The death of Miniliknism and the failure of the ragged north

The death of Miniliknism and the failure of the ragged north

By Rundaasaa E. Hunde, March 14, 2021


The invasion of Tigrai began much earlier than the time Abiy and Isayas Afawarqi made the Tigrai war announcement, if not as early as the years they waged a war against the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).

When Abiy threw himself into Isayas Afawarqi’s arms and inserted a wedding ring on his figure, many people felt weird about it not realizing how power-hungry both men are. The members of this team have a lot in common; The Amharic speakers hated the Tigreans, Isayas wanted to revenge against the TPLF, and Abiy feared that the Tigreans more than death.

Of course, the trio has a common ideology as well; The Amharic speakers and Abiy want to reconstruct the outdated imperial rule, and Isayas is desperate for Oromia’s resources. This belief value forced them to take the first step into a long journey that ultimately led to the war in Oromia and in Tigrai. Thus, the trio calculated what it would take to oust the TPLF, destroy the Oromo nationalism and keep everyone quiet.

While the four years old intensive fighting was still unfolding in Oromia, the fast-moving crisis that they started in Tigrai resulted in a loss of valuable resources that the Tigreans built over three decades, and an intellectual featherweight, Abiy Ahmed, lost control on everything. As a last resort, he is planing to the UAE drone and eliminate the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).

Meantime, the economic sanctions put against him/PP by the EU and by the USA, have distracted Abiy, a man who the world leaders call ventriloquist dummy man who can’t manage the ragged men of the Amhara region who push him to commit more crimes in Oromia. Intoxicated by the temporary victory the UAE drone helped them gain, the ragged militias from the north claim that they have the right to go to war in Oromia and eliminate OLA.

Crucially, the ragged Amhara militias have invented a new way of killing and raping the terrified women and girls of Tigrai while the empire’s defense force remained inadequate to maintain law and order. At the same time, a born-to-serve “PDOs are fridge cold and shoulder by the confusion Abiy Ahmed produces on daily basis. Out to the east, the Somalia region president named Musxafe is suffocating the Ogadenians hoping the king makes will make him the next prime minister of empire Ethiopia.

While the special relationship between Isayas, Abiy, the Amhara, the UAE, and Musxafe is not constant, the damages this group caused the rotting empire would surely help the Oromians discover why the Habash want to fine-tune Minilikisim.

Either way, Abiy Ahmed remained to be the protagonist of empire Ethiopia’s troubles and someone who obliged everyone to suffer from his deception and hate. The unparalleled access he gave the so-called Amharas to Minilik’s palace and make major decisions continued to propel difficult wars which neither justifiable nor a good political strategy. Abiy simply created a war with greater cooperation with Isayas Afawarqi that eventually knocked him off balance.

Those inevitable secretive plannings only made him a zealous advocate of the war that is handled harshly and badly. As a result, most world leaders call him “the stupidest guy on the face of the earth”, and even more interesting is the way the Kenyan president described Abiy; “Childish!”

At this point, the group that produced the ongoing mess is too stunned to think straight. In a sense, since each of them has to worry about what would happen to them when they are brought to justice at the criminal court tribunal, they can’t make the right decision and win the war they started in Oromia and Tigrai. Although the war is far from over, project “uplifting Minilik” is has failed.

For now, these criminals may express contempt for the UN, USA, and EU but they will not be able to inspire any followers anymore. Surely, they may still aspire to remain in power by doing what they know best; kill, jail, sabotage, lie and confuse but desperate actions will always lead to a desperate destination.

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