THE MURDER OF A BREAST-FEEDING MOTHER;The cruelty and the ugly face of the government of a Nobel Peace Laureate.

Denebo D. WARIO, May 28, 2020

Heartbreaking murder
For months Oromos’ (of diaspora) social media accounts have been flooded by news of atrocities that have been perpetrated by Ethiopian government authorities and soldiers against the Oromo civilians in Oromia. It has long become a public knowledge that the government of Abiy AHMED is resorted to show audacious outright contempt to global norms of humanity, human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Innocent Oromo civilians are the ones at the receiving end of the failing international human rights system that has let Abiy AHMED and his predecessors to go away with genocide, as long as they serve the interest of the west.

Thousands have been murdered by soldiers and security forces who seemed to have received the orders to do that directly from the commander in chief of the empire’s armed forces in Oromia since March 2018.

Unfortunately, these are only going from worse to worst. The soldiers of Abiy AHMED seem to have been given a new military order to terrorise and punish the Oromo indiscriminately. Mrs Amsale Gudeta and her family are one of the tens of thousands of Oromo families targeted by Abiy AHMED’s intensified fists of cruelty.

Mrs Amsalu lived with her husband and four small children in a rural village of Lalo Asabi district of Wollagga province in Western Oromia. She is an innocent mother of four, the youngest being a breastfed baby. This innocent mother was brutally murdered coldblooded, in broad daylight on 21 May 2020 by soldiers of Ethiopia whose commander in chief was given a Nobel Peace Prize just few months before.

Last Thursday morning, Amsalu left home to do same work to make sure her kids are fed. She had been working on her small-hold farm before she took a brief break to breastfeed Fenet, her youngest baby right there in the field. As she was sat breastfeeding her baby at the farm, heavily armed soldiers of the Ethiopian difference forces arrived and shot rounds of live ammunition killing Amsalu instantaneously. Amsalu left behind four small children and her husband are apparently absolutely devastated by the tragedy. On the same day, the soldiers killed four other innocent people burned villages down in the same district, all because the victims happened to be of Oromos. Eyewitnesses told the Radio of the Voice of America (VoA), one of the very few international media outlets that gave coverage to the massacre, that the victims were murdered because they were accused of sympathising with the objectives of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). They eyewitnesses also told the VoA that the victims had, despite the accusation, no connection with the OLF as they were only politically neutral individuals going about their daily lives. They went on to explain that one of the victims was a vet doctor serving the community, the other was a young university student who only returned to the village due to disruption of his university educations because of the Covid 19. Another victim was said to be a young man arrested and detained in suspicion of supporting the OLF. This young man was taken out of custody and killed by soldiers who threw his body in a forest.

The Lalo Assabi massacre is reflective, unfortunately, of the entire Oromo individuals and families. Tens of thousands of Oromo men and women have been detained in various concentration camps and torture chambers because of their views, yes just because of their views. These are parents, doctors, teachers, journalists, farmers and ordinary civil servants.

I have recently been receiving shocking reports that the “government’s” security forces have intensified arbitrary mass arrest detaining thousands in overcrowded and suffocating torture chambers.

Despite all these, the government of Ethiopia has remained one of the favourite recipients of the largest financial and technical supports from the west, with Britain, France and the USA being the largest donors. The question remains this- have the international community totally ignored the values of human rights, democracy and the rule of law when it comes to Africa? Time will tell?

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