“Team Lemma ” is a myth. It is a rebranding of the same OPDO

“Team Lemma ” is a myth. It is a rebranding of the same OPDO

By Aba Orma, April 8, 2018

Team Lemma. From Right: Shimelis Abdissa, Addisu Arega, Lemma Megerssa and Abiy Ahmed

What is Team Lemma?  

The so called “Team Lemma” is a rebranding of OPDO carefully crafted by TPLF and perpetrated on the Oromo people by Oromo News Media (OMN) and Ethiopia Satellite Television (ESAT) to hijack the Oromo National Movement especially the Qeerroo movement.

OPDO never got traction from the Oromo people and have lived under the weight of being created by TPLF from war captives to be used as Trojan horses to occupy and exploit Oromia. With the rise of Qeerroo TPLF needed to counteract and cultivated Team Lemma. Soon it became a fantasy of OMN spearheaded by Jawar Mohammed and amplified by ESAT.

After 26 years, the leadership of OPDO moved from war captives to adopted children of TPLF coupled with Amhara and Tigre Neftegnas who grew up in Oromia and speak fluent Afaan Oromo. The loyalists are handpicked and raised under the armpits of TPLF. Dr. Abiy is one of those adopted kids at an early age. These new group of leaders have been trained in the military and security apparatus of the regime how to act and speak like the Oromo Liberation Front to the Oromo people and stay loyal to the TPLF.

They are purposely allowed to cross red lines like Lemma did couple of times and sheltered from hard decisions by TPLF. OPDO has been on board from the beginning on the State of Emergency but in public presented the opposite. When the parliament passed the illegal State of Emergency, Dr. Abiy was given a pass not to show up and vote. He was already a PM in waiting. They know that. Everything that followed was a show.

The majorities of the rank and file OPDO are Oromo nationalists and bleed and weep with their people.  The problem is the handpicked adopted children of TPLF who call themselves team Lemma.

TPLF is good at identifying renegades in every society and turning them against their own people both at home and abroad. The drama surrounding the appointment (not election!) of Dr. Abiy by itself speaks volumes about the inner workings of TPLF.

OMN is the “Fox News” of Oromia Medias. Watching varies shows of OMN is like watching “Fox and Friends” over and over again. One day Abadula is their hero. The next day Lemma is their hero and then Dr. Abiy is the man. Their mood changes with the changing wind.

We need more objective Oromo Medias. OMN started on the right track and then took the wrong turn and never recovered from it. It became a cash cow for individuals and a destructive force in the Oromo struggle. This is a challenging time for the Oromo National Struggle and we cannot afford to allow their misleading information and distraction to derail our struggle.

Every Oromo should ask himself/herself if he/she is willing to support an OMN that works for individuals instead of the Oromo people and their National Struggle for freedom. OMN has been a plat form for OPDO and must be held accountable in the Oromo public court by denying resources used to intimidate and derail the Oromo struggle.

We must build an objective news organization run by Oromo nationalists whose only interest is to be an objective voice to our national struggling to end injustices against the Oromo people and an institution that tells the Oromo story. I believe the Oromo News Network (ONN) is off to a great start and must be supported!

The Oromo people should ignore everything that comes from the mouth of TPLF and OPDO and stand with OLF/WBO/QEERROO and intensify the struggle for freedom.



  1. Hitler used massive propaganda through media to confuse the German people. The result was the Germans belived the Nazists and by mass physcos type supported a mad leader. The consequense was second world war. The Germans were the most looser. For the true and genuin Oromos there is only one way to get our fredom. That is stand up on firm base and fight the TPLF gangster maffia, the neo Gobanas of all kind, and all anti democratic elements, that oppose our right to self determination!!

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