TDF, Gatachew Reda, Dabat-Gondar

TDF | Gatachew Reda | Dabat-Gondar

Getachew Reda ‘ The spokesman of TPLF who posted his page ‘ talked about ‘ the latest situation he attacked Abiy Ahmed’s government and his allies.

Getachew said this, Abiy and his allies are trying to believe that their supporters are making progress in Amhara and Four wars:

They say it’s not really something real ‘ I kill thousands of their army ‘ with Haro, Wegeletena & Debrezebit.

A lot has changed in the past two days Abiy’s team sends an army that doesn’t have a specific police or even unconstitutional militants, with ‘ Fasasas, Bangado s’ and sends to the ‘ Opening ‘
Our troops are trying to avoid killing babies & women at their best. We are taking measurements to avoid unnecessary losses to civilians, but our troops will destroy everything that remains the power of the enemy.

There is no chance Abiy will be the same as him. There is no new chance to get the New Year to cheat his supporters who don’t understand anything, our troops won’t stop our mission until our terms are filled & fully.

The stories that their supporters confuse every minute making them to fight against Canfar and Amhara succeeded ‘ is a daily dream ‘ and there is no ‘ even a small place they fought ‘ or managed…….. said Getachew Reda.

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