The torturous life of artist Humneessa Badhaasaa: A night with a python (jawwee)

The torturous life of an artist Humneessa Badhaasaa: A night with a python (jawwee)

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Humneessa is very ambitious and talented singer. He left his new born child to join the Oromo Liberation Army in Borana in approximately 2004. As he finished the training, one day, it was Humneessa’s duty to fetch water. Unfortunately, Humneesa ran into a deep ditch, where python (jawwee) hides at night. Humneesa could have been unearned meal for the python, but it appeared to be the opposite, the python saved his life miraculously.  Listen to the video below …………………

Humneessa, instead, fell into multiple ‘ditches’ built by human being (including Girma Tiruneh’s, Qilinto prison fire, etc.).  He sustained the most brutal and heinous torture in Ethiopian prisons and Kenya.

Now, Humneessa needs your help for medical attention. He still bears mental and physical scars and wounds. Humneessa strives to resume his artistic work. Help Help  … Must listen to this Oromo Hero!!

Oromia Broadcasting Services (OBS) miidiyaa walabaa fi loogirraa bilisa ta’ee jijjiirama hawaasaa itti fufinsa qabu dagaagsuuf hundaa’edha. OBS – Filannoo Uummataa!

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