The war between Sudan and Ethiopia over El-Fashaga Triangle.

December 29, 2020

Sudanese Military claims that it has killed more than 5,000 Amhara region Militia and Special Force members in last week’s fight over the boarder with Ethiopia that the Amhara farmers have been occupying for years as part pf their land grab effort they have been well versed in within Ethiopia – in all corners & regions of Ethiopia.

The El-Fashaga triangle (N 36° – 14° E) is obviously a fertile land surrounded by rivers located within the international boundary of the Republic of the Sudan (Jumhūriyyat as-Sūdān).


“The Gamar Boba” (“القمر بوبا”) by Mohammed Wardi

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  1. We remember how during the last Ethiopian Easter holiday the Covid-19 infected number of people spiked high in Ethiopia due to the fact at the sheep , goat and chicken holiday markets people were gathered close to each other in small unmonitored fields of markets where the CoronaVirus spread, months later we are about to embark on the Ethiopian Christmas holiday where once again people will go out to purchase Sheep , goats and chickens at markets. So far very little warnings and intervention is underway to protect the people from getting infected with Covid-19 which is too concerning , that is why we all should take into consideration the possibility of the mutated Covid-19 which is more contagious currently being present in Ethiopia, making it vital to take serious precautions when we try to celebrate the upcoming Ethiopian Christmas.

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