The Sidama Nation Is Silently Marking Its New Year ‘Fichchee’ 2021

The Sidama Nation Is Silently Marking Its New Year ‘Fichchee’ 2021 Whilst The Resurrected Amhara Expansionists Neo-Colonial Re-Occupation Is Underway!

By Denboba Natie (, May 08, 2021

As the rest of nations and nationalities in Ethiopia, the Sidama nation has paid huge sacrifices including with their precious lives for nation’s rights to be respected since 1880s colonisation of its land culture. One of those rights the nation has kept alive for millennia includes the Sidama’s cultural heritage known as Fichchee (the Sidama New Year). This culture known as ‘Fichchee’ has been celebrated by the nation since time immemorial. Moreover, it has also survived the brutal suppression of the Amhara’s expansionist colonial system; the system that has imposed its culture, ways of life and politico-economic injustice. Paradoxically, this system is resurrecting from its grave since the current regime came to power in 2018 following the downfall of its own party (EPRDF) as a result of fierce but peaceful resistance of mainly Oromo nation whose over 5, 800 civilians mainly powerful youth have sacrificed their precious lives in addition to the sacrifices of the rest nations’ civilians for the same cause.

Fichchee has been inscribed by the UNESCO as an intangible heritage in 2015 thus seen as internationally recognised cultural entity.

The Sidama Fichchee signifies the nation’s resolve in retaining its identity in the face of a highly organised Amhara expansionist state terrorism since the nation has fallen under Menelik II’s colonial yoke in 1880s. The Sidama as the rest of the subjugated political south of the empire whose peoples are equally colonised has bitterly fought against the indicated aggressors whose residues to date are fighting with vigour (although maliciously). The central government is dominated by them is masterminding the means and methods for their resurrection.

This years’ Sidama Fichchee is marked in the face of unsettling and mixed feelings. On one hand the Sidama nation has earned its long overdue rights to self-rule; on the other the hardly earned rights has been snatched by Amhara expansionist (re-baptised as PP and EZEMA) from its hand to reverse their victory thereby re-impose slavery on Sidama nation by using its handpicked agents – the Sidama’s worst quisling, renegade, pariahs including the leadership of Sidama Liberation Movement, SLM’s traitors.

Therefore, the Sidama nation is not in the process jubilant celebration instead it is in the process of mourning for the heroes and heroines of the nation whose selfless sacrifices has enabled the nation to earn today’s gain that is taken away from its hands to re-impose Amhara expansionist inspired slavery on the nation. The Amhara expansionist on the other hand are in the process of regression as they are moving backward at least by 300 years to impose the kind of the system that thinks and acts with 17th century mentality. This mentality is obdurate in its nature. Thus, it is vehemently rejected by all subjects of the empire and is resulting in the ongoing full scale war in Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul Gumuz, Afar and elsewhere in Ethiopia to make the empire the most volatile country on planet.

Giving blind eyes and deaf ears to the glaring facts; the ruler, his palace architects collaborating with the Eritrean dictator and Amahra elites are rather engrossed in with their delusional aspiration on rebranding of their utopian Ethiopia- that exists only in their misguided psyches- in reality in the process of disintegration as it is subjected to a Psychopath PM and his Neftegna expansionist advisers invited foreign invasion and occupation.

Under such unfolding human tragedies in the empire, it is morally incorrect for the Sidama nation to officially celebrate its national heritage whose principal ethos is fairness, impartiality, equality, peaceful coexistence and justice. This is why the Sidama nation thinks twice before celebrating its noble New Year (Fichchee) 2021 although the current Amhara colonial expansionist representatives have picked the date for Fichchee to be on May 07, 2021 and for festivity date (Camballaala) to be on 08 May 2021. This has been also hidden from the public as per the orders of expansionist Amhara elites. It is common assertion among the Sidama intelligentsia that the Sidama nation cannot be measured and weighed by account of reckless Sidama’s heartless pariahs as they impose the rule of our historical enemies on gallant Sidama nation.

In Sidama culture, Fichchee is always marked with low profile if there is the death of famous Sidama personality. This is also the case when unpleasant natural or manmade incidents or accident occur. At the current climate in the empire; the Sidama has got more than enough reasons to postpone its customary way of vibrant celebration in the face of ongoing massacre of the Oromo, Tigray, Benshangul and Afar civilians in addition to becoming the subject of colonial reoccupation. Now the Sidama is given back to the Neftegna system- the system that the nation has bitterly fought since the colonial occupation of late 1880s.

Moreover, the empire that has been stitched together with violence, dehumanisation of the subjugated subjects since its inception – currently became the subject of ongoing brutality whose subjects are destined to unknown horizon. Therefore, the Sidama nation marks Fichchee ‘2021’ with low profile for variety of reasons including:

  1. The Sidama’s cultural heritage is snatched from its hand by Neo-Neftegan corrupt Sidama cadres who have committed blasphemy by deciding the wrong date for the Sidama Fichchee 2021 by taking away the rights of the Sidama ‘Ayyaantto’ and ‘Hayyollee’ (wise men and traditional Astrology experts who usually tell the date of the Sidama Fichchee after extensively studying of celestial bodies for months).
  2. The Sidama nation’s resounding victory that was earned with blood of thousands of Sidama civilians has been snatched from its hands by the Sidama’s renegade, corrupt Naftgena recruits who are currently trading by nation’s name to bring ignominy to the traditionally fair Sidama nation under fake leadership of Desta Ledamo and Alemayehu Timotewos in addition to dozens of others.
  3. Empire’s Nations and nationalities including in Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul Gumuz and Afar are subjected to harrowing conditions under state orchestrated full scale war that is waged by the regime that has invited foreign dictators to dehumanise its citizens.
  4. The fate of all subjects become uncertain as the rulers allow foreign invaders to kill and maim, to loot and decimate properties and infrastructures, dehumanise and rape women, girls and grannies by totally destroying the fabrics of humanity mainly in Tigray, Oromia and Benshangul Gumuz.
  5. Thousands of Sidama, Oromo civilians including political leadership, Tegaru civilians all over the empire are unlawfully incarcerated in addition to over 65,000 Tegaru’s who have fled to Sudan whilst nearly 90% of the Tigray people are destined to manmade starvation as aid efforts were all blocked by the regime.
  6. The territory of the empire is taken by the foreign invaders invited by the current psychopath PM, his delusional advisers and various unionist groups as the ruler is hell bent on dehumanising citizens to remain in power.
  7. Manmade famine and shortage of food is compromising the survival of over 60% of the entire population of the empire and 90% of Tegaru.
  8. The Oromo nation is occupied by Amhara expansionists with their federal regime dehumanising them day and night in entire Oromia; and their leaders are either incarcerated or kept under a house arrest.
  9. At the time the survival of nations and peoples in the empire is put to test:-
    Celebrating the Sidama Fichchee according to the Sidama’s and those wider Kush nations’ customary manners at this difficult time in human history will be immoral. The Sidama nation therefore marks Fichchee (2021) with low profile as it fights to reclaim its snatched victory by cooperating with its closest allies.

May Justice Prevail on behalf of the Victims!

Fichchee Jeejii Jeejii!

Halaalu Yoona Halaalu Gashshoote Abii!.

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