The Deceptive Politics of Abiy Ahmed, Part II

The Deceptive Politics of Abiy Ahmed, Part II

By Worku Gadissa, September 6, 2020

Part I

Abiy Ahmed

Internally Displaced People

More than 2 million Oromos have fled persecution in Hararge, Bale, Borana and Wallaga. The Somalia Lieu Police, in collaboration with government forces led a proxy war forcing people to flee their homes. The majority still living in dreadful conditions in camps. The government made no effort to help those people.

June 14, 2019, addressing Legal Professional Conference, Abiy was asked about those displaced people, if any assistance or efforts made by the government help those people? Abiy’s answer was shocking. Instead of telling truth and facts, he evaded the question and skillfully moved to new direction.

“ያልተፋናቀለ የለም”                    displacement in the entire country
“ኦሮሞ ከሶማሊያ ተፈናቅሎአል”         Oromos were displaced from Somalia
“ኦሮሞም አፈናቅሎአል”                 Oromo also displaced others
“ኦሮሞም አማራም አፈናቅሎአል”        Oromos and Amharas displaced others

Abiy Ahmed manipulate and deceive others in order to advance his goal and that is why he dodged the question. He did nothing to help the displaced. On the contrary, he tried to blame the victim Oromos in order to hide the crime committed by his government.

Abiy Administration Advisors

The first method to estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him. Abiy is now surrounded by Nefxegnoch anti-Oromo advisors. The reason why, Abiy has gotten, so little done is that he is surrounded by people who, by a large do share his xenophobic anti-Oromo groups. Most of the Oromos were gradually pushed out of important administrative roles except the galtuu, gantuu and bitamtuu with slave mentality.  The aim of his administration is to promote Amharas interest in bringing back the old imperial. He dismantled and voided the existing federal system of government including the Kilil administration. A real example of how weak and fragile the government is the turnover within ministers and senior advisors since he took office two years ago. Defense Minister, changed five times, Justice Ministry, four times and similar turnover occurred in all other ministries. On average there is a change of positions every five months. Behind a bad leader are always bad advisors. What is really remarkable is that anything gets done at all today in Abiy’s Government.

Anything For Granted 

You remember, Col. Abiy declared war of attrition on Wallaga wearing tactical military uniform as a commander in chief of the army. He vowed to crush the bandits, OLF, in two weeks. Then, he went on and opened wars in all fronts on Oromia. Abiy is proud of his military power and weapons and the army uses, ruthless tactics of war, punishing innocent people burning houses plundering property, cattle and raping women. He is applying military tactics of “to catch fish, empty the pond”. You also remember that electric power supply, telephone, internet services and other communications were cut off to Wallaga and Western Showa regions for months. During the coronavirus period in March, 2020 he sent additional troops to Wallaga and Gujii instead of medical teams and medicine.

May be you take it for granted that the lights will come on when you flick the switch or that the water will pour out when you turn the tap. That is the way it is with Abiy, when he declared a war on Oromia he tended to forget that the Oromo Youth overthrew the tyrant TPLF regime empty handed. The cruelties and injustices and collective punishments were indeed applied to the Oromo people, but the harsh tactics used have galvanized and united them more. Furthermore, the war took more than two years and the heroic Oromo struggle will continue into the final victory.

Visit to Wallaga

One of Col. Abiy conspiracy theories were on his speech of visiting Wallagaa. He said that he is going to Wallagaa if he is assassinated then Jimma and Arsii Oromos will not remain silent and would avenge him. This type of vicious and smear tactics to divide and weaken the Oromo people had benefited the Habeshas in the past but not anymore. The wits and wisdom of Col. Abiy’s divisive Machinelike type tactics did not work at all. In fact the opposite is true and Abiy’s war has galvanized and united the Oromos more than ever. Abiy’s reign of terror and hate propaganda is helping build new Oromummaa. Every hate stone the enemies throw at Oromo, the Oromo’s use the stones to build walls of protection and isolation from the Nefxegna. All hate propagandas will only destroy the bridge connecting us to Nefxegnoch and helping us the march for freedom.  Abiy’s conspiracy theory, playing regional and religion differences did not work and in fact, Oromos are more united than divided.  What is so remarkable then about Abiy is that he always uses his tongue than his brain.

The Pride of Africa and Pearl of the World

Feeling the top of the world.

October 2018 visiting Frankfurt Germany and addressing the Ethiopian community, Abiy boastfully said “Ethiopia the pride of Africa and pearl of the world.” Wow!  That is nonsense not true. Could there be another Ethiopia? What are Ethiopia proud of? I do not know how, when why Ethiopia is a pride of Africa and pearl of the world? Africans hearing this would laugh at us.

Keep in mind Ethiopia is in the record for all wrong reasons and often regarded as:-

— One of the poorest country in the world (according, 2018 censure Ethiopia ranks 7th from bottom)
– -recognized as synonyms for famine and hunger
— Largest displaced people internally and externally.
— Ethnic hate and divisions
— Largest exile people, fleeing their country etc.

By all international standards Ethiopia remains the poorest country in the world. In the human development index (HDI) it is at the very bottom.  Abiy, is like a brilliant show man who lives in a sense of delusion and imaginary utopianism. How can anyone in their right mind say Ethiopia as a pride of Africa, the pearl of the world, when every year minimum 3 million, maximum 10 million people receive food aid?

As most of the time, last year in April and March, massive swarms of locusts had devoured crops, trees and pastoral grasses across many regions in Ethiopia and threatened the food shortage. People come out in large numbers to chase away the locust making all sorts of sounds. There was a picture on one of the newspapers showing people beating locusts with tree leaves. It is striking, in the 21st century, people use tree branches to chase away locusts while you are the pride of Africa and pearl of the world. To help spraying and supplying pesticides Ethiopia has to ask Kenya for planes. Think about that for a minute, the Abiy government should have equipped the country with planes and pesticides before building a palace, wildlife zoo and recreation parks.

Real leaders come to lift their people from poverty while Col. Abiy expands and multiplies poverty, reign of terror and suffering on his people. The level of poverty in the country is most intimidating and humiliating in the eyes of Africa and the world. Although funny, do you know that “Pagume 4” is consecrated as Day of Pride? I rather like to call it the day of disgrace. Of course, it is the day of pride for Col. Abiy and his Prosperity Party and his Nefxegna supporters but a day of sorrow and shame for the majority of Ethiopians.

There is a word in the Bible that shows Abiy’s concept of pride, Philippians 3:19 “Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach and their glory is in their shame” This is the national pride of Ethiopia.

It is supernatural how Abiy Ahmed became a prime minister and more supernatural how he achieved the Peace Nobel Prize?

Prosperity Party as Gadaa Party 

First the name prosperity comes from “Prosperity Gospel“ the cult of Evangelical Christians churches growing across Africa including Ethiopia where scam churches and fake prophets are becoming popular. Prosperity Gospel charismatic preachers praying for miracles recovery from a disease and trading faith for cash or money making entities.

Abiy doesn’t want a democratic federalist state but a unitary party similar to that of segregationist Afrikaans White Party in South Africa that promotes white interest only. Prosperity Party (settler’s party) is a Nefxegna Party designed to preserve Amhara rule over the Oromo and other people. Abiy confirmed it by saying that the success of PP is the success of Amhara people. In another occasion he said that PP is formed by following the principle of Gadaa system of government. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that Abiy is not ashamed to lie and giving double standard vague and empty ideas. It is mind blowing how this guy lies, when he compares Gadaa system of government with the Fascist Prosperity Party. A party that created and worked in conspiracy theory and led the country to war. PP is a party of Babel or confusion. Comparing PP with Gadaa is comparing a democracy with fascism. Prosperity Party is like “Babel Confusion” it is a confused party led by a confused leader.

Yelimena Sinde

Prime Minister Abiy is intoxicated by power and he doesn’t know what he is saying. “የልመና ስንዴ እየበሉ ድንጋይ የሚወረዉሩ ያሳፍራል”. (Meaning, being feed on aid wheat and throwing stone is shame).  Abiy continued attacking Qeerroo using this toxic degrading terms of food aid. What has wheat to do with Qeerroo? Abiy is the most narcissistic person, deluded and he doesn’t know what he is speaking. Half of Abiy’s government administrative budget comes from international financial aid and more than three million people live on food handout annually. Hence then, Abiy should first shame himself before he shames Qeerroo. The 1974 Famine in Walloo and Tigray regions that world eco in the hearts and minds of the whole world had killed 1.2 million.

It also shows a clear example of how much the prime minister is stupid and ignorant of the history of famine and hunger in Ethiopia. Reader, pause and ponder that Ethiopia is known and recognized as one of the poorest countries on the planet earth. In the 2018 census Ethiopia ranks 7th from bottom as the poorest country in the world. As we all know Ethiopia is often synonymous with famine and hunger. For the last 50 years or so Ethiopia could not feed itself and every year minimum three, maximum ten million people are receiving food aid from WFO, USA and EU. Except the PM Abiy, the whole world knows Ethiopia depends on food aid. One of the criteria for the cause of poverty and begging for wheat aid is due to an incapable authoritarian regime and corrupt government. If it is a crime and shame for food aid then, Abiy should shame himself, rather than shaming the heroic Qeerroo

Furthermore, when it comes to food aid recipients there is hardly any difference between ordinary people and Abiy’s army. According to a study less than half of the food aid reaches its target, the rest is distributed to the army or sold in public to fill up the pocket of officials. What is so remarkable then about PM. Abiy is that he always uses his tongue than his brain.

Megdel Meshenef, Maser Mewared  

Abiy often makes sensational speeches and everybody claps hands and applauds him regardless of what he says or does. He thinks he is smart and knows everything and says one thing but does another. Abiy stood before the nation and said “killing is defeat and prison is shame.”  As unthinkable as it may sound, the term has been often used vaguely in his cynicism propaganda and is in direct contradiction with his heinous killing and imprisonments going on today in Oromia, Qimant and other regions. Abiy should be treated as one of the most profound prime ministers of evil and notorious killers. Many times he is deluded and confused and he doesn’t know what he is saying. His speeches are often decorated with meaningless hypocritical ideas that contradict one another. Interestingly, the State of Emergency has been extended in Oromia and murdering, imprisoning, torturing, displacing, plundering and cruelties and injustices were committed on daily bases in Oromia. As everybody knows, Abiy is leading the country into complex social, economic problems and ethnic crises and his new empire is collapsing.

History is full of vague and hollow rhetoric of Ethiopian rulers and here are examples of what they said.

Mengistu H. Mariam: – ያለምንም ደም እትዮዽያ ትቅደም – (Ethiopia forward without bloodshed)
Meles Zenawi: –          ከእንግድህ ወዲህ የጥይት ድምጽ አይሰማም – (from now no bullet sound should be heard)
Abiy Ahmed: –            መግደል መሸነፍ, ማሠር መወረድ – (killing is a defeat, prison is shame)

For us Oromo’s, we are living in time more badly than Meles. The worst of the worst. The lesser of two evils. So then, it is all lie and deception “garbage in garbage out”

Promoting ESAT

Another interesting example of Abiy’s divisiveness is when he praised ESAT as a role model in order to advance his political ambition. ESAT is known for reporting fake and deceptive information and inciting race propaganda in the country. It is regarded as one of the Habesha propaganda machines spreading lies and racial hatred news against Oromo people. ESAT’s job is  about hiding the truth and fooling people with misinformation, thinking that we are all dump and it is to their advantage to keep us that way.

In fact, thanks to the entire Habesha social media for the fact that their malicious racial hate propaganda have pushed the Oromos off from fake Ethiopiawinet concept to Oromummaa. Thanks to ESAT and other Nefxegna mass media they gave fuel to the Oromo struggle. Anti-Oromo sentiment is on the rise and every hate stone they throw at Oromos is used to build a wall of division. The more they attack, the more they destroy the bridge that connects us together. ESAT’s divisive lie and misinformation tactics are far from making Ethiopia united but widen the division. The Habesha media culture lie and racial hate propaganda helped to galvanize, energize and define Oromos toward the final victory for freedom.

We all remember the conspiracy theory drama showing a shocking picture of a man claimed to be murdered by Boko Haram in Cameron and dumped into a ditch. ESAT created and planned and presented the picture as if the act was carried out by OLF in Ethiopia. Presentation of false pictures was serious crime and punishable by law. So, Abiy went out of his way to shower praise ESAT and at the same time trashing and denouncing the Oromo social media OMN. He took a position supporting one of the most hated TV and radio stations in Ethiopia. Praising and supporting and siding with one of the most convicted and racist media shows Abiy as the most dishonest and deceitful leader.

If and when the ethical pillars of honesty become weak and false, the demise of social media becomes only a matter of time before fall. Thanks to modern digital technology, you can’t fool all the people all the time, instead you fool yourself.

Serving Popcorn

Abiy Ahmed is a real show man who likes theatrical performance. During one of his visit  to Asmara, as a guest of President Isayas Afewerqi, as a display of humility and servanthood, he rose up and began serving popcorn (fendish) to the palace household service ladies. The act was to reveal self-righteousness, show good act for appearances, not of compassion or good motive. He is a person who brags about being good and trying to earn favor by being a humble prime minister but it is obvious, he is a real hypocrite.

Romantic Love with a French Lady

During his service in the UN Peacekeeping Force in Rwanda, Abiy said that he fell in love with a French lady. She had enormous affection for him and she begged him to go to France to live with her. He said “I wept and refused to go with her, because I am waiting for the fulfillment of the prophecy of my mother, that one day I will rule Ethiopia as 7th King”

Abiy is a show man, he advances his ambition by manipulating and telling fake stories and most people have been swept along by emotion and following him.

Finfinne Mega Project For Tourist Attraction

The most important thing of a leader is first and foremost to feed his subjects.  After the Qeerroo uprising that brought down the tyrant TPLF regime, the Finfinne Master Plan has practically failed and abandoned only to come up in another form. During TPLF/OPDO rule Oromo farmers were displaced and lands were divided to private individuals or investors. Now huge regions surrounding Sheger estimate tens of thousands of hectares are reserved and converted into Industrial Parks or Recreation Parks. The Dukem industrial park stretches from Akaki to Bishoftu. The Intoto Park along the Intotic Mountain ranges from Yeka to Gulalle. Menagasha Industrial Park is the biggest and the longest, starting from Gafarsa town including Gaaraa Egdu all the way to Holataa. Abiy rebuilt a lavish palace, with a huge park and wildlife zoo. He now come up with even greater ambitious project, the Riverside Fantasy Mega Project for tourist attraction. [Read my two articles on Finfinnee Master Plan on]. The new plan was engineered by Abiy himself to build luxury real estate projects, beautifying and making Finfinne the sex tourist attraction for the oil rich Gulf States. The project is valued to US$2 billion and funded mainly by Dubai (UAE). The new Finfinne “Plan B” constitute a point of reference in Abiy’s theme of building a future United Ethiopia by displacing and robbing lands of Oromos farmers. A study conducted indicates that Ethiopia has one of the high number of prostitutes in the world and has become popular destination for sex tourism.

Remember, there are more explosive issues like internally displaced people living in corrugated sheet and makeshift camps in tents and yet Abiy is more concerned with the luxury real estate project than the three million homeless people. Can you imagine, a leader whose biggest project in the country is to build and facilitate sex industries rather than factories that produces goods, roads, schools and hospitals? Abiy Ahmed is a ludicrous and confused leader, whose main objective is to build palaces and luxury apartments for self- indulgence and fame only.

Kidnapped Students Dembidolo University 

As said before lies become the social norm of government institutions in the country. There is an epidemic of lies in Abiy’s government, more political lies than the time of TPLF. One of the primary examples of big government lies is the story of kidnapped students from Dembidolo University in Wallaga 2019. The story was a big drama packed with big actors, high government officials including the prime minister himself. To get clear picture, let us take a look at some techniques that have been used for spread psychological fear and terror on the Oromo people

Everybody heard the widespread story about the disappearance of students from the University. The university never mentioned the students’ disappearances or kidnapped or issued names or their numbers but the news media and the government keep on playing the fake dramas for a long period of time. The official accounts and numbers of students were inconsistent. First, there were 27 students abducted, no gender given, then the number reduced to 25, 17 and finally changed gender to 11 girls abducted by OLF.

Nigusu Tilahun, the press secretary for Prime Minister Abiy, said that they have located 25 students at the border of Gambella region. When asked by reporters if they could go and talk to the students for a proof, Nugusu declined. The reason given was the security issue. In another time Negusu together with the Minister of Justice and Federal Police Commissioner gave a joint statement that they have again found the student and soon they will be joining with their parents. However, six months after they said they have found the abducted students, Nugusu Tilahun denied the previous report and said a search is still going on for the missing students. In the meantime, on February 13, 2020, news came out that four girls had escaped and been found in Bahirdar. But that was again denied and girls found were reported prostitutes living and working in the city. The entire story was set up by Abiy`s mafia government in collaboration with news reporters.

Why girls? Why not boys?

On April 14, 2014, 300 school girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria and the news became the biggest International Human Rights issue. The newspapers all over the world reported Boko Haram kidnapping the girls and using them for sex slave.

Global movement started off condemning Boko Haram and helping locate the 300 girls. The First Lady, Michel Obama joined the media with hashtag#BringBackOurGirls!

Protests were held in major cities in Amhara regions. Similar protests were also held by diaspora in major cities in the US and Europe carrying the slogan “bring back our girls!” The entire story was created by the Amhara news media to match OLF with Boko Haram and to get wide coverage from international news media consumption only. The story gets decorated with meaning less and often misleading reports rather than being investigated by independent media.

Three factors were clear to the so called kidnapping of the university students:-

First, Abiy’s gangster government runs on the principle of lie and deception and is on a crusade trying to destroy the Oromo movement by declaring direct war and psychological propaganda warfare. The government knows the fact that there were no kidnapped students but they want to play politics to accuse OLF. They think that lying proved a very successful strategy to defeat OLF. The funniest thing is that the government did not ask the university whether the abducted students were living and studying at the University Of Danbidolo nor even asked parents to provide their names or any documents.

Secondly, the theatrical drama was engineered by neo-Nefxegna anti-Oromo activists’ groups  and ESAT media as a tactical weapon trying tenting and criminalizing the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) as terrorist comparable to Boko Haram. As mentioned earlier ESAT used a picture of a man allegedly killed by Boko Haram in Cameron and showing as if he was killed by OLF in Oromia.

Thirdly, same year but earlier Oromo students studying in Amhara Universities were beaten, intimidated and killed. Hundreds of students escaped and returned to their parents in Oromia. So, it was necessary for Nefxegnoch to have means to cover up their criminal acts and divert attention to student abduction in Dembidolo. In general such political lies and cynicism growth out of frustration, hopelessness and disillusionment of Abiy and his Prosperity Party (Settlers Party). The Oromos, have to remember that, the Nefxegna politicians and their news media always trying to encircle you with high walls of lies and deception and you must know that the truth is beyond the walls. As in all other cases, the conspiracy theocracy of 11 girls, or other accusations against Oromo people did not work and will never work in future.

Invitation of Artists to Palace

You will notice that, Abiy invited some 300 prominent singers and artists to his palace. The late artist Hachalu Hundesa was one of them. After he arrived at the palace, he found only 5 Oromo singers out the 300 invited guests. He immediately left the palace saying “this is not “medermer but meqenes.” Literal meaning is “add and subtract “ is from the mystical book written by Abiy and full of misconception and is doomed to failure from the very beginning. This is one of the many examples of how we are looking at Abiy’s cynicism of distrust, disillusionment and frustration towards the Oromo people.

Abiy’s Recent Parliament Speech

On July 2020, soon after the assassination of Hachalu, Col. Abiy made series of speeches, as usual full of lies and deception. By wearing and appearing in his fascistic military uniform trying to present himself as a supreme commander in chief of the army he made rambling and non-sense propaganda speech. We are looking at desperate, disillusioned and frustrated Col. Abiy Ahmed.  As usual, he gave his empty hollow rhetoric full of lies and deception. In his speech he proclaimed that the enemy is crushed, the war is won, but remain only small isolated resistances in western regions of the country. He is a twister, playing dangerous political divide and restoration of old evil empire. He has been losing momentum in political land scape. The political crises in the empire and internal conflict is growing and he cannot get really break or even bend the Qeerro movement but seduce it into higher level of transformation. And the fact remains that Abiy is a desperate and lunatic leader and that is why he turned to killing people. The truth the matter is that Col Abiy Ahmed’s new evil Empire is collapsing and cannot destroy Oromo identity before he destroys himself.

The Eritrea Mercenary Army in Ethiopia  

Abiy many times boasted “the enemy is crushed and war is won and remain only isolated resistance in western region” If that is true, why need military assistance from Eritrea? Ethiopia is said to have the largest army in Africa. Unconfirmed report put Ethiopian regular army to more than a quarter of a million and this is without counting  the militia forces and Abiy’s special Republican Guard. Do you remember that Haile Silasse had special Army, “K’bur Zebegna.” The Eritrean  army is backing Abiy army in Oromia to fight OLF.  It is unlawful for Ethiopia using foreign army for the purpose of keeping Col. Abiy in power. Abiy is psychopathic who enjoy to harm others. In order to advance  his goal he has to hire Eritrean army to help him kill the Oromo people.

The Eritrean hired mercenaries arm had fought in Congo and is now serving and fighting alongside Saudi led coalition forces in Yemen. Eritrean hired mercenary army is the source of foreign currency earning to President Isayas Afeworqi.

Stop Saying “Gaafannee Jirraa” 

I am sick and tired  of many Oromos asking “mootummaa gaafannee jirraa”. What really troubles me is that many people, particularly opposition political party leaders and activists often saying “xalayaa galchinnee jirraa”  (made pledge or petitions to the government). It is becoming an endemic, saying “ karaa seeraatin gaafanne jirraa.” This common phrase of begging is falling in deaf ears and becoming offensive to our rulers. Remember, you are talking and begging a Nefxegna, who deliberately deny your right, to be treated with dignity, honesty and fairness. Please don’t waste your time and energy by begging.

We need to examine our words/ phrases when say:–

Saamichii lafaa yaa dhaabbatu
Warrii hidhame nu yaahikamanii
Afaan Oromoo afaan federalaa akka ta’u
Filannoo democracy barbaana
Ajjeechan nurraa haa dhaabbatu
Mirgi ilma namaa  nu haakabajamu
Democracy barbaanaa

Ask yourself a question. What have we got by asking ? Nothing!

Oromoon waan tokkoo beekuu qaba, bilisumman, kadhaadhan hin argamu!

In the first place, these are all questions of human right. Human right is not a matter of charity. These are inalienable entitlement of every human being, wherever they are and whatever their status is.

We have been asking same questions for more than a century and nobody is listening or understand you. There is a saying in Afaan Oromoo “harren galgala bade kurkuraan hin arganii”. In the first place there is no legitimate government in the country. The present government which is led by Prosperity Party (Settlers Party) is a criminal mafia party, connected to Nefxegna, whose primary activities are imprisoning, killing, weakening the Oromos.

Oromos are imprisoned and killed for simple reason as answering phone calls, listening to radio in Oromifa, denial of burial place for supporting OLF or teaching Qube alphabet.

Be on your guard! Never enter into negotiation with Habeshas, if you have to do it, then  be scam lie like them,

So then, please stop! Stop! Stop! Using the expressions “motummaa gaafanee jirraa” because there is no one listening to you, and it only shows your weakness and stupidity. There is nothing to gain from “Ethiopiawenet” other than  suffering and death. Kadhaan eregunu nu hinga’uu! This is not time to beg and compromise but stand up and fight!

Abiy’s Death Treat Against Hachalu Hundesaa

According to a recently  published book, title “The Hijacked Revolution” on July, 2011, Eth. calendar, Prime Minister Abiy summoned Hachalu to his palace and made serious death threat to him.

Abiy was indignant when he spoke to Hachalu.

Following, is what Abiy said to Hachalu, indignant and in strongest possible words, as stated on page 107 of the book:-

“The struggle have ended. The country is now under the Oromo rule. As from now on, stop, incitement of people to violence and support the transformation. In exchange, you will be rewarded financially. Whether like it or not, I am going to rule over the country for the next ten years. If you try to defy this instructions, we will not tolerate you for one minutes”!

There is a serious criminal threat behind those words and a perception and preplanned assassinate of Hachalu. Exactly, one year after Hachalu was summoned and given death treats he was assassinated by Abiy’s hit men on June 29, 2020.

Afterwards, the government issued statement saying that Hachalu was assassinated by Shane (OLF) and started shading crocodile tears. The cover-up is worse than the crime. How could OLF kill his most beloved and own respected son? A treat to kill someone is punishable by law. Unfortunately, Ethiopia is the only country where a prime minister committed such heinous crime and goes unpunished! Prime Minister Abiy could do almost anything he wanted as long it served his political interests and the victims are Oromo people. Of course, Abiy is fully responsible for the death artist Hamaul. Where is justice?

Sadly enough, small minority Nefxegnoch today are following and supporting one of the deceitful and most evil character in Ethiopia. How can anyone in his right mind support Abiy Ahmed?

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