The Government of Kenya is not supposed to participate in an act of war

The Government of Kenya is not supposed to participate in an act of war

Supreme Military Command of OLA/OLF, June 4, 2019

KenyaAfter decades of widespread Oromo Protests weakened its authoritarian bureaucracy, EPRDF was forced to allow strong political opposition parties to operate in Ethiopia. Taking such a decision was a tactic to save the EPRDF from an impending collapse by engulfing and weakening these parties, and nominating a new prime minister. This was all part of the tactic to deceive the people by changing the face of a facade called EPRDF.

Recently, opposition parties that decided to disarm and peacefully operate in Ethiopia have lost hope of democratizing the country due to EPRDF’s deceitful and tragic actions. Despite the mainstream rhetoric and widespread international acclaim, the facts on the ground reveal that EPRDF remains a dictator disguised behind a shield of endless promises and propaganda. On the ground, human rights violation has dramatically increased after Abiy Ahmed became prime minister in April, 2018. However, these tragedies are not well reported. Human right violation conducted by the Ethiopian army such as; killing, torturing, raping, imprisoning, burning people in their own house have become a usual phenomenon in Guji Zone (Southern Oromia). For this reason, a number Oromos were forced to migrate from their own land.

Having seen EPRDF’s deceitful tactics that masquerade in the name of change, the Oromo Liberation army (OLA) demanded for a genuine change. However, the regime has chosen to militarily confront OLA than opening a way that leads the nation to a negotiated democracy. The Oromo liberation front (OLF)/Oromo liberation army (OLA) began operating around northern Kenya boarder and Southern Oromia (Borana) since 1990s. The Organization fights for the right of Oromo people against the Ethiopian colonial tyrannical rule. In the past 25 years, OLA has lived and peacefully integrated not only with Oromos living in North Kenya and south Oromia but also other nations and nationalities.

Even when some social problems occur in this area OLA has remained part of the solutions by engaging the community leaders and elders for democratic discussions. The presence of OLA has kept peace and stability in northern Kenya boarder or southern Oromia for more than two decades.

Regardless of these contributions the Kenyan and Ethiopian Government have tried to destroy the OLA several times, and continued to implement the same agenda to this day. The representatives of the two countries have met in Mooyale, Kookeet Hotel on June 3, 2019 to discuss about a new strategy to disarm and destroy OLA. At this critical time, trying to instigate violence in this area is adding a fuel on the fire, and killing the hope of transforming the Empire. Nowadays, Oromia is in a tragic situation, especially the brutal security force reparation in Gujii and West Oromia has been a disaster.

Our neighbour, Kenya, is supposed to understand these situations, and not supposed to interfere in the internal politics and conflict of our country. However, the Kenyan politicians decided to help the Ethiopian tyrannical Government to jam and crackdown the Oromo struggle for liberation. The act of sabotage to dismantle OLA, which has lived for the just cause, is an act of evil. Therefore, the OLF, OLA and the Oromo people condemn those acts, and call upon Kenyan political leaders to reassess this shortsighted plan before it creates a rift between the Kenya and Oromo peoples. In the last years, similar acts and decisions of EPRDF has taken the life of innocent Kenyan citizens by violating the Kenyan territorial integrity. We would like to remind everyone some of Kenyans killed by Ethiopian armed force:
1. Chief Taro Dora
2. Sajin Edin Begejo
3. Nuro Mallich
4. Galagalo Burji
5. Tachi Arero
6. Boru Jilo kosaye
7. Tunu Boru etc.

The Governor of Marsabit County should understand and analyze the campaign led by the Ethiopian government and the quest for the Oromo nation in the last 150 years and avoid damage and injury to the Borana Oromo and other nations, and reject to participate in this plot. Paying cheap sacrifice and instigating war will not solve our problem, the only solution for this area and the entire region will be letting all people to determine their own destiny.

Finally, we call upon Kenyans and international community to positively contribute to peaceful solution by dealing with the underlying causes, than serving a criminal party that destabilized not only northern Kenya or southern Oromia but also the entire region in the last decades in the name of fighting OLA. Fighting OLA will not be a solution and declaring war to disarm and destroy OLA is meaningless.

June 04/2019
Victory to the Oromo people!
Supreme Military Command of OLA/OLF

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