The final days of the settlers rule are nearing

The final days of the settlers rule are nearing

By Buludoo Daadaa, August 4, 2020

settlers rule
This fragile government is falling fast. An insider info, obtained today, Aug 4, 2020, indicates that previous OPDO members are regrouping themselves to kick out PP cadres. OPDO rejected all higher officials’ commands. The lunatic PM had emergency meeting with Oromia PP higher officials. There will be a power shake up in the coming weeks between these parties. The illiterate PM lost power long time ago and he is pretending as if he is in control of it. As you know, Oromia is not under PP control. PP is dead on arrival. Shame of the century!: Source Somali Region News

The OPDO rule has barely started, but our prediction that Abiy Ahmed and the entire OPDO apparatus are highly likely to represent the settlers/Nafxanya interest, and its far-reaching consequences will destroy the empire Ethiopia may have already become a reality.

So far, Oromians crusade to change empire Ethiopia didn’t bear fruit, human slaughter, the suppression of voice, political repression, revenge killing, the absence of social justice, and the denial of channels for peaceful change continued to rise in empire Ethiopia.

The more the settlers gain the political upper hand, the more the Oromians’ discontent against the settler system continued to grow, albite the assassinations, the jailing, and the torturing of the Oromo singers, artists, writers and political activists by Amharas killing agents, the OPDO. This situation made the educated elites not be able to use their talents, ambition, and ingenuity.

While this is going on inside Oromia, the semi-independent Tigrai region is building its military and ready to fight against the settler rule and its agents.

The destitute Eritrean soldiers devoid of military logistics and planning couldn’t carry out the mission for which they were brought to Ethiopia to accomplish. Although they demanded that the settler government provide them with food and drinking water, all the dummy president of Oromia can do was order poor Oromians to feed the Eritrean army. This is the most comprehensive step the settler regime agent could take at this point. This shows that there are food shortages, that distribution channels are inferior, logistics plans are not in place, road construction has no budget and medical supplies are limited.

As this is happening, the settler government of Ethiopia is trying its best to dismantle the OLF from within, with the help of Lammaa Magarsa, Leencoo Lataa, Damalsh G. Michael, and the federal police commissioner. Subsequently, the members of the OLF named Atoomsaa, Toleera Hadaba, Ibsa Nagawo, Qajeelaa Mardaasaa, and Araarsoo Biqilaa were ordered to assume the leadership of the OLF, pushing Dawud Ibsa to the side. Plus, Lenco Lataa has formed a team tasked with spreading the political propaganda of the settler government.

The settler group that is in control of the government is said to split into two groups because they failed to come to a consensus on how and when to kill Jawar, Baqalaa, and Dawud Ibsa. One group wants to take action immediately but the second group wants to postpone the killing. One group regrets the untimely killing of Haacaaluu Hundessa because it resulted in political unrest they are dealing with today, but the other describes the decision to kill Hacaaluu as tactical and successful.

Yet it is far from clear that any immediate tactical benefits will outweigh the strategic consequences for the settler rule survival. The action does not seem to fit any long-term political strategy aligned with Abiy Ahmed’s objective of rebuilding Minilik’s empire.

While the group arguing about the potential consequences of the killings, intentional or otherwise, they also appreciate the pre-empt imminent attacks taken against the Oromo and Tigrean nationalists. Some say, Hacaaluu’s killing has achieved a lot but others argue the opposite saying the actions taken escalated problems and put maximum pressure on them.

What’s true however is, the shutting down of all Oromo media, the jailing of tens of thousands, the presence of the Eritrean army didn’t stop the unrest. Opposite to their expectation, the protest is intensified as witnessed from the economic boycott culminated with a rising price on food items and other commodities. Most importantly, the Oromo youth are flocking to the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) bases to take up arms and fight the Nafxanya(settler) rule and win.

Either way, the final days of the Nafxanya/settler rule is nearing, not only for reason described above but because none of the nations and the nationalities of empire Ethiopia wish to camouflage behind the Nafxanya identity anymore.

In real political terms, all the killings and the jailing of the Oromo nationalists seem to have strengthened the nationalist’s position once again. Abiy Ahmed’s decision to scale back to the era of Minilik and Hailesilase has already bolstered the Oromo nationalism. The killing of Daadhii Galaan, Hacaaluu Hundeessaa, and over 10,000 Oromo youth promise more strategic benefits for nationalist Oromians.

The Oromo parliament (Caffee Oromia) has already become the medium from where anti-Oromo laws are enacted. Afaan Oromo have been replaced by the Amharic language in Oromia and the settlers mobilization of hooligans and street bums in Finfinnee and where-else in Oromia seem to take a new shape as Abiy Ahmed tries to balance the Oromo nationalism with settler’s insulting rants. But this would most likely strengthen the Oromo nationalism and influence in empire Ethiopia.


At this point in time, we must continue to be advocates for the freedom and morality that we inherited from our ancestors as we worked together for the common good. Our joint effort should protect important civic values like honesty, morality, self-restraint, respect for the law, and basic human rights.

One of the reasons the attack on our freedom by the settlers has been so successful is because of our reluctance to stand up together and exercise our views and power. An extraordinary effort will be required to remove the settlers’ domination out of Oromia and win our liberty.

The Oromo Liberation Front doctrine confirms, “No form of governance can exist in peace in empire Ethiopia, except such laws are framed and held inviolate as will secure to each individual the free exercise of conscience”.

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