The violence that is happening to the people of Kimant

The violence that is happening to the people of Kimant.


Since April 05/2013, 05/2013, the violence against the people of Kimant has not been counted. We present only the following.

  1. The defense force of Amhara is not only giving cover to Amhara fano and Militia.
  2. The defense force in Aykel city is giving wrong information watching the killing of innocent Kimant in the city.
  3. Aykel hospital medication, they are working hard to close the hospital’s salaries by saying the workers are not respected.
  4. Elders of the country have failed to accept the proposal to defend the people.
  5. # Colonel _ Shigute is working to attack individuals who were elected by the Amhara regional government, weapons and logistics.
  6. schools, banks, health centers, government institutions, water, phone, electricity etc are closed in Aykel.
  7. Aykel Kebele 01 and 02 couldn’t meet by accident on the asphalt road, because Eritrean soldier is hitting people and vehicles with the special force.
  8. people who were armed by government have not been released yet. Their existence is at risk too.
  9. Humanitarian aid has not been given through government for displaced, wounded and injured people.
  10. We are banned from using 10. media.
  11. starting from Gondar 16/2013 there is a special force in Kimant people, Fano and smart boss stealing, massacre and killing.
  12. Around 12. chains of 18/09/13 many houses were burned down.
  13. It is known that 13. Eritrean soldiers have entered Gondar, DART has entered Tigray. Since then, they are doing what they have done to Kimant and Tigray.
  14. The defense force is doing action to take action on some Kimant’s request committee members.
  15. normal patients or wounded in Gondar hospital could not be treated, Kimant hospital workers in Gondar are not able to work by insulting direct orders.
  16. From April 16., 10, the wounded to 25 motorbike and 3 people. Government armed with 14/09/13 weapons have been robbed and robbed farmers animals on the market road. They have stolen mobile phones, money, property by taking people out of the market. They have also planted two more motorcycles. In general, the residents of Gondar have left the whole area of Qimanto.

When we see details happening right now

  • Her injuries burned over 100 houses.
  • Kids, women, elderly people in their homes are burned down.
  • Gondar Giorgis, Chandar, Wisdom, Kebele 15, Kaha around, Woleka and the massacre have been done the same thing.
  • Defense force kills the residents of Kimant with heavy weapons, the robbery team follows, Fano, special force, Eritrean soldiers kills houses.
  • A body that hasn’t risen yet has fallen everywhere.

There is no difference between the genocide that is happening to the people of Kimant. The only thing they didn’t do is shoot the helicopter and the mig beaten and white foxes. They are in progress to do these too.

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