Tigray’s forces claim killing more than 21,000 enemy soldiers between 31st August and September 10

BREAKING NEWS: Tigray’s forces claim killing more than 21,000 enemy soldiers between 31st August and September 10

Source: GNN Globe News Net

TDF claims to have decimated huge enemy army and amassed massive weapons[TDF]
Tigray’s forces(TDF) say that they have killed more than 21,000 and wounded more than 28,000 enemy soldiers between 31st August and September 10.

According to the statements by TDF on Friday(September 10) and Saturday(September 1) seen on the regional state media, TDF conducted military operations in the Western Front (in Dabat and Debark), in Mersa front, In North Wollo(Haro Sodoma front), Sanka area, and Debrezebit Front between August 31 and September 8; and in Sokota and Bugna front between September 8 and 10.

Newest Prisoners of War Under TDF’s Custody[TDF]
In these operations, TDF claims, it killed 21013 enemy soldiers, wounded 28,026, and captured 293 prisoners of causing a staggering 49,332 humanitarian loss to Ethiopian army and allied Amhara and other regional forces. TDF also claims to have amassed massive military armaments including 3 tanks, numerous cannons, Rocket artilleries, and close to two dozen military vehicles.

A word on these latest statements by TDF is not heard from the federal government.

TDF claims to have captured massive Military Equipments from its enemies[TDF]
In another statement on Wednesday September 8, TDF announced it has withdrawn from certain areas. In the same statement, TDF criticized the Federal government of Ethiopia and Amhara regional government for “conscripting students, farmers, priests, and forcing them in to the war”. The statement also said that some among the conscripts were forced in to the war with only machete and axel; others shared one gun for 4, and were told to “kill TDF and own guns”. The statement further said that “the intention is to create animosity and civil war between the people of Amhara and Tigray”; the statement said part of the reason why it withdrew from some areas was to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.
Amhara Regional State is being criticized for forced conscriptions of students, farmers, priests, and forcing them in to war with no arms and civilian clothes[Social Media]
The statement also indicated that Tigray’s forces have no intention to control territories in Amhara, or govern the areas, and that it was not touching the civil administration in the Amhara places under its control.

On the next day, September 9, Ethiopia’s government announced that TDF was beaten in Afar and forced to retreat. Ethiopia Foreign Ministry Sp0kesperson Mr. Dina Mufti told reporters at a news conference in Addis Ababa “The TPLF force has left Afar; according to a military information, they were defeated and they left”.

TDF claims to have captured the Tank in the latest operations[TDF]
TDF rejected it, saying that there was no even war in Afar for some time, and they all made troop movements to highlands in Amhara region; TDF claimed that Ethiopia’s government even knew their departure after TDF announced it. Tigrayan spokesperson Mr. Getachew Reda also twitted “#Abiy & Co are trying to have their supporters believe that they are making advances in battlefields in #Amhara and #Afar: they are not; thousands of their soldiers are being mopped down by our forces daily”. He added “The fighting in Amhara region is proceeding in a manner that will make sure #Abiy cannot lie his way out.”

The government’s response on the latest statements by TDF are yet to come, and we look forward to entertaining them.

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