The Wolayta TPLF Agents Should Stop Their Anti-Sidama Campaign

The Wolayta TPLF Agents Should Stop Their Anti-Sidama Campaign

June 22, 2018

By Gawiwa Ganneesso, from Hawassa, Sidama


The Sidama nation is a peace loving nation that has lived in peace and harmony with all Ethiopians for decades. Sidama is home to tens of thousands of other Ethiopians. No time in history of Sidama have any other Ethiopians living in Sidama been discriminated or attacked by the Sidama nation. The witnesses are other Ethiopians living in Sidama today.

Our new year Fichchee has been celebrated for over a thousand years. Fichchee has always been the day of peace and reconciliation. At no time in oral or recorded history has the Sidama nation attacked anyone on Fichchee, the Sidama’s New Year day. Instead, in accordance with our culture, during  Fichchee, those who have quarrelled create peace. Fichchee’s greatest cultural value in Sidama is peace building.

The recent unrest in Sidama following the Fichchee celebration is a political drama written and stage managed by the TPLF’s agents hell bent to obstruct the demand of the Sidama nation for regional self – administration. This unrest was well planned and stage managed mainly by the following groups:-

(1) The south Ethiopia democratic movement or Dehden and its leaders particularly Shiferaw Shigute,

(2) the Wolayta’s die hard TPLF agents who are determined to block Sidama from restoring its regional administration and

(3) South Ethiopia and federal government security forces hell bent to derail reform measures being implemented by the new Prime Minister. The Head of south Ethiopia police force, Fiseha Garedo  recruited the unemployed Wolayta youth to attack Sidama in Hawassa. This has been attested by those young Wolayta individuals detained with weapons.

These tripartite forces financed and armed unemployed young men exclusively from the Wolayta ethnic group in Hawassa. It was the Wolayta unemployed youth in Hawassa which launched attacks on the Sidama people who were returning from the Fichchee celebration in Gudumaale, Hawassa. Following the attack on Sidama Fichchee celebrants in Hawassa, the Federal Police force entered into the Hawassa Teachers Training College (TTC) and shot dead three Sidama students. The killers were Wolayta federal police members. The security agents then went into the city and shot dead a business person from the Borrichcha district who was just walking in a street in Hawassa. The killers were again ethnic Wolayta security forces. The other wing of the tripartite anti-Sidama forces then travelled to Shamana town in Sidama and threw hand grenade killing two people and wounding dozens.

At all these times, the Sidama people were being attacked on their own soil. The security forces were fully partisan. They were hostile towards the Sidama people, shot dead dozens, beat and wounded over 90 Sidamas in Hawassa alone.

Even after peace and calm was restored following the call from the Prime Minister to meet the Sidama people in their capital Hawassa on Tuesday this week, provocations in Hawassa never stopped. Several young Wolayta were detained brandishing weapons.

When Dr Abiy visited Wolayta in the evening of 19, June 2018, all the demand except few were against the Sidama nation. These included;

(1) Disband Fichchee, the Sidama New Year,

(2) Fichchee should not be celebrated in Hawassa, (3) Make Hawassa the federal city, among others.

It looked like all problems Wolayta had is due to Sidama. What right on earth do the Wolayta have to demand about Fichchee and Sidama land?.

Is this is a pay back to Sidama for allowing tens of thousands of Wolayita to live in various parts of Sidama in peace for decades including Hawassa, Borrichcha, Leku, Wondo, etc….

Why is the Sidama regional question the biggest problem for Wolayta? Why not they focus on their own regional question? What special rights do Wolaytas alone have in Sidama?

On top of all these yesterday, the Wolayta online campaigners produced a fake video depicting Sidama as brutal people who burn the dead. Firstly, the video is fake, and secondly, it is a desperate campaign to tarnish the good image of the respected Sidama nation.

Sidama is an ancient Cushitic language speaking nation and it is not in its culture to fabricate lies. Other Ethiopians know very well who is known for lies and malice. The Sidama nation has always respected human lives.

The Sidama nation welcomes, protects and lives in peace with any other Ethiopians on its land. The Sidama nation does not have any animosity against the Wolayta people who are equally oppressed people. We strongly warn the Wolayta’s TPLF agents to desist from lies, malice and provocations to destabilize Sidama on its land. This will not hinder Sidama from restoring its rights to regional self-administration.

Finally, Hawassa has been the Sidama land since ancient times. It will remain the capital of Sidama administration for ever. Wolayta has no rights under whatsoever definition to say anything about the Sidama affairs apart from peacefully living in Sidama land.

By Gawiwa Ganneesso, from Hawassa, Sidama

June 20, 2018


  1. Dear my Sidama Brother,
    I was in Hawassa for about 3 months in 1984 when I was 23 right after a year from finishing college when the city was small. I also saw the city in March of 2018 after 34 year and I was impressed with the exponential growth the city has showed. However, the humbleness of the people seem to be unchanged until this June. My brother please think beyond a narrow nationality and see the big picture. Keep your eyes on the ball and don’t be destructed by small and insignificant gains. We are all human and more importantly, Ethiopians. We have been coexisting for since many many generation ago and there is no reason to think differently now. Peace!!

  2. The Sidamas have right to rule and live peace fully in their land, there is no such ethiopian or ethiopia.
    sidama land belongs to them, no one else, and Wolayta people have no say in Sidama land what so ever.

    Otherwise there is singing of old song in so called ethiopia, which is a violence and inhuman treatment against innocent unarmed civilians.

    Seems to some Wolayta are mercenaries and causing terrible in Sidama land, and they are pushing bye evil policy that going on in Addisabaab.

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