The struggle for the freedom of Oromia never divided

The struggle for the freedom of Oromia never divided

By Habte Dafa, June 16, 2018

There was/is no and will never be any division with in the unwavering Oromia’s devotees for the Freedom of the Nation- Oromia.  There was/is individuals who surrender to the enemy whenever they feel that the going is getting tough for them – at every corner of the struggle staring from resisting the occupying colonial advances of the Abyssinian army in the late 1900 to the present TPLF drama players.   It is true that even after the formal establishment of the OLF, many have chosen to abandon the struggle stating and maintaining various reasons of personal, or group causes, including the fading of the spirit of their dedications for the freedom paradigm – the very ones they have fought for at the beginning.

Presenting any reason(s) for abandonment by itself, is not a validated assertion, but could be taken as burning-out at its best, yet treason at its worst in the length of Freedom journey, as there are always the most honest ways of eradicating problems that arises within any organization.  But those whose persuasions tinted on the way because of their own undertakings, may could give up this long journey to freedom presenting all sorts of artificial and fake reasons.  For the bye standers. Pessimists, or the enemy it is yet another division within this organization they despised from the start. We have witnessed the unending sagas of departures within the OLF. At all the scenes of these departures, the enemies of the Oromo Nation have celebrated the defeats of the Oromo struggle at all the junctures.  But their celebration is often short lived as the people of Oromia proves over again and again their trust and dedication to realize the original kaayyo of the Nation of Oromia with the leadership of OLF.

Today’s shenanigan in Finfine proves the continuations of the old Abyssinian song to resuscitate their colonial exploitations of Oromia in all segments.  Nothing is new. Right from the beginning, the nation of Oromia has the tendency to follow who is on the scene of power without verifying who is who.  But we shouldn’t forget that we do have the most greedy and scavenging enemy that is not to be taken for a joke. Their drama now day – by releasing Oromo citizen (who were not supposed to be imprisoned at the first place), facilitating lavish retirement arrangements for TPLF’s criminals and resources embezzlers so that they can escape being held, and the window dressing of uttering what the people of Oromia wants to hear do not change the reality, but energizes the entire nation of Oromia for the final journey of reclaiming the Democratic Republic of Oromia.

As seen a few weeks ago, TPLF started hitting their drums of jubilee for dividing the Oromo struggle as most of the former defeatists arrived back in Finfinee. This looks like yet another division. Well, even if it is yet to be seen, those who returned might be heading out, as they fail to face and answer the Oromo Nation’s unflattering questions about their pasts and present predicaments, and dilemmas forcing them to be prisoners in the hotels of Finfine.

Oromoon nibilisooma.


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  1. Thanks Habte Dafa for your truly inspiring article
    Today Oromia nation must alert more than ever and not miss this colden chance to defeat apartheid Abyssinian settelers hegemony and occupation in Oromia for over 100 years ,
    Oromia shall be free
    And rest of oppressed nations in fake Ethiopia will follow suit

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