The War against Dawud Ibsa and Marara Gudina is on!

The War against Dawud Ibsa and Marara Gudina is on!

by Bisil Gurree, 25, 2020

Dawud Ibsa and Marara Gudina
It is very important to know who are behind PM Abiy. These Derg era high officers who fled to the US are back with invisible advisory role to PM Abiy. They work with Isayas Afework who played a significant role in chasing them away in 1991. The three Derg era losers are still shuttling between Washington, DC and Finfinne and work day and night against Oromo struggle. Time will tell they will run away again as they did in 1991. This time it will be for good. Pictures: (Top) Kassa Kebede, Dawit, (bottom) Goshu Wolde and Isayas Afework’s marriage with Abiy Ahmed (exchanging rings – no shame)

We don’t know if the enemy within will be the first to kill Dawud and Marara but we are sure that the killing game of the Oromo nationalists orchestrated by Abiy Ahmed is on.

Before the special force of the Amhara region was brought into Finfinnee being tasked with the assassination of Obbos Marara and Dawud Ibsa, the hypocrites who outwardly wear masks that portray goodness, but inwardly practice evil and deceit were prepared. The goal is to replace Obbo Dawud Ibsa by Ibsa Nagawo, a man whose soul is troubled in conscience. As planned, Dawud Ibsa’s phone got cut off, his residence was surrounded, men and women who are expected to stand with him were jailed early on. So, Ibsa Nagawo announced that the OLF general conference will be held, of course, he and his cohorts must fulfill the promise they made to Abiy.

Meantime, the special forces that were brought to Finfinnee from the Amhara region were ready to kill Dawud Ibsa and Marara Gudina, catching them off guard.

The only problem was the question of Demelash, the head of the Ethiopian Intelligence Service posed. “Does killing Marara and Dawud Ibsa make sense this time when there is so much unrest by the death of Hacaaluu Hundessa is raging?”

“There is no such thing called making sense or lawfulness! We projected for the Oromo outcry to last two weeks but we silenced them in two days. This is a great indicator that nothing would happen if we take these anti-Ethiopian unity individuals, Marara, and Dawud out.” That was Abiy.

Understanding that Abiy’s assertion was loaded with wicked intent, Demelash urged him to remove the Amhara special forces from Dawud and Marara’s residence, which Abiy eventually agreed. But the Amhara killing squad members refused to leave the area before killing the two Oromo giants. It took hours of begging by Abiy to convince them. Now the killing squad is stationed at the 4 kill palace waiting for another chance of killing the enemy of Ethiopia.


These are the new agents that overthrew Dawud Ibsa to divide the OLF. They use Ararso Bikila, Ibsa Negew, Tolera Adaba and other as their surrogates. They are already in control of Gulele OLF office. Remember Demelash Gebremichael is a security chief who replaced Getachew Assafa and responsible for all youth killings including Hachalu Hundessa

For Abiy Ahmed, the great war against anti-Ethiopian unity has commenced, and it is raging ever more fiercely. He is the captain of the evil war and he must win. He was able to tempt Ibsa Nagawo with a powerful position, and three more OLF members are marshaled into the great army of PP and all they need to do is to be bold, disciplined, and loyal men of the PROSPERITY Party, who are prepared to take Dawud down.

Well, Dawud’s phone line is already cut off and his residence is surrounded. Most importantly, years have passed since Ibsa Nagawo has crossed to the evil’s side, and he will not be able to think or even reason properly, because he has lost the spirit of Oromummaa. Of course, there are more who are drawn away into immorality, believing that luxurious life justifies lowering their standards.

It seems that Abiy Ahmed’s terrible deception is addictive as cocaine to those the heartbreaking stories of the families of the murdered, jailed, and tortured means nothing.

While this is going on, Lammaa and Shimalis who wear masks of decency and outward righteousness but live lives of deception, continue playing their misleading role so well. Obviously, the truth about who we are and what we do will ultimately become known.

The remaining question will be, what step should we take to shield ourselves against the enemy within? Individually, we need to put the great power of our unity to work for us. Collectively, we have the mission to bring the message of freedom to the Oromo mass and carry out the liberation war and win our freedom.

Bisil Gurree

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  1. This dirty game is started well.We will see how far this plan is becoming fruitful!These people are blind that not able to see further. ABO is not Dawud,but the unfading emblem that engraved in to the heart of each Oromoos and the future generation.The more suppressing action done, the more liberation is at the verge to be proclaimed.No matter what is happening,nothing will stop the marching of Oromoos to their destination.Those who are orchestrating this plan needs to analyze several times before putting this in to action,unless otherwise they wanted to cause bloodshed among nations and dismantling the country.

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