The caretaker of Agitu Gudeta’s company confesses to her murder

The caretaker of Agitu Gudeta’s company confesses to her murder: he hit her with a hammer and raped her while she was in agony

Agituu Gudeta

Adams, a 32-year-old Ghanaian pastor, admitted his responsibility before the carabinieri and the magistrate. At the origin of the gesture, a quarrel broke out in Agitu’s house for an unpaid salary: the man then took up a hammer that the victim kept behind a radiator in the house, perhaps to protect himself, hitting her with that on the head.

 | DECEMBER 30, 2020

Source: Translated from Corriere, Italy

Agitu Gudeta, the Ethiopian shepherd symbol of integration found dead in her home in Trentino: the carabinieri investigate

The happy goat farm was the dream of his hope for freedom and cultural integration, but it has become the place where Agitu Gudeta Idea , Ethiopian, met a horrible end. On January 1 he would have turned 43. She was found in the bedroom, with her head smashed with a hammer in the former rectory of Plankerhoff, in Frassilongo , in the Mocheni valley of Trentino, a side of the Valsugana . Adams Suleimani , a 32-year-old Ghanaian pastor to whom she had given work and who had become the custodian of the company, was interrogated for a long time for the murder , and then stopped.. Traced in the night in a stable of the company where he had taken refuge, he admitted his responsibility before the carabinieri and the magistrate. At the origin of the gesture, a quarrel for economic reasons , which broke out in Agitu’s house for an unpaid salary : the man then took up a hammer that the victim kept behind a radiator in the house, perhaps to protect himself, hitting her with that on the head several times until she was left on the ground, lifeless, where she was later found in the afternoon by a couple of neighbors. Then he added a chilling detail: while Agitu was dying on the ground, he raped her.

Agitu had found her second homeland in Trentino after fleeing from Ethiopia where she had been threatened and questioned for her commitment against “land grabbing” , or rather the raiding of shepherds’ lands by multinationals. But even in Italy he had had to deal with violence, mistrust and integration problems . “They insult me, they call me an ugly nigger, they say that I have to go and that this is not my place,” he denounced. A local pastor was sentenced a year ago to 9 months in prison for harming him, but acquitted of stalking aggravated by racial hatred. And it was the man himself who was one of the first to be questioned in the Borgo Valsugana police station, after the discovery of the body by a neighbor, who had entered the house because she was suspicious that Agitu had not shown up for the appointment. with a surveyor, with whom he would have had to discuss the project to expand the farm. But the Italian pastor was able to clarify his extraneousness to the murder. Then, through the lawyer Claudio Tasin, he released a statement: “It is a tragedy. There is no justification for what happened and I say it despite my personal experience ”.

The deputy prosecutor Giovanni Benelli also went to Plankerhoff, who coordinates the investigation for voluntary murder together with the prosecutor Sandro Raimondi. The murder of the Ethiopian woman aroused strong emotion in Trentino, where she had become a symbol, not only for her escape from Africa, but also for the environmental and productive recovery project she had developed , starting with the mochena goat, that the Province of Trento had decided to save a few years ago. Agitu had created a highly appreciated activity and had recently opened a sales point in Trento for products derived from goats and organic farming. Furthermore, he had cultivated a cultural activity of knowledge and promotion of his own traditions.She was born and raised in Addis Ababa on January 1, 1978, under the Mengistu regime. After her studies, she arrived in Italy where she enrolled in the Faculty of Sociology in Trento, graduating with a thesis on the rural economy of developing countries. She then returned to Ethiopia to follow a cooperation project with the Boran tribe , nomadic shepherds who live with goats and camels. In 2010 she returned to Trento as a refugee and was committed to rescuing the endangered Mochena goat.

On his Facebook profile he had recently written: “Merry Christmas to you who come from the south, Merry Christmas to you who come from the north, Merry Christmas to you who come from the sea, Merry Christmas for a new vision and awareness in our hearts”. “The pain for the loss of Agitu Ideo Gudeta is immense” comments Lucia Coppola of the Greens of Trentino. “ She was a free and intelligent woman, wise and strong.Brave and full of vital energy and positivity. His death is a defeat for our Trentino, a land of welcome and respect. Pain and despair make our hearts tighten. A smile went out, the bright sun of Africa. The power and strength of a special person. Love for the land and animals. The meeting of cultures, the intelligence of material knowledge, combined with that of the spirit. An extraordinary sensitivity and a lot of beauty. Our heart, the heart of so many women and men of good will, beats for her. And he trembles and suffers from this immense injustice ”.

A couple of months ago Agitu had received the Green Flag of Legambiente , for “determination and passion in carrying out an important example of territorial defense, sustainable entrepreneurship and integration”.

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