The FASCISM Of Amhara Elites Is Increasing- But The Colonised Mass Fails

The FASCISM Of Amhara Elites Is Increasing- But The Colonised Mass Fails To Decipher Their Ambition Of Territorial Expansion Under The Pretext of Ethiopian Unity.

September 13, 2021 (By Denboba Natie)

Isayas Afeworki Abiy Ahmed
Isayas Afeworki of Eritrea is an instrument to start the war in Tigray

The Ethiopian empire came into existence to its modern form after the conquest and colonial expansion of Amhara King, Menelik II in 1880s. During his colonial expansion, the Amhara king Menelik II has acquired modern weapons from his European counterparts during the exact period of scramble for Africa by using his slave trade earned booty to crush the subjects of his colonies. Prior to his conquest, all nations of the horn had their own cultures, ways of lives, governance systems, collective identity of shared values driven from their common interests, experiences, and solidarities. Aware of these, the indicated Amhara elites’ colonial occupiers did not waste time to impose theirs thereby eroding the subjects’ fundamental rights who were then independent kingdoms to become today’s enslaved mass.

This was the imposed identity of the occupiers that was told and retold by the successive rulers of the empire under the indicated political and economic repressive and dehumanising arrangements. For the occupiers and their submitted sympathisers, the imposed identity is the identity that characterises Ethiopia and being a true Ethiopian. Contrary to the above, any person or groups who question and challenge these accounts are seen as anti-Ethiopian unity elements who oppose the Empire’s collective identity. The later are eventually vilified and increasingly targeted including waging war on them as is the case on Oromo, Tigray, Kemant, Agaw, Benshangul-Gumuz and elsewhere.

Andargachew Tsige
Andargachew Tsige is one of the Amhara elites who laid down a roadmap of the country which Abiy Ahmed is guided now with.

Besides, nations and nationalities of the empire constituting over 80 distinct identities, languages, cultural and moral attributes have continually fought against the imposition of the cultures, ways of lives, religion, and values of the colonial occupiers- although about 5 generations have perished without realising their dreams of becoming self-governing entities with fully realised decolonisation. Instead, denied these fundamental rights, the subjects of the Oromo, the Sidama, Wolayta, Ogaden Somali, Afar, Tigray, Agaw, Benshangul, Kemant, Shakacho, Konso and the entire nations of the empire were systematically moulded to erroneously believe the imposed identities are theirs by subconsciously relegating their own as uncivilised needing civilisation or abandoning.

In the contrast, to ensure the continuity of their colonial projects in the Ethiopian empire, the colonisers usually handpick, mentor, groom and anoint the quislings of the colonised subjects for the recruits to do their jobs in the lands of their colonies. The handpicked traitors become more virulent to their likes to please their masters and ensure their loyalty by dehumanising their own kinds instead of defending them. Happily praising their loyal slaves, colonial settlers ensured and sustained perpetuation of subjugation of the subjects in their own lands to assert the continuity of the project of Ethiopian empire without major challenges.

Agegnew Teshager
Agegnew Teshager, Amhara Regional State President, was born and grown up in Ambo, now he wants to expand Amhara territory at least to Ambo

The above quests of various subjugated nations and nationalities in the Ethiopian empire for self-rule and self-respect has been for the first time recognised in 1994/1995 when constitution was crafted in which political settlement for over century’s old quests of nations for self-rule were identified and agreed in principle to be addressed. This was made possible after the fall of the Derg’s regime in mid-1991 after decades’ old resistance and their subsequent demise. Pressure was exerted on Derg’s regime by the TPLF that has established an allied force known as EPRDF. Ever since until its downfall, EPRDF has ruled the empire under the framework of ethnic based federalism until early months of 2018. Although on paper- the indicated rights were given to the nations of the empire to exercise, these were in action denied to them by EPRDF’s regime resulting in its final demise of late 2017 due to popular revolution led by Oromo nation.

Since the actualisation of the constitution, Amhara elites, its intelligentsia and their submitted and enslaved supporters become increasingly dissatisfied with and deeply engaged in a political and ideological quagmire with EPRDF simply because the new constitution theoretically guarantees the equality of all nations of the empire. Amhara elites therefore believe the constitution has denied them of their superior position in Ethiopian politics that was held by them since Menelik II invasion and annexation of then independent kingdoms of the horn during scramble for Africa. To date, these groups are responsible for ongoing mess the empire is deeply immersed in.

Amhara elites were therefore hibernating and waiting for the historical opportunity to arise since EPRDF has emerged as powerful force in the horn only blaming TPLF for its part in leading the development of the constitution. Sadly, EPRDF has failed to stick to its constitution by failing to allow nations and nationalities of the empire to build their capacity under the indicated framework. Therefore, it has failed and failed terribly. The highly awaited time for the Amhara elites come to an end when the EPRDF’s regime started crumbling. The demise of EPRDF’s regime resulted from its misuse and abuse of power by denying the constitutional rights of nations and nationalities in Ethiopia to genuine self-rule albeit the guarantees of these in its constitution. The inevitable change has occurred regardless.

The political change that has materialised as the end of 2017 early 2018 following the downfall of EPRDF’s regime did not sustain its momentum due to various reasons including:

  1. Those who have emerged by claiming to be progressive leaders were part of EPRDF’s regime that has been fought against by the peoples of the empire. Today these are wreaking havoc although they pretend to be wholly angels by ascribing all crimes that has caused revulsion of the subjects of the empire to TPLF alone.
  2. The lack of coherence, cooperation, coordination, ideological unity, and political maturity of those who have navigated the revolution and the opportunistic ambitions of who have joined the new regime from all over the world – to succumb to a failure finally and collectively.
  3. The lack of understanding of the motto of those who call ‘’Ethiopian Unity-usually Amhara Elites and their submissive slaves’’ at their expenses to finally agree to their projects of expansion (see the current war on Tigray, Oromia, Agaw, Kemant, Benshangul-Gumuz & elsewhere in Ethiopia where the subjects blindly support Amhara’s war of Territorial expansion)
  4. Narcissism and selfishness, immaturity, brutality and being in deep identity crisis- of the current PM who has emerged as sole ruler by having no understanding of the consequences of his actions and wider repercussions on the future direction of the empire; and the silence of the mass in the face of unfolding catastrophe.
  5. Current PM’s being Amhara elites’ ‘BULLDOG’ who implements their project in the name of defending Ethiopia and its sovereignty by mercilessly crushing those who oppose the Elites’ projects inadvertently posing threat to the continuity of the empire these groups claim to be defending.
  6. The lack of consciousness, awareness and political maturity of the elites, intelligentsia and wider mass of the subjugated nations who are currently cooperating with and fighting the Amhara elites’ war of territorial expansion in the federated states of Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul-Gumuz and elsewhere.
  7. The symbiotic relationship of those who deeply hate OLF and the wider Oromo, TPLF and the wider Tigray (the Eritrean dictator, Amhara elites and toddler PM and his Amhara and submitted Oromo advisers), and the nationalists of various nations of the empire who are waging war on own nations in Ethiopia.

Tragically, blindfolded, bewildered, and badly misled; the mass fails to understand the mottos of Amhara elites, their PM and their Eritrean ally masterminded war on federated nations in Ethiopia. Therefore, the mass unquestioningly follows the ongoing hullabaloo of the elites. In fact, the war waged on the nations including Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul-Gumuz, Afar, Kemant and Agaw is the war planned since April 2018, coordinated, and stage-managed by Amhara elites and their Eritrean collaborator.

The war therefore is Amhara elites’ war of territorial expansion over which the subjects of the empire have no cause to fight for. Instead, the subjects must understand the war that was initially waged on Oromia nation since June 2018, then that went onto Sidama, Konso, Wolayta, Benshangul Gumuz, Agaw and Kemant and eventually to Tigray in full scale and conventional manner is meticulously planned and executed by and for the political gain and economic benefits of Amhara expansionists. The rest nations of the empire have no stake in the current war but have moral and historical obligation to support and stand shoulder to shoulder with the federalist forces.

Birhanu Nega
Dr. Birhanu Nega is a selfish entrepreneur. He succeeded to grab land, industrial places, hotels and others. He is part of the instrumentalists who formed the roadmap. He is a  close adviser of PM Abiy Ahmed. He is very clever to cheat Amhara communities in the diaspora to raise fund pretending organize the Amhara struggle.

It is apparent that, the culprits have fabricated an excuse to invade all the federated nations under the pretext of defending the unity of the empire. The mass hardly understands the direction of the empire and erroneously asserts their places in the history of Amara elites ruled empire that only epitomises their poverty, their indignity, and their dehumanisation. Therefore, the current cooperation of the subjects with the elites’ territorial expansion war makes no sense. The mass must understand dying for cause is worthwhile as opposed to collaborating with the group digging their own graves. The unnecessary Sacrifices of the Subjected mass who are all inadvertently believing they are rescuing Ethiopia from disintegration is futile exercises of self-deprecating and self-degrading practices.

Finally, our disapprobation of Amhara elites’ war on federated nations in the Ethiopian empire remains as strong as it has been. We have been consistent in strongly condemning this war from its very onset. We have consistently rejected the actions of short-sighted PM who is remote-controlled by the Eritrean dictator and surrounded by hatred dominated Amhara elites. The PM and his supporters have paid deaf ears to our foresights. Instead, the PM and his ill-intentioned Amhara elite supporters and advisers – who are all intoxicated with delusional dream of territorial expansion are fully engaged in the destruction of the empire they think are defending.

Hundreds of thousands are paying heavy prices with their precious lives while tens of millions are subjected to manmade famine. Genocidal war unfolding in Oromia, Tigray, Benshangul Gumuz, Kemant, Agaw and elsewhere is having debilitating effects -begging for the urgent unity of the oppressed mass to cut-short the delusional nostalgia of Amara elites. Nations and nationalities of the empire therefore must unanimously reject their cooperation with their historic abusers instead condemning their reckless actions. The later instead must urgently join federalist forces fighting for the rights of various nations to self-determination and decide on their collective fates in unison.

September 13, 2021 (By Denboba Natie)

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