The Implication of Political Prostitution

The Implication of Political Prostitution

Ashamaa Hayyoota Oromoo biyya keessaaf alaa. Mee barruu kana qalbiin dubbisaa yaada kennaa. Waliifis daddabarsaa.

By Dabal Jibittii Waaqoo, September 15, 2021

Political Prostitution

Political prostitution diminishes political responsibility and it requires deliberate forgetting of facts to sustain dominance, privilege, and advantages over the other segment of the Oromo society.

Political prostitutes change their stand from time to time, and are not interested in human rights, justice and fairness. Knowing that the Oromo liberation struggle is about dismantling the Habasha rules and constitution written to suppress the identities of millions of people who are forcefully incorporated into empire Ethiopia, political prostitutes wear the rulers flags and appear in public when they notice the dominant group appear dominant.

They know real well that empire Ethiopia’s educational and economic programs benefit only the Habasha clicks, they wear the Habasha flag in order to negotiate power by disregarding the struggle for which thousands have already died. By doing so, they instantly empower the Habasha clicks while they attempt to gain political advantage.

Although political prostitution is relatively a new practice within the dimensions of those who oppose to the complete liberation of Oromia, it is becoming a tool by which social arrangements are intended to be managed. Galaasaa Dilboo, Diimaa Nogo, Kamaal Galchuu, Araarsoo Biqilaa, Leencoo Lataa and their lap dogs previously took an oath to protect the rights, dignity, and liberties of the Oromo people but they end up endearing the political class that guarantee their economic advantages. Similarly, men like Izikel Gabisa and Awal Alo try to maneuver between the Oromo politics and those who can provide them immediate economic advantage with out swearing allegiance to any side. They play such game so that they could jump from one side to the other and make political convenient and increase their economic interest and political advantages.

Mean time, those who see political responsibility as the cornerstone of democratic behavior, fight to protect the rights of all citizens by guaranteeing equal access to all common resources, protect economic freedom, and ensure equal rights. This means, nationalist Oromians are always focused on protecting the rights and securities of the Oromo people while political prostitutes fight to guarantee themselves the chance to be on top of the power ladder.

Unfortunately, the political nature of empire Ethiopia is anchored in the fact that its practice and benefits yield no substantive monetary advantages to the masses other than guaranteeing the few whose adverse attitudes disenfranchises the subjugated mass.

Ironically, the citizens who see themselves as insignificant and undeserving are assigned minimal or no space in terms of having a say in their own political matter, thus easily cowed by the few political prostitutes. More perniciously, political prostitutes promote deliberate inclusive exclusion. In other words, political prostitutes guarantee rewards and benefits for themselves and for those who follow them and deliberately deny a specific groups anything relevant to their advancement.

They do this because they are always aware of the harms their behavior wrought on the oppressed mass and cleverly insert political games at different points of their function in order to guarantee themselves advantages by insisting that they are here to secure future benefits for the oppressed mass. They do this in order to confuse and silence the general population.

As media systems focus on the daily behaviors of events, they pay less attention to the efforts of well-meaning Oromians who want to bring about respect, dignity, security, and equal treatment to those massively disadvantaged. Wearing the dominant Habasha flag therefore is the code of reaching out to powerful Habashas and to approve of their political views and actions.

Obviously, if the political prostitutes succeed, the fate of the colonized mass will be at the mercy of the political prostitutes whose stand shift and slide from one place to another in order to increase personal advantage. Thus, political prostitutes are dangerous because they can deny the fact that they deliberately harm the mass by abandoning any side, outmaneuver, cause suffering and erode the political stability of any given group. Political prostitutes can act surprised and pretend that they have no knowledge of any wrong doings when confronted.

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  1. I like the content of this article but I wish it was written with less colorful language! I LOVED the part where the writer names names, to make it clear that those who sell the aspirations of our people short ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS! Hope Ezkiel Gebisa is reading this pages!

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