The superficial positivity Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and a single recommendation for remedy

The superficial positivity Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and a single recommendation for remedy

By ANF, October 14, 2019

medemerThe book of Medemer has zero or negative value for adult buyers and readers. Its “Medemer” is all about Tragedy of the common. It is all about history of children’s book on love and unity. It is about individuals to form family, family to form household and like that. Everyone know this sir!

The book of the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is simply fiction full of abstract that he called Medemer. I call it Tragedy of the common. I call it again Tragedy of the common. I have no reason to buy this book. It is infested with dirty ideas to enhance free riding. It is colonization idea of one region over the other. It infringes independence of region. It is the collapse of constitutional right of regions. It is not like the Western style what really meant by a country and unity. It is not real like Western has freedom and democracy. It is not evidence based. It is not research based. It is the book for high school students, children, kids, adolescent, teenager who talk about love and unity.  It (he?) didn’t consult any regions and stakeholders for any practical input. It is false, bombastic, and self-aggrandizement. The further funniest things about is it talk about Ethiopia to give support or model for Africa, and to the World. Are you sir, you mean to give poverty to the real world? Begging to the real World? Asking for funding me? Giving false smiley? Talking illusory about Africa or World that shadow people until you dig ground that collapse independence and freedom of region?

The real world is real and they are good enough. Even if they keep silent, they can easily read several things beyond you ever imagined. For example, they know very well that you assigned 50% gender equity for political purpose.

Your problem! You have been vising various countries but you never worked in the real country including in the Western. You were in UK University sometimes. You never worked in UK either. Be in school doesn’t reflect the real life which you could have acquired necessary experience by working in the real world to lead the country properly.

I am not talking about “medemer” of personal experience with someone like marriage of Amhara and Oromo, born from Amhara mother and lead by Amhara wife and looking for love and unity that fantasy dream to squeeze various nationalities, nationalities and people.

I am not talking about showy and flamboyant:

Look at me; I wear eye glass to show of myself!
Look at me; I am carrying kids to manipulate people!
Look at me; I am giving feed to the mouth of kids in the school!
Look at me; I am wearing your cultural clothes!
Look at me; I am giving you hug!
Look at me; I say forgive!
Look at me; I give order to other officials to give resources to other;
Look at me; I intervene with affairs of law enforcement;
Look at me; I arrest and release anyone and I don’t care independence of judiciary.

I am not suggesting to you to have command post military across region against the will of the people. I am not suggesting invitation of people, show them candy and sweetie speech, to return to home and then arrest them. I am not suggesting twisting things and burying people’s question. I am not suggesting preventing political parties, creating hardship and arresting their members on the one hand, and preach about freedom of election on the other.   I am not suggesting to you to kill people by using military force. Please note that, naturally, everyone born to live, but not to die by government! Real government is the one who have ear to listen to the followers and give response to the people question practically and positively. Real government means who allow people lead themselves at their region. Reiterated again, real government doesn’t say I know for you, but listen and solve problem of people.

I am indifferent about your agent role for international mediation. I am simply suggesting you what real world means like the Western. Respectfully, beyond several echoed, I am simply giving you information the importance of answering people’s questions respectfully and properly. I am not telling you how you are guided to write a book at official time that you could have responsible used the time to answer people’s question. I think you know that. I am not really asking to redo the re-writing of the book that someone wrote the book at “beyond the door” for re-colonization purpose.

The abstract of Medemer that Dr Abiy Ahmed is at odd with the Western style. It is manipulatives at best to pave colonization of one region over the other. It is deceptive at best. It talks about social acceptability that mendaciously distortion of reality.

Please take a single recommendation if you are in a position to consider here: Send representative from each region to the western world to take training on how each region is independent and interdependent. How they established reciprocity agreements.  Then, adopt this real type of freedom and democracy. That is what Unity is in the real world. This is a typical peaceful co-existence. This is freedom and democracy. Alternatively, ask help from Western to come over there, give training, and implement independence, reciprocity and dependence among regions.

If you ignore this impartial resource, your people would not prefer the real world because you deny them. Your already lost of TRUST among political parties will be irreconcilable then.    


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