The Oromo Demand: The Removal of Statues of Menelik II

The Oromo Demand: The Removal of Statues of Menelik II

By Leenjiso Horo, July 5, 2020

Today in the United States of America, the statues of confederate leaders that refused to free slaves were toppled, and the Confederate flag was band. This should be the fate of Menelik II and Haile Selassie statues in Oromiyaa. Here below are the removed statues of the confederate.

Statue of Jefferson David                                                   General Thomas Stonewall Jackson
State of General Robert E.                                                                                       Lee State of Silent Sam

The statues of confederate leaders of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee were removed because they are offensive and racist symbols of America’s dark

legacy of slavery. Among the 114 toppled statues are the statues of Jefferson David, the president of the Confederate, General Thomas Stonewall Jackson, General Robert E. Lee, and silent Sam and others. After slavery was abolished in the United States, the confederate state still held slaves. In the Confederate, the enslaved persons were continuously treated as properties and could be bought, sold, or given away. The American civil war was fought to free the slaves. Finally, the Confederate state was defeated. Shortly after the defeat of the confederacy and the conclusion of the American war, Abyssinian king Menelik II began war of conquest of the Oromo people and other peoples in the south.

Consequently, Emperor Menelik II was the first known African for the extermination of millions of people in history, the Oromo people. His viciousness to annihilate such millions of human beings was unparalleled in history before Adolf Hitler. Now, he is second to Hitler in the world but still stands first in Africa. For this reason, his statue symbolizes his evil did, his barbarism, his destruction of human life, his vicious conquest and colonization of territories and peoples, his crimes of genocide against the Oromo people and peoples of the south, and their enslavement. It stands for fraud, fabrication, fiction, and Abyssinian supremacy in conquest memory. In addition, it stands for his commodification of human beings into commodities in his slave trade. The man who committed, mutilated breasts of Oromo women and hands of men and a known slave trader does not deserve a statue. For this reason, his statue must be torn down, dismantled, and removed from Oromiyaa.

Menelik II
Statue of Menelik II erected by Emperor Haile Selassie

Instead, it must be replaced by statues of the greatest Oromo heroes and heroines of the time: Tufa Muna, Leenjiso Diiga, and Bakar Waare and with statues of the Oromo Children who were his victims of slavery.
Oromo slaves

Here are the faces of Oromo children: boys and girls who were hunted and captured by Menelik II of Abyssinia during his raids in the wars of conquest and sold into slavery to pay for guns and modern ammunitions imported from Europeans.

Here are also the faces of captured children from other nations and nationalities in the south by Menelik II during his raid and sold into slavery.

The destruction and removal of the statue of Menelik II are necessary for the very simple reason that the crime Menelik II committed is too painful for the collective memory of the Oromo people and other peoples in the south. And yet, PM Abiy Ahmed and his party (PP), admired, adored, exalted, venerated, and glorified this evil man and erected a statue for him in Finfinnee, the heartland of Oromiyaa.

This action of Prime Minister and his party is an approval, a legitimization, and justification of Menelik’s crimes against the Oromo people. We do not need the Menelik statue, the Hitler statue, in our land and city. Unfortunately, for the Abyssinians, it is hard to understand the tragic and violent history that their kings Menelik and Haile Selassie committed against the Oromo people and other peoples in the south. Hence, the Abyssinians have failed to apologize for the actions of their kings. Instead, they have been and are venerating their fascist leaders’ genocidal actions against peoples as heroic deed.

Statues of Menelik II and Haile Selassie I erected by PM Abiy Ahmed

Even though, Menelik II ranked second to Adolf Hitler in genocidal mass extermination, he stands first for his vicious brutality and notoriety in history for the mutilating of breasts of Oromo women and the hands of men and boys at Aanole. At the same time, as an emperor, Menelik II- the warlord, also stands first to none in world history for “commodification” and selling of human beings as property.

Despite the emperor’s war crimes, extermination, and genocide against the Oromo people, Abiy Ahmed, the PM of Ethiopian Empire and the aspirant to be another emperor, is the admirer of Menelik II as Emperor Haile Selassie before him. PM Abiy Ahmed put new clothing on Menelik, the warlord, a well-known slave trader. In the words of historian Harold Marcus, Menelik II was “Ethiopia’s greatest slave entrepreneur” in history and reported to have had personally owned 70,000 slaves. Menelik II was the first Abyssinian warlord king engaged in the commodification of human beings. He sold these human beings in slave markets as

commodities to pay for his imported modern weaponry-guns and ammunition in waging his wars of the conquests of nations and nationalities, and territories in the South.
Knowing all these, PM Abiy Ahmed has organized and systematically campaigned to glorify the image of Menelik II, to whom the Oromo people were and still are the victims of his military campaigns and crimes of genocide. His armies in committing mass atrocities, murders, and extermination, reduced the Oromo population to a half. His crimes of mutilations of breasts of Oromo women, and the right hands of men and boys at Aanole, and the extermination at Chalanqo and Azule are the standing witness today.

The similarity between Abiy Ahmed and Haile Selassie is striking. As soon as he became King in 1930, Haile Selassie immediately erected a statue of Menelik II at the city center in Finfinnee. Following this, the eviction of Oromo from Central Oromiyaa and land robbery were implemented. With this, the waves of Abyssinians immigration into and across Oromiyaa for settlement on the occupied land was high rocketed. With these, the land alienation and dispossession of the Oromo people from their lands have become the standing policy of the successive Ethiopian empire rulers. With this, The Oromo people left landless and became tenants on the land belonged to them, in their own country.

Following in Haile Selassie’s footsteps PM Abiy Ahmed, the aspirant to be the seventh emperor, as soon as he became PM, he erected a statue for Menelik II in the Imperial Grand Palace compound close to his own heart. Named it a “Unity Park.” Having done this, he created the Prosperity Party (PP), a party that he believes may enable him to fulfill his wishes to be a king. This Party is today, undertaking a war campaign of extermination of the Oromo people in the style of Menelik II, killing women, infants, children, and elders and burning homes and villages, combined with the style of that of Haile Selassie. In the words of George Santayana, “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” Indeed, this statement is truer than ever before. PM Abiy Ahmed and his party’s conducting wars and crimes against humanity and erected statues of Menelik II and Haile Selassie in Oromiyaa is a failure of learning from history. For this Abiy Ahmed is repeating the crimes of Menelik and Haile Selassie all over again, against the Oromo people.

Throughout the conquest of Oromiyaa to date, genocide has been committed against the Oromo people by the successive Abyssinian regimes. Such genocide had been committed throughout history in other parts of the world. Here, what is to be understood is this. Before taking any action to commit genocide, the perpetrators must have to establish the conditions for it. The dehumanization, devaluing, and demonization of the image of the victims are the conditions. Here, the perpetrators must have to dehumanize, devalue, and demonize the image of the targeted people. That is categorizing the targeted people as a subhuman creature to rationalize, to justify, and legitimize their acts of destruction of the targeted people. The purpose of these conditions is and has been to erase any human relationship between perpetrators and their victims. That means the perpetrators do not feel or have any human sympathy for those people suffering at their hands, in their extermination actions. In Oromiyaa, such had been happening to the Oromo people under the successive Abyssinian settler colonizer regimes during the feudal rules of the Ethiopian empire from Menelik II to Haile Selassie. And yet still today, continuing at full strength or intensity.

For instance, the successive Abyssinian colonialist rulers of Oromiyaa from late 1800s to 1974, attached a derogatory name “Galla” to the Oromo people. This word means “aramane” in the Amharic dictionary. In the English language, it means “infidel” or “heathen.” Using this dehumanizing, devaluing, and demonizing pejorative name, Menelik II of Abyssinia exterminated 5 million Oromo out of the total population of 10 million and mutilated breasts of Oromo women and the rights hands of men at Aanole. His and his successors, the neo-Nafxanyas and army used to boast “Galla gaday” with excessive pride and self-satisfaction as it exterminates the Oromo population. The Abyssinians have been using the phrase “Galla gaday” as a slogan for over a century to date. “Galla gaday” means killer of “infidels.” They had been using this derogatory name in killing any Oromo individual or group. Similarly, in 1915, Ottoman Turkey attached the name “infidels” to the Armenians. With this name, 1.5 million Armenians were exterminated, out of total population of 2 million.

Nazi Germany considered Jews a “subhuman” and compared them to “rats,” “lice,” and “maggots.” Using this name as a pretext, Nazi Germany exterminated 6 million Jewish. In 1994, in Rwanda, Hutus referred to Tutsi as “cockroaches” and “snakes”, and using these names as the pretext, exterminated over 800,000 to a million Tutsis in three months. The European settler colonizers of North America referred to the American Native Indians as “vermin,” “nets,” and “wolves in the human form.” Using these dehumanizing names as a pretext, they reduced the population of Native Americans by 90% out of 125 million. Not only this, but the term “negro” with a racist connotation was also used against African Americans in dying them full humanness, making conditions for their lynching, murdering, socially isolating, and discriminating.

From 1991 to 2018, TPLF attached the name “terrorists,” and “flies” to the Oromo people who want their freedom and liberation. Under this name, hundreds of thousands of Oromo nationals killed; hundreds of thousands disappeared; hundreds of thousand put in concentration camps, a tenth of thousands physically and mentally incapacitated. Today, the Prosperity Party (PP) is repeating what its predecessor, the TPLF, had been doing. Like its predecessor, from 2019 to date, the Prosperity Party (PP) has attached the name “Shane” representing it as a derogatory term to any Oromo whom it does not agree with within the political discourse.

As a consequence, PP has been falsely using “Shane” as a pretext in its viciously and violently killings, exterminating, committing crimes against Oromo humanity, making disappearances, maiming, and the jailing of the Oromo people in more extensive, in scale and intensity than that of its predecessor, the TPLF. The name Shane is not derogatory. It means the executive committee. The Oromo nationalist and the Oromo people should not fall victim to propaganda of the Oromo enemies, neo-Gobanas and to its mater the neo-Nafxanyas. Every Oromo should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Shane to fight against the common enemies of Oromo struggle for independence. Political difference can be resolved through discussion. But killing each other only serves the enemy.

Needless to say, for a century and a half, the successive Ethiopian colonial regimes had tried, yet failed to impose Ethiopia as a single artificial national identity on nations, nationalities, and peoples and attempted to make Menelik II as a hero. Today, the same failed policy is picked up by PM Abiy Ahmed and his party in the name of “medemer” (synergy) and erected a new statue for Menelik II to try to impose on the Oromo people and other peoples. The fact is the Oromo people have already rejected it.

Now, let us face the truth. The truth is as to who erected statues of Menelik II and Haile Selassie. The truth is this. It is the neo-Nafxanyas/riflemen and neo-Gobanas/traitors in unity who erected these two statues. The Neo-Gobanas are the brainchild of the TPLF and the TPLF entrusted them to the guardianship of the neo-Nafxanyas. Now, the neo-Gobanas are under the direction and guidance of neo-Nafxanyas. With the direction of neo-Nafxanyas, the neo-Gobanas have become the

Master of deception and manipulation. They deceived and fooled the Oromo people at every level. They came to Oromo, wearing Abba Gadaas’ and Ilmaan Gadaas’ clothing. However, inside the clothing are neo-Gobanas sitting on neo-Nafxanyas’ lap taking orders from them. Failing to recognize this, the Oromo people at all levels danced, clapped their hands singing “ijoollee Abbaa Gadaa”, hugged them, and opened their hearts and minds to these evils. The fact is, inside the clothing hiding their intentions gives neo-Nafxanyas the chance to manipulate the Oromo people to advance their own agenda. They had hidden agendas. Their hidden agendas were the erecting of statues of Menelik II and Haile Selassie and the extermination of the Oromo people. The erections of the statues of Menelik II and Haile Selassie were already accomplished and now, their war of genocidal extermination of the Oromo people is underway.

Sadly enough, the Oromo people are looking on their outside at “Abbaa Gadaa’s clothing,” failing to see their inside clothing were wolfish neo-Nafxanyas. Neo-Nafxanyas and neo-Gobanas of today are not the same as their predecessors. Both are cleverer than their predecessor. For this, both are able to disguise themselves as “Ilmaan Abbaa Gada” meaning ‘children of Abbaa Gadaas’ to deceive and fool the Oromo people. This political tactic served them well and so deceived the Oromo people. The fact is, both neo-Nafxanyas and neo-Gobanas share the same commitment to the empire. The truth is neo-Nafxanyas are inside the neo-Gobanas and Vice versa.

Today as ever before, along with Abyssinians there are some Oromo nationals, the neo-Gobanas, the traitors to Oromiyaa and its people as their predecessors were. For years, they have turned their backs on the Oromo people and on the sacrifices of their ancestors in the War of liberation and Independence of Oromiyaa. They have been working hand-in-hand with the Neo-Nafxanyas/riflemen to destroy their own nation to defend the interests of settler colonizers and their aspiration to control Oromiyaa. They have the same shared commitment with Neo-Nafxanyas. Today, these neo-Gobanas are fighting in the name of federalism” and “democracy’ to maintain the settler-colonial empire of Menelik. This is another reason for the removal of the statue. It is time to tear down and remove this statue along with the Ethiopian empire flag from Oromiyaa soil since both are symbols of occupation, colonization, repression, exploitation, intolerance, violence, atrocities, and hate that inspired their attempt to destroy the Oromo nation.

A way forward

We have seen the crimes of successive Abyssinian colonial regimes and the crime committed throughout the world. So now, the question remains as to what we must have to do.

Today, the United States of America set an example for the rest of the world by removing the statues of Confederate leaders those that committed crimes against humanity, against African Americans and Native American populations. Long before American people, the Oromo people had been demanding the removal of the statue of Menelik II for years for the genocidal crimes he committed against them, but to no avail. Now, it is time for the Oromo people to use the United States example to intensify their demand for the removal of statues of both Menelik II and Haile Selassie I from Oromiyaa soil. And for this, it is time for the immediate organization and mobilization of Oromo people against these statues being in Oromiyaa.

Furthermore, it is time again that the Oromo people actively oppose the policy of this regime; actively fight against it with all available means, and it is time to collectively stand together in defense of ourselves and our country. It means to unite for the struggle for total independence of Oromiyaa. Here is the standing truth; no political organizations fighting for the independence of their country, either through peaceful means or armed liberation struggle would ever expect their goal of liberation to be realized or come to fruition while at the same time working with settler-colonists. So, the Oromo political organizations and activists should understand this truth. And hence, it is time to abandon the futile debate about centralist vs federalist political models that maintains the colonial empire. The fact is neither the maintenance, democratization, nor federalization of an empire is possible. And so, it goes without saying that the Ethiopian empire cannot be maintained, democratized or federalized. Therefore, it is time for those who naively believe in it to come to their senses and renounce or relinquish the unattainable idea.

With unity anything is possible!


    • From the 1500, before or after Oromo expansion? Minilik was not against Oromo people. He was against anyone who did not agree with his rein. The first people he fought was gojjam. His people are Shewa, including Stewart Oromo

    • It truly troubling to see incoherent rambling being passed off as reporting. The comment section of this “article” are a testament to the level of ignorance and distinct lack of logic, or Grammer for that matter. Dr. Negaso Gidada, authored many works regarding the Oromo’s and is a respected intellectual on this topic. But rather than referencing impactful histotical authors you default to works of fiction by the Eritrean Tesfaye Gebre-ab.

      The Oromo migration/ expansion brutally wiped out 27 aboriginal tribes, through their barbaric ways; perhaps you should also discuss these great atrocities? Or without having to look too far in the past: wouls you care to discuss the current Oromo murderers that loot the poor and cut down pregnant mothers in front of their children? Your brutal violence has been viewed the world over, and you have shamed our country and my people.
      Your tantrum about Menelik, shows the deep rooted and unsubstantiated hatred to a man that gave you, and the greater Ethiopian people, the privilege of maintaining our history, culture and way of being. Your revisionist history is a regressive sentiment that only seeks to hold back a progressing nation. Ethiopia will March forward, feel free to go back from which you came from. “Cutting if breasts”, absolute nonsense.

      Proud Ethiopian-Oromo

  1. Yes Removed Menelik Statues from Oromia because he was Genocides on our Peoples and the number one slavest’ interpreter of the world
    and cause of assassination of iconic Oromo Artist Hachaaluu Hundessa and more than 250 peoples killed by PM Abiy Ahmed security force Oromia Ethiopia.

  2. First of all Comparing Adolf Hitler with Emperor Menelik
    is exactly what a sped would do. And I really recommend you to read further cause your defnition of “Galla” is no where close to the real meaning, “Galla” means free men and that is what the Oromo are. Slave trading was present in Ethiopia since 1495 BC. And in case you didn’t “Abyssinia” includes Oromia. Every single word you wrote in this article wasn’t backed by any historical facts or evidence, as a blogger you should corroborate while writing an article that may cause conflict between people let alone a civil war. And for those of you in the comments that are demanding the removal of the statue, it upsets me that you’ll die without seeing that happen, believe me not even your grand children will witness that. And most of you in the comments, based on your english and comments I don’t you even understood the article well. Menelik didn’t do anything that you said he did, next time read before you embarrass yourselves like this.I love the oromo people and every single Ethiopian there is but if you are racist and a retard at the same time like jawar and the others you’ll end up like them.
    Mekonnen Debela
    Thank you for that extraordinary comment, it pleases me to know that there are still people like you, it gives hope
    By the way
    I’m a 17 year old boy from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    If anyone has a comment or even an insult I’d be glad to hear it, here’s my email

  3. hey Oromo extremists i have read it like a fairytale. you people talk like u have suffered more than the israel peoples. and when i see the comments ahhhh i really see that u dont even know a thing called “reading book” i know i was like like u guys before reading books and searching for evidences . believe me you will be angry cause u find nothing. ok let us talk about the battle of chelenko many oromo extremists say menilik killed 5 million oromo. you will realize it is nonsense when you see data even the
    the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed 80,000 people so if u want the truth read read and read.

  4. How can Menelik II be second to Hitler when King Leopold of Belgium was responsible for the deaths of 10-15 million Congolese Africans? That number far exceeds Hitler’s death toll in Germany. Get your facts straight.

    Leopold II, the BBC noted, ruled over what was called the Belgian Congo in ways “so bloody it was eventually condemned by other European colonialists in 1908—but it has taken far longer to come under scrutiny at home.”

    The reason for some reticence is because all European countries and the United States are implicated in his atrocities. Leopold’s man at the 1884 Berlin Conference much of his life masqueraded as a U.S. citizen. Explorer Henry Morton Stanley, working for Leopold, was the only conference participant who had actually done extensive research by traveling to the area of Africa his boss wanted to take sole ownership of.

    Leopold first persuaded the United States to sign on with the help of the American entrepreneur, and former minister to Belgium, Gen. Henry Shelton Sanford. Then, he convinced all the major nations of Western Europe to recognize a huge swath of Central Africa—roughly the same territory as the modern-day Democratic Republic of the Congo—as his employer’s personal property. It was called État Indépendant du Congo, the Congo Free State. It was the world’s only private colony, and Leopold referred to himself as its “proprietor.”
    “Leopold II, despite never stepping foot in the country, privately owned the Congo for two decades and was criticized during his lifetime for the cruel policies that were implemented there that historians say resulted in the deaths of upwards of 10 million Congolese people.”
    If the State of Israel has and continues to receive reparations from Germany and is the largest recipient of American largess, why isn’t the Democratic Republic of Congo receiving reparations for the brutal treatment, slave labor and deaths of over 10 million of its citizens? In addition, there is the 20-year rape and plunder of its natural and mineral resources by Leopold that the world benefited from.
    Slave trading was present in Ethiopia since 1495 BC. And in case you didn’t “Abyssinia” includes Oromia.

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