The inevitable phase out of ODP or OPDO, and reconciliatory opinion

The inevitable phase out of ODP or OPDO, and reconciliatory opinion 

By ANF, September 25, 2019

In the Past

Oromo People’s Democratic Party (OPDO) renamed last year to the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP). This party has been operating with the notorious TPLF and the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) that almost all of them-directly or in an instance of complicity- have violated human rights perpetually. Across the world, people marched to oppose such human right violations. Some people took up arms and others resisted non-violently.

The EPRDF released most of the victims whom they (i.e. EPRDF) themselves arrested, tortured, sexually assaulted and so on. The EPRDF, so then, praised to relieve the people’s pain, even if, the EPRDF inflicted such pain on the people. Hence, EPRDF should have been held accountable legally.

The TPLF virtually exited to the Tigray region safely but, still, Amhara’s political parties who supposed to serve in Amhara Regional State are unproductively creating friction in Finfinnee. Member of ODP lead by Abiy Ahmed came out and asked the public for forgiveness admitting that EPRDF has committed an unbelievable and widespread crime against civilians, politicians, journalists, activists of any age and gender groups.

At present

People recall the past criminal actions of EPRDF. Some survivals are injured. Some handicapped. Some failed to get support and compensation from EPRDF to survive on. Others could not find where their relatives killed.

The barefaced EPRDF now started again to kill people and commit various human right violations. EPRDF has attempted to change its name. The same people of this party who involved in criminal activities against humanity may refurbish to rename political party temporarily. But, they cannot be a leader of people by force on the contrary to the interest of followers

ODP has tried to re-impose the previous structure at village, community and so on. People already detested and uprooted the structure. Most Oromo dislike ODP anymore. They don’t like EPRDF either. Some members of ODP may have high competence. Most Oromo like to have ABO’s which designated as Oromo’s flag. However, some members of ODP attempted to prevent this flag. This indicates that most of ODP members in Oromia are inappropriate.

The possible win-win approaches to the phase out of ODP

  • Replace most of ODP members in Finfinnee. Independent executive committee, consultants, Abbaa Gadaa, spiritual leaders, elders may negotiate with those ODP members to execute replacement. Other political parties’ members (e.g. ABO, OFC) with some of good ODP members from Oromia may start to take over the leading role in Finfinnee.
  • Innocent people who need to be replaced from ODP members may be given a chance to serve elsewhere,
  • Offer them incentive to open their own business and live as anyone, or move to other locations.
  • Most of the ODP members may resign voluntarily, which is unlikely without incentives
  • Good members of ODP must fire the criminal members of ODP. If not, they share complicity.
  • Any member of ODP who involved in people’s injuries, killings, and critical abuse of power must be accountable legally.

Further opinion:

  • If really anyone care to increase the living standard of the people like developed nations and support the unit of the country, each regional state must operate independently, AND
  • Interdependence of regional states through various mechanisms including interregional trade agreement, reciprocity, and budget allocations are the proved means for co-existence.
  • Law enforcements (e.g. police) need to be independent of political party’s affiliations.

Disclaim: The above points, each and every contents of the whole are solely the opinion of an individual who wrote this and signified below. It doesn’t represent any other entity at all except a single individual.

ANF, September 25, 2019

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