The Cohesion of Amhara-Nafxanya Symmetry

The Cohesion of Amhara-Nafxanya Symmetry

By Tufaa Bulbulaa, December 21, 2020

Amhara Nafxanya

There are people who want to differentiate Amhara from Nafxanya and Nafxanya from Amhara. The reality is not that. They are two concocted faces of the same coin, symmetrically interlinked to accomplish one goal-oriented mission. When Amhara is the aggregation of ideologically amalgamated individuals, Nafxanya is the ‘dagger’ that accomplishes the ideological mission of the supremacist group calling itself “Amhara” in its recorded history.

Basic Criteria to Become an Amhara-Nafxanya

Originally, anybody who chooses banditry as a noble way of life, by smiting the community he lives in can be an Amhara. Through time and space, the tendency has   shown additional choices.  A person who feels inferiority complex or wants to betray his group norm or ethnic identity, family genealogy, and is ready to join the  aggregated ideological mission can be an Amhara. The intention is, to use this opportunity as compensation against the self-crises he loaded upon himself.  Hereafter, the person has to show no mercy or human compassion for others, including his own brothers. If he shows sympathy or genuineness, he will be purged out from the conspiracy centre to the marginal periphery. When he does not want to revoke his clear stand, he would be indirectly poisoned to death or directly assassinated from behind; because Amhara-Nafxanya’s ideological foundation was not for clemency, meritocracy, and/or for democracy. It was against all and still combatting all, certainly including itself.

Prior to the Dergue era, to be qualified as an Amhara, he or she must fulfil three essential criteria.

1st. To be raised to the Tewahido-Tabot faith and to strictly follow its unique fasting rule;

2nd. He or she must change his or her original non-Amhara name (at least his or her first name) to an Amhara name;

3nd he must use Amharic language in private or public domains at any time. Even if   he knows other local languages, for example Afaan Oromoo, he ought to use what they call simabelew, even though the addressees are Oromo.

4th The fourth criterion is the use of force. When people are defeated at war and become captives, they are intimidated to accept the Tewahido-Tabot faith en masse. Their names are also changed en masse and Tabot Houses are built in the localities. These are the people who are considered as “Amhara” and the conquered land as “Amhara land”. This is simply because the people and their lands are colonised by the armed Amhara-Nafxanya  groups who follow Tehawido-Tabot as a the only “Faith  of God”  and speak Amharic as the  only “Holy Language of the  King” (lisane Nugus).

These are conspicuously manifested by children of Nafxanya-colonial settlers and a handful Oromos who sold themselves for Amhara-Nafxanyas’ leftover against Oromoo-Oromummaa’s Prosperity. These days, being under the shadow of “Oro-Amhara” and “Vision Ethiopia”, the cascades of Nafxany’s Prosperity Party (PP), they are superiorly intoxicated to smite and despise any Oromo cultural or social values. The prohibition of the 2020 Irreecha celebration in Oromia, particularly in Finfinee and Bishooftuu, can be cited as the worst inexcusable crime these Afaan Oromoo speaking PP members had committed.

A Vain Attempt to Revitalise the Dying Project

Since Minilik’s time, the Amhara-Nafxanya cohesion has been tirelessly working to eliminate Oromummaa, not only from Ethiopia, if possible from north-east African scenery. However, in the past 150 years, the symmetry was unable to succeed as it wished. Today, in this era of Prosperity Party (PP), the Amhara-Nafxanya group and its deviant sub-groups are officially resenting the weakness of their fathers’ past achievement. To compensate past weaknesses, the reborn neo- Nafxanya party has given priorities to finish off Oromo-Oromummaa in this Qeerroo genaration of our era. But, the Qeerroo or Suubboo  Oromo generations of our time are not the Oromo generations of the 19th or pre-19th centuries.

In the minds of typical Amhara-Nafxanyas, the name Oromoo has been inimically printed in their minds by their Nafxanya parents as a threat to their Amhara-ness, by extension to their vacuum ityoophiyawinnet . (This is what  the writer  learned from old patriots in Finfinnee who closely knew palace conspiracy and how the conspirators were indoctrinating their children against Oromo.)

Oromummaa has been spiritually and materially excommunicated by the Tewahido patriarchs of Ethiopia, the right hand of Imperial Kings of Ethiopia and the core of Amhara-Nafxanya racism. Any marriage with an Oromo woman has been unequivocally excommunicated. This was written and publicised in one of the clergy’s books like “Fikare Mariam”.

Children of Amhara-Nafxanya hate to speak Afaan Oromoo beyond one’s imagination. If one of them is suddenly seen speaking Afaan Oromoo by his fellow Tewahido Amhara, he is automatically categorised to the “islam-galla or shanqilla” group of people (The writer has personally confronted such people in Baalee, Finfinnee, and Geleb-Hamer-Bako region in Dergue’s time). But, to appease the Oromos for their advantage, when situation seems favourable to their best political or economic advantage, they pretend to speak Afaan Oromoo. For further appeasement, they also shift their mind and start to mock in tracing their genealogy to one of Oromo clan founders. According to the writer’s observation and assessment at home and abroad, this type of mockery is mainly associated with children born to Oromo fathers and reputed to be Amhara mothers. In hating Oromo as a people, Afaan Oromoo as a language, and other Oromo cultural values, the sons are by far worse than the daughters.

When the Dergue had given more attention to what it used to call “Itiyoophiya Tikidem”, post Dergue regime has shown some super structural change in Amhara-Nafxanya symmetry. During the TPLF led EPDRF regime, Nafxanya was unnaturally killed but was not naturally buried. The moment the ‘apex’ of Prosperity Party (PP) came to Minilik palace on April 2, 2018, the reincarnation of Amhara-Nafxanya was officially re-inaugurated and sworn in. Thereafter, Prosperity Party (PP), as the office boy of Amhara-Nafxanya symmetry embarked on restoring Nafxanya’s ethnocidal past.

Slavery and Amhara-Nafxanya Symmetry

Initially, Amhara-Nafxanya’s ethnocidal past was based on banditry, conquering, enslaving, and claiming the land and history of the peoples they brutally vanquished. They despicably call the conquered peoples, “galla, gudella, walamo, baria, shanqillaa” etc. L.Rapoport, in his Book, “The Lost Jews: Last of the Ethiopian Falashas”, said, “The Abyssinians-Amhara and Tigre call the blacker, more Cushitic Ethiopians baria or shanqilla, meaning slave. The Abyssinians emphasize their Semitic origins in the past; it was used as a rationale for their domination of the Negroid Ethiopians, the “children of Ham.”

The enslaved “galla, gudella, baria or shanqilla” etc. peoples were becoming sources of slave extraction for internal and external trade. The slave trade tremendously boosted the military capacity of the Kings and Emperors which in turn encouraged the Nafxanya to go for more raids.  As raids after raids went on, hitherto sovereign nations and nationalities came under Nafxanya’s inhumane domination. This is the legacy still lingering on Amhara-Nafxanya’s naughty aspiration, assisted by those politically crippled social security recipient veterans flocked to Finfinnee from abroad.

Today, launching massive propaganda works, using all media outlets available to them, combatting resistant populations, by using to the extent of tanks and helicopter gunship, are chosen as the last healing option for the restoration of Ahmara-Naftxanya genocidal past. The question is, is it militarily possible to defeat the highly computerised generations of 21st century?


Many people are predicting the future of Minilik’s Ethiopian Empire like the dismantled Yugoslavia or the withered away Soviet Union. The prediction holds certain factual accounts if we do not ignore how Ethiopia was formed as an Empire through conquest and expansion. The fact is, the current political geography of Ethiopia was illegitimately formed by the symmetric cohesion of Amhara-Nafxanya brutality. After the formation of the illegitimate empire, the original name, Abyssinia, was changed to Empire of Ethiopia when Minilik of Showa became ye-Itiyophiya Nuguse Nägest (Emperor of Ethiopia) in 1889. The cohesive Amhara-Nafxanya symmetry and its sub-structures were historically grouped being anti to other peoples’ dignity, equality, fraternity, and openness to free expressions of their mind. It seems untenable to stand with this group anymore in trying to solve common problems for common advantage. Even a dove cannot trust and sit to have a meal with it.

The group and its sub-structures are still thinking of the peoples their grandparents had colonised in the 19th century as static and immoveable “basalt rock”. Too opposite to their witchcraft-talisman belief, which is believed to eradicate all evils, the colonised nations and nationalities are in the age of digitalisation whose socio-political networks are interwoven with the actual world.

In the politico-Monophysite history of the Habash ‘brothers’ (Amhara-Tigray), the Medieval Period war style has been going on for regional supremacy and hegemony in their history.  Apart from this hegemonic ‘brothers’ the rest of the peoples who were brutally annexed to the expanding empire have never been considered as “Ethiopians”.  The fact is that, they are colonised nations and nationalities who have been deprived of their ancestral land and the right to exercise their political culture to govern themselves. The current hegemonic war between the Amhara dominated nafxanya regime in Finfinnee (AA) and the Tigray reginal government in Mekele is not new. Perhaps what makes this one different from the past ones is that, this one uses drone planes and missiles in battlefields. Assuredly, the war is the continuation of their hegemonic, supremacist   and feudist history.

History has never recorded the eternity of empires and empire builders. As time went on, except the Amhara-Nafxanya dominated Empire of Ethiopia, all had gone for good. The Orthodox Serbian dominated Yugoslavian empire and the Russian dominated Soviet Union are recent witness how empires were not created for eternity. In the very near future, the obituary of the illegitimate empire of Ethiopia will be told to all Amhara-Nafxanyas who are in hurry to hear the incident.

Any nations, nationalities, tribes or clans who have not yet cut their umbilical cord from the disgraceful “immiyye Itiyophiya” need to think again and again how to become a self-nourishing nation. If all dehumanised peoples in the wretched Empire of Ethiopia are for full freedom, they must stand for their own independent self-rule before everything.  The question of “shared rule” for “shared-government” could be freely voted for or against in the second chapter by all stakeholders based on their own free volitions. To come to that critical point, however, every nation and nationality must show unflinching unity of struggle in unison against the century old Amhara-Netanyas’ dehumanising propaganda work and their heinous brutality.

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