflicts everywhere. Abiy’s government is so weak and ineffective that it has little practical control over much of the territory.

To worsen the situation, Abiy is conspiring to abolish federalism and restore the dominance of Minilik legacy. This is driven by the Amhara elites, who are actual the people who control the government. I do not want to go into detail, but the country is in turmoil with the wars in Oromia, Benishangul, Tigray, Sudan and ethnic conflicts and violence everywhere. In additions, there are rampant corruption and economic collapse, famine, and covid-19.

Abiy is someone with a chaotic evil character, who does whatever he likes, and destroys whatever he hates. His Machiavellian and demonic leadership is leading the country into darkness and the brink of collapse. Although, Abiy`s ethnicity is questionable, Prof. Mararaa put it, “if Oromo enters the Menelik Palace, he will either destroy the country or himself”. Abiy Ahmed: who is viewed, as a hero, by the nafxanyaa, has no agenda of his own for the country but has vainglory brought back Ethiopia to old glory.

I once said Abiy Ahmed is the necessary evil or you can even call it blessing and disguise. For better or worse, I want him to stay a little longer. Why? Even though, we are going through hard time and under great pain and suffering, we are in our great moments of wakeup have favorable time and opportunities recognizing ourselves as a nation. I give you one example, the more you, hammer the nail the harder it gets. Abiy`s relentless anti-Oromo effort to sow division and hatred did not deter Oromos but is pushing more Oromos away from Ethiopiawenet. Abiy Ahmed is an asset in turning Ethiopia into deeper crises, taking the evil empire closer to the brink of collapse. This has always been so. Ethiopians have often been the engineers of their own downfall. Although, there is heavy costs in our struggle, our moment of great victory is just around the corner. I trust you understand why I say Abiy Ahmed as a necessary evil.


Oromia is a conquered and colonized territory for more than a century. There were elections circuses, all the way from the Haile Silassie regime to the Prosperity Party, but never had free and fair elections. Elections are the essence of democracy, but there is no democracy in Oromia.

Oromia is under a Command Post of various army factions including the Federal Army, the Amhara Liyu Hayil, the Federal Police, the Republican Guard, and special killing-squads organized by Genbot 7, present day EZEMA. Each of these groups are engaged in arbitrary arrest, imprisonment, and killings of citizens in large urban cities and remote rural towns of Oromia. Command Post are licensed by the federal government to bring devastation to subjects within the specified are under the post. Accordingly, with the order of the respective Command Post officials, residences of villages are burned to the ground, crops are burned down while the crops are still in the field, villagers and innocent civilians are arbitrarily imprisoned and/or killed while women are raped. The command Post that is causing fear and destructions in the community is licensed to rob and kill across Oromia.

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Offices of Oromo Oppositions political parties are closed, with thousands of their leaders in prisons across the country. With so many members of Oromo opposition party members in prison and offices closed, this election provides opportunities to device strategies to boost chances of winning for the Abiy Ahmed`s Prosperity Party as it runs for election alone. Anyway, since only free people can elect their representatives, the Oromo people are not free people to go for elections. Under the present circumstances, election will not benefit the Oromo people.

One of the most distinguishing hallmarks of human beings is their consciousness. This sense of right and wrong enables each person to choose between what they should and should not do under various circumstances. How can one go to an election when nearly 100,000 of their supporters are held in prisons just for belonging to an opposition party? It is important to note that, over a period of the last three years, the government has already killed more than 2000 Qeerroos just for deciding to follow their conscious. Considering the speed at which events are changing in Oromia, going for election is unwise. The view that the problems of the country will be resolved by the party that gets majority vote is farce. It is grossly stupid and foolish to expect the arrival of democracy in Oromia via the upcoming election.

The Amhara Liyu Hayil and the Sudan Janjaweed Militia

It might be out of our topic, but I want you to have a brief look at the Amhara Liyu Hayil, which is also known as Rist-Asmelash. The Amhara Liyu Hayil, resembles Sudan’s Janjaweed Militia Army in several ways. During the Darfur war, President Omar al-Bashir trained and armed the Arabic Janjaweed special force to fight the indigenous Africans in Darfur. The government of Sudan carried out the campaign of ethnic cleansing with help of Janjaweed Militia Army and estimate put it about 300,000 people got killed.

We all remember that in Hararge and Bale regions, TPLF used similar tactics when they trained and armed, Abdi Illey’s Ogaden-Somali Liyu Police. The regime used them along the federal army (Agazi ) to carry out systematic displacement and kill of millions of Oromos.

It is particularly important to note that, Abiy Ahmed’s primary goal is to bring back the old Menelk Empire and restore the Amhara national pride. To translate his goal into actions, Abiy has already instituted a pattern of atrocities, in which he used the Amhara Liyu Hayil to perform the atrocities on the ground. Abiy used the Amhara Liyu Hayil not only to kill, rape, burndown residences, but also burndown all non-movable properties including granaries, fences, and shades of innocent Oromoo villagers. Abiy used the same pattern of atrocities when he sent the Amhara Liyu Hayil to the Special Oromo Zone in the Amhara Region and to Wallagga. Abiy conducted these atrocities, not only in Oromia but also in Tigray and Benshangul-Gumuz regions.

Col. Abiy has trained and armed the Amhara Liyu Hayil to fight as a combat alongside the regular army in Oromia, Benishangul, Tigray and Wollo. In his resent parliamentary garbage speech, Abiy Ahmed stated that he can deploy the Amhara Liyu Hayil, anywhere he likes in the country.

Amharas are bitter and hardened against Oromos and they hate Oromo more than they hate Sudanese, who occupied parts of their land. It astonishing and shameful that they surrendered their land to Sudan and fight to take more territories from Oromia as a compensation.

Look what they have done to Wollo Oromo, the Amhara Liyu Hayil raided villages, burned fields and houses, seized anything of value, displaced and killed hundreds of innocent civilians. There is idiomatic expression that Amharas utter proudly and that manifests their ignorance bliss “le Amhara torinet, sargu nawu”, translation “war is like wedding for Amharas.”

Gaafiini Finfinnee Nuuf Hin debine

Often you hear Nafxanyaas willfully deny the fact that Finfinnee is not an Oromo city. They twist to bolster their mythical 3000 history, the conspiracy theory of “Bararaa” as their city is a delusion that is false and indicates distorted sense of reality. It cannot distinguish the real from unreal and is only for political ploy.  I have written few articles on Finfinnee under the titles, ”The Evil Master Plan” OSA 2015 and “Ten Points Why Finfinnee Is Oromo City” 2019.

So, when an Oromo says “gaafiin Finfinnee nu hin deebinee“, he may easily grow confused as to where to make his petitions or from lack of self-identity and hiding himself behind fake Ethiopiawenet. Look, When you say “gaafannee jirraa” you automatically transferring your right of Finfinnee to others. You are subrogating your right voluntarily to be taken over by Nafaxanyaas. According to the Amhara conspiracy theory, Oromos came from Madagascar to Ethiopia but the fact of the truth is that Oromos are from Kushites groups of ancient people. The mythical theory of lies wrapped around Ethiopiawenet not true. The Habash or today Ethiopia were decedent from Yemen.

It is sickening that many Oromos expect justices and truth from nafxanyaas, Abiy Ahmed`s government. It is critically important Oromos not go to negotiation or enter into any dialogue with Nafxanyooch over Shaggar. There is nothing to be agreeing with Nafxanyaa  settlers on Shaggar. Oromo has a complete legal sovereignty over Shaggar. You don’t ask but demand to take back what is yours. Shaggar is inalienable part of Oromia!

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

“Don’t cry for me Argentina” was a film hit song. Eva Peron was so sad of what she saw in Argentina at the time of dictatorial junta rule in her country. She was known by the Argentinian public because of how she championed of the worker’s rights, rights of poor and also of women.

As ongoing land grabbing, economical exploitations, systemic racial injustices, I have no explanation why Oromos cry for Ethiopia?

Oromia is a conquered and occupied territory. For more than a century, Ethiopian rulers have tried to deface the images and the identity of the Oromo people. They have robbed lands, destroying our language, cultural heritage and our values been rejected, it is hard to call ourselves Ethiopians. They set standard the way we live, the religion we follow and the language we speak and political, economic, and social policy we follow.  People accused falsely only for being Oromo and belonging to “OLF Shane” arrested, interrogated, tortured killed and damped inside bushes. We can`t walk freely in our own villages, come out from house, and come back home safely. We are facing the highest human rights abuse on the planet earth. The point is then, how can we be called Ethiopians? Ethiopia that denies burial place to a young Aberash Hundee in Chancho and many more alike who were denied burial place because of teaching in Afaan Oromoo using Qubee alphabet. In Dembidolo, Abiy Ahmed forces killed a nine-year old boy and forced mother to sit on her son’s dead body and cry. In 2020, Irrechaa celebration was officially forbidden. I do not want to go into details. Wasn’t Hachalu denied burial in Finfinnee? In Ethiopia today, there is no human rights respect, rule of law, justice or equality in front of the law. The only law that applies to Oromos is the “terrorist law”. The cruelties done to Oromo people for over a century is enormous. Oromia is occupied territory and we should not be called Ethiopian.

I do not know who said it but said it right when he said:

Kuun biyyaa baatee
Kuun biyyee taate
Kuun mana hidhaa taate
Jirtaa yaa Oromoo yaa gaddisa biyyaa.

One of the major problems of Oromo is self-denial and hide themselves behind Ethiopiawenet. It is time that we need to open our eyes and examine who we are. Oromos, should know that, freedom is taken, will never been given. Freedom will never come without struggle and sacrifices. “Qawweedhan gabroomnee, qawweedhan bilisoomna” and that is universal truth!

Oromo first! We are Oromos, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever.

What are the reasons for Oromo failure?

In the past, I have written the reason for Oromo failures, (The Perils of Negotiations with Habesah Rulers). Any act of peace agreement or settlement made with Habesha rulers are not respected and there are higher risks that you may end up probably in prisons or even losing your life. From Atse Yohannes IV to OLF return from Asmara to Ethiopia, there have been more than three scores and ten failed peace agreements. Like for example, Atse Yohannes and Kube the Wollo Oromo Balabat, Lij Iyaasuu’s and Haile Silasse, G. Tadese Biruu, Waqoo Guttu, Haile Fida, Article 39, OLF 1992 and 2018 and many more. With all the cumulative erroneous and misleading negotiations or gafaannee jirraa, there were vengeance and retribution.

How did we get here? One of the major problems of many Oromos today is lack of self- confidence and courage. Many still living in mental slavery of sitting and trying to negotiate or make petitions (gafannee jirraa) with Nafxanyaa. I salute, Deme Assefa and Itafaa of Kello Media use their brilliance and farseeing vision, experiences and knowledge and direction for new Oromia. Oromia must reinvent it-self and have new vision building its future and hopes. Many Oromos trying to disenfranchise Oromummaa by being submissive and asking others to give them their freedom. I say this all the time, “If somebody gives your right of freedom, then they will also take it away from you”. Freedom is not a matter of charity, but natural right.  Any dialogue or negotiation with Habesha is full of dishonesty, deceitful and end-result is punishment and vengeance. You have to remember that your problem growth from gaafannee jirraa. It is either you continue making petitions (gaafanee jirraa) to heartless gangster and mafia Abiy Ahmed government or fight for freedom.

Stop gaafannee jirraa! Diinni waraabessa, waraabessi, kadhaadhan sii hindhagahuu. Mirgaa abbaa biyyummaa kadhaadhan, sossobaan hin argattu.


If you take away nothing else from this paper, let it be these:

  • You should never forget that the Abiy Ahmed led Nafxanyaa government is the most crooked, evil and Machiavellian, tyrant regime ruling over Oromia and is not going to listen to “gaafannee jirraa”.
  • Oromia is under siege, the Abiy junta regime is making arbitrary arrest, torture, killing us on daily bases. The theatrical political negotiations, reconciliation, transitional government, autonomy federalism etc. will never solve the Oromo problem.
  • Out of loss of hope and surrender to despair Abiy Ahmed turned to war of destructions to the country and to himself.
  • Gaafannee jirraa is rooted in the issue of “gabrummaa.” You demand your natural right, not beg.  Abiy Ahmed is a gangster and mafia leader full of lies and deceptions and any settlement with him will solve nothing to Oromo. Therefore, gaafannee jirraa politics must stop because it is dangerous to Oromummaa.
  • It is a joke and laughable to ask for “Sabboonummaa”. Sabboonummaa is taken, but not given. Bilisummaa or sabboonummaa is not a matter of charity, but natural right. Wake up, from deep sleep, open your eyes, sabboonummaan kadhaadhan hin argamu!
  • It is non-sense to ask for election, when hundreds of thousand imprisoned, tens of thousands killed all your leaders are in prison. Despite, their legal requirements, election is not a luxury, but a democratic process must exist first. With all the above facts it is sanity to expect fair and free elections.
  • Any negotiation, reconciliation or election is a deception. Do not compromise your integrity and principle. I am calling for all Oromos for bold forward-looking struggle than begging for freedom.
  • Finfinnee is inalienable part of Oromia and non-negotiable and if you enter into negotiation or dialogue, you are subrogating your right voluntarily to Nafxanyaa.
  • I conclude by Col. Gammachu Ayana`s advice, he is one of my hero. He set it right when said:

    Yoo laaftan, ni baddu
    Yoo jabaattan, ni jiraattu
    Lola caalaa, salphina sodaadha

The golden rule articulated by Col. Gammachu is considered by many as a crowning statement of an absolute truth for the Oromo people. His statement makes it clear that if we struggle, we prevail, if not we perish. There has never been justice, truth and equality in Ethiopia to Oromos. The real fact is “the survival of the fittest”, struggle for existence and self- determination.

Injifannoon kan Ummata Orommooti!.

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