Tadios Tantu, vocal anti-Oromo archaic preacher, reported missing

Tadios Tantu, vocal anti-Oromo archaic preacher, reported missing

Mr. Tadios Tantu, a debtera commentator on history, hardline supporter of Neftenya narratives and Oromo hater, is reportedly missing.  Report emerging on social media said he went missing after the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Ethiopia’s victory over fascist Italy – which was celebrated at Arat Kilo Dilachin Statue. Ethiopians on social media are alarmed about it and No other detail is available until now.

Mr. Tantu, Wolayita, is a dogged advocate for the fallacious history of Amhara. Listen to one of his recent interviews of April 20, 2021.  You can compare Mr. Tantu with Mr. Obang Meto, who abandoned his own people for money.


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  1. Why do you exaggerate Tantu’s position. He is not a preacher, he is nothing! a simple eunuch house slave of an Amhara local land lord. He sides with his master, He was taught to read and write in Amharic for his devotion and obedience. Silb mehonun atawuqim?

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