The Down-Sinking Political Journey of Megalomaniac Dictator: Abiy Ahmad

The Down-Sinking Political Journey of Megalomaniac Dictator: Abiy Ahmad’s Military Parade for What?

By Dr. Eshete Gemeda via Geneti Deressa

The new drama unfolding itself. Colonel Abiy Ahmad is a nefarious “spy” who is terribly affected by “Narssistic Personality Disorder” (megalomaniac behaviour). He is a paranoid soldier who does not know what to say and what to do. In fact, the DRAMA of MADNESS will facilitate the down-sinking journey of the terrorist colonizer.

Let alone leading a country, the figure-headed Menelikian cannot keep his house in order. Why military parade? Whom is he going to intimidate? Foolishness is a disease that cannot be cured. The confused Menelikian dictator, who has “fenced himself” in Finfinne, finds himself in the 19th century dark era of barbarism. It would be wise to accept his ignorance and let our people live in peace than trying to demonstrate madness in the public.

The “fear of gun” had been buried in Oromia, in Tigray and in the Southern regions long years ago. Ignorance has no blessing. Colonel Abiyot Kaasaye (Abiy Ahmad) is sinking in the middle of the storm and this will speed up his final departure. “CONSPIRACY SOWS THE WEEDS OF ITS OWN DESTRUCTION.” This is the reward of a burdened evil. Isa dhumaatiif godaansa kee ariifachiisi jenaan.

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