Sudanese Military Enters Disputed Lands Neighboring Tigray Region

Sudanese Military Enters Disputed Lands Neighboring Tigray Region

By Naba Mohiedeen, VOA
December 05, 2020
Map of Tigray region Ethiopia
Tigray Region of Ethiopia

KHARTOUM – Sudan’s military continues to deploy in disputed Sudanese agricultural lands neighboring Ethiopia’s war-torn Tigray region. The Sudanese government is not commenting on troop movements.

Sudanese forces moved into the farming area bordering Ethiopia on Thursday and have spread out since on land that had been controlled by Ethiopian militias for over 25 years — a longstanding source of friction between Khartoum and Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian armed groups called “Shefta” are very active during harvest time every year, stealing crops from farms in Fashaqa and other localities claimed by Sudan.

A local security official who requested anonymity told VOA Sudanese troops are asserting control of the territory.

He says the Sudanese military spread east of Berkat Norain — originally Sudanese land. Because the Ethiopian military is busy with the Tigray conflict, it’s a chance for the Sudanese military to take over this area.

In May of this year, an Ethiopian militia attacked the villages surrounding Eastern Qadarif city, resulting in the deaths of five civilians and several Sudanese military casualties.

Sudan condemned the attack and accused Ethiopia’s government of supporting the militias.

Khartoum-based Analyst Mohydeen Jibreel recently visited the area.

Jibreel says he doesn’t think Sudan or Ethiopia will comment on the Sudanese troop movement, adding that Ethiopia has bigger issues to contend with and does not want conflict with Sudan.

Sudan is hosting Ethiopian refugees who fled fighting in Tigray when war erupted there in November between the federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

More than 43,000 refugees are divided among three camps in Sudan’s cities of Qadarif and Kassala.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates the number of refugees will reach 100,000 in few weeks.

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  1. Shouldn’t the Abiy Ahmed’s failed federal government be held accountable too, for failing to properly address the Raya Welkait questions in time?
    if the question was addressed properly in time it would have resulted in preventing the massacres and the kidnappings the residents faced during his leadership’s time so Abiy Ahmed need to get included in the list of people who are responsible.

    We should ask why did the Abiy Ahmed’s failed federal government continue to fail to capture all of the Woyane “Junta” in a one day to a week days maximum operation , by mobilizing desperately needed special forces ልዩ ኃይሎች from all of the other regions ክልሎች besides from the Amara region special forces ልዩ ኃይሎች?

    It should be noted in the past three years Abiy did not reform as much as he should , actually it is questionable if he even reformed anything in the country’s defence forces and state police in the past three years. Currently as each day passes the TPLF junta is recuperating and getting stronger because Abiy’s regime failed to capture the “Woyane Junta”. As more days passes the riskier it is to ensure justice because Abiy failed, he is not a great leader as many hype him up to be.
    Abiy Ahmed should resign ASAP!!
    Abiy Ahmed’s administration is a liability which allowed this recent loss of innocent civilians lives to the residents in places such as Maikadra and Raya .

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