The Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF) Deplores Another Deployment Of the Sidama Youth

The Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF) Deplores Another Deployment Of the Sidama Youth For the illegal Amhara Elites War on Federated Tigray, Oromia and Other Nations of the Empire!!

July 25, 2021

SNLF Condemns

We are bitterly disappointed to hear that the Sidama nation is deceived once again by the Sidama cadres representing the causes and ambitions of Amhara expansionist elites who are working for their own project in Sidama land. The Sidama’s federal regime’s agents allowed the Sidama son and daughters to be sent out to fight an illegal war on behalf of the Amhara elites once again. We reiterated it that, the ideology of the Amhara elites is the one that is keeping nations and nationalities their captive slaves hence the SNLF strongly denounces any form of cooperation with these elites as doing so tantamount to cooperating with self-enslavement.

The Sidama nation must unanimously reject the current Sidama cadres, their federal bosses and their expansionist war instead cooperating with all the federal forces fighting for genuine self-rule in Ethiopia.

The Amhara elites are fighting day and night for their territorial expansion, the act that diametrically opposes to the ambitions of the empire’s nations and nationalities to genuine self-rule. The current war is about re-asserting imperial ambition of the Amhara elites in the empire. We strongly urge the Sidama and the rest of nations in Ethiopia not be part of their expansionist war.

The current war was masterminded since November 2020 by the federal Amhara elites and waged on Tigray, Oromo, Benshangul Gumuz, Kemant and Agaw has evidently became the war between those who are fighting to dismantle federalism and nations’ rights to self-rule. Diametrically opposing to the above is Amahra elite’s war on the indicated nations to restore Amhara dominated imperial rule on subjugated nations and nationalities. The Sidama nation as the rest of historically colonised nation never agree to and accepts the current call by Amhara expansionists to join their territorial expansionist war on the federated nations in Ethiopia. The SNLF and the wider Sidama nation uphold unshakable belief on nations rights to self-determination therefore unconditionally denounces Amhara elite’s expansionist war in empire’s nations and nationalities under various pretexts.

The SNLF has learnt last night that the Sidama’s Amara elites’ cadres (trading in the name of the Sidama nation) have once again recruited the Sidama youth and sent them to pay unnecessary sacrifice in the was that was illegally incepted, stage-managed and monitored by Amhara elites federally and regionally dominated government. This war is not the war of nations and nationalities. It is Amhara elites’ territorial expansionist war. We denounce with all possible terms this illegal war and the deployment of nations’ sons and daughters to inadvertently facilitate the enslaving regime to resurrect from its grave.
We strongly advise all nations and nationalities to fight for the assertion of their rights under the framework of genuine ethnic based federalism the only viable option for the multi-ethnic nation like the Ethiopian empire. The War on indicated nations must be stopped with immediate effect.

Finally, the SNLF Condemns with the strongest possible terms the re-deployment of the Sidama forces to defend the Expansionist ambitions of Amhara elites and demand their immediate return to their land. Additionally, we urge the Sidama’s forcibly sent youth to join federalist forces instead of fight the very regime that is planning to reintroduce Amhara elites led imperial system in the Ethiopian empire.

July 25, 2021

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