The Sidama Nation Mourns the Sudden Death of kalaa ‘Yosef Sibu Guraro’ Who Passed in Las Vegas’s family house

The Sidama Nation Mourns the Sudden Death of kalaa ‘Yosef Sibu Guraro’ Who Passed in Las Vegas’s family house.

April 11, 2020

The Sidama nation is deeply disturbed and mourns the sudden death of its unwavering nationalist, one of formidable Human rights activists and the renowned advocate for the Sidama’s national self-realisation and self-governance. He has passed away in his home on the midday of April 10, 2020 Las Vegas (Nevada) local time.

Kalaa Yosef has battled with the Covid19 for the last two weeks and has fully recovered from the illness. Besides, he remained in his isolation room until his final day within the family house. During the midday of April 10, 2020 local time, his wife prepared a meal and knocks at his room door to leave it for him. She has done so since he has isolated himself to protect his kids and her. During the time she has left his meal and fluids at the door, she saw him accessing his computer. He has also advised her that he has fully recovered and not to worry.

After some time since she returned to the lounge (salon) on the ground floor where kids were playing; she heard huge bang from the upper floor and rushed to his room to find him lying on the floor. Subsequently, she called for an ambulance. Within two minutes the Paramedics (Ambulances) were there but unable to save the Sidama’s hero from his death. Yosef has suddenly left his wife and kids deeply traumatised and the nation extremely saddened.

Kalaa Yosef Sibu’s persistence and unwavering determination is seen as a symbol of the Sidama’s national resistance and by the enemy as Ethiopian empire’s foe as he has battled with the unionist in Las Vegas and its environs; where he has worked and lived for the entire time since he has moved to the USA over 15 years ago.

Furthermore, kalaa Yosef Sibu is one of the SNLF’s founding and executive committee members. His contribution since he has joined the SNLF has been enormous. He has tirelessly worked day and night for the Sidama’s national cause with those who have devoted their lives for the same cause. Moreover, he has also continually live streamed on social Medias to inform the Sidama nation and the wider subjugated nations and peoples of Ethiopia with larger emphasis on fighting for a common good in unison.

Kalaa Yosef was in Kenya’s refugee camp (Kakuma) for a considerable period of time before moving to the United States of America about 15 years ago.

Kalaa Yosef was a former Air Born Coach – Lieutenant during Derg’s regime.

Kalaa Yosef will be missed by his little kids, his wife and the wider Sidama nation. His body is waiting to a rest after the decision of the Las Vegas authorities who have a protocol on how to bury those who are affected with (Covid19).

The SNLF sends its deepest condolences to his wife, children, family and the wider Sidama nation. We also kindly advise all Sidama community- in particular those who are in the USA to do all it takes to continually support his young family at this difficult time.

The Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF), April 11, 2020

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