Support Oromo victims in Oromia Special Zone (Wallo) – Gofund

Support Oromo victims in Oromia Special Zone (Wallo) – Gofund


Macha Tulama Association USA (MTA USA) has organized a fundraiser to support Oromo victims in Oromia Special Zone (Wallo), who are currently under attack by the Amhara Special Forces. Many Oromos were killed, displaced, their property burned and devastated, and many inhumane acts are currently taking place and our help is urgently needed.

Our support is essential to help several Oromos who survived the shooting with serious injuries, their children and relatives who lost their breadwinner, as well as the Oromos who have been displaced/evacuated from their homes due to the attacks.

Please go to to make your donation.

MTA really appreciates your generosity and solidarity in contributing to the account. The Macha Tulama Cooperative and Development Association (MTA), USA Inc is a tax-exempt organization.

It is a critical time for Oromos around the world to show solidarity and provide support to our Oromo people in Wallo. As such, the MTA calls on all Oromos, friends of Oromos and civic organizations to join the MTA and provide the necessary support to our people in Wallo who urgently need our support.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact members of the MTA Board of Directors: Tel. 240-705-0766 or 571-309-8642. Email: or, Website:

Thank you.

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