TPLF’s Rape and Kill Policy in Oromia continues unabated and the PM is MUTE

TPLF’s Rape and Kill Policy in Oromia continues unabated and the PM is Mute

By Aba Orma, April 18, 2018


Dedicated to Ayyantuu Mohammed, three month pregnant, killed by Agazi in Kobo town, West Hararge Zone, on April 9, 2018 while defending herself from three Agazi members who attempted to gang rape her.

Who is running the country, the PM or the so called “Command Post”?

Why is the new PM not speaking when peopled are killed and raped in Oromia? Does the State of Emergency information blackout block him too from speaking?

On the surface, TPLF’s Ethiopia has a new Prime Minister in Dr. Abiy Ahmed. Under the surface it is business as usual. Dr. Abiy Ahmed was appointed after H/Desalegne was forced to resign following unprecedented peaceful protests in the country led by Qeerroo. The country came to complete standstill when Qeerroo called a three days stay-home followed by six days of blockage of petroleum gas movement across the country. Many argued that Qeerroo is in control of the country. So TPLF needed to change the narrative and re-establish its control.

They declared state of emergency, went into their den to give a breathing room to their “command post” to retake control of the streets. They also needed shining object to show to the Oromo people and the West. They found the shiniest of all in Dr. Abiy Ahmed, someone who is absorbed with himself and style than substance.

He has proved himself incompetent by fumbling the football from the gate go in his praise of Menelik, past blood suckers, his lack of understanding of Wolqayt Tsegede issue, his dirty dance for TPLF in Mekele, his embarrassing encounter with the criminal Abdi Illey of the Somali regional state, his dismissal of the Oromo youth (Qeerroo) movement on and on. In all these, he has yet to address the most important issue for the country in general and the Oromo people in particular. The unconstitutional State of Emergence (SOE) that the Agazi is using to rape and murder Oromo women, kill pregnant women, continue its rampant killings of Oromo youth and farmers.

For TPLF, even unborn Oromo is a threat and must be killed before he/she is born.

Who forgets the image of the body of Ayyantuu Mohammed in Kobo?, an Oromo woman who refused to be raped and choose to die with her dignity intact, a reminder of the rich history of Oromo heroism. As a result of refusing to be raped, she was murdered by the thugs.  Ayyantuu’s case is not isolated. Similar rape and kill cases have been reported over and over again throughout Oromia. One only wonders how many such heinous crimes are being committed that is not reported thanks to the internet blackout by the regime.

Following the Oromo mass protest in Oromia led by Qeerroo (Oromo youth) the regime forced  H/Mariam Desalegne to resign and appointed Dr. Abiy Ahmed as the new Prime minister of Ethiopia with the hope of dividing and weakening the Oromo National Struggle for justice. The purposes of his appointment are twofold. The first is to give the illusion of loosening TPLF’s grips to power. The second is to create an opening for TPLF by showing a shining object to the Oromo people to regain control of the country, especially Oromia.

As many political observers suspected, the country is still run by the shadow government of TPLF generals in the name of “Command Post” and Dr. Debretsion from Mekele, Tigray.  All Dr. Abiy is doing is to give them cover by going around and talking sweet talks while Agazi is eliminating anyone suspected of opposing their occupation of Oromia.

Since the declaration of the unconstitutional State of Emergency, more 80 Oromos are murdered that we know off and given the history of TPLF, it is not unreasonable to expect many more Oromos murdered and thrown into ditches and bushes. Many women are raped and then murdered to cover the crimes. Thousands of Oromo youths are incarcerated and being tortured. These crimes continued even after the new Prime minister took office and yet he has to comment on it.

TPLF appointed Dr. Abiy for short and long term strategy. The short term strategy is to get break from the massive Oromo movement. The long term strategy is to divide the Oromo people and eventually squash the movement itself.

Therefore, the Oromo people must not fall for TPLF trap and buy into the idea of giving time to the powerless new PM to change the rotten system. Some argue to give him couple of months before judging him. Make no mistake the couple of months are for TPLF to reestablish its grasp over the country not for Dr. Abiy to change TPLF! TPLF is asking time to eliminate “enemies” and reestablish its absolute control over the country. Even enlightened OPDOs are in their sight. Eventually they want to bring people like Abadula and the likes to takeover OPDO and rule for another 26 years.

There is only one choice for the Oromo people. If you are tired of watching your elders beaten like a child, your women raped and murdered, your brothers and sisters beaten, killed, and incarcerated because they are youth (Qeerroo), your parents, uncles, and aunts displaced from their ancestral land   so that TPLF generals amass wealth, then the only road to stop these heinous crimes against our people is to put aside all our internal difference and fight together to stop injustices against our people in all its forms.

When their country is attacked, the Somalis put aside all their differences and defend their country first. Once they make sure that their country is safe they go back to their bickering. I am not advocating for the second one but definitely for the first one. Since we are all children of Gadaa, we can handle our own affairs peacefully and democratically. Let us get there together. WE ALL HAVE ONE OROMIA, ONE FLAG, and ONE HISTORY. There is no logical explanation unless we are condemned by Waqaa to engage in a food fight when our enemies are the one killing us.

The only genuine and independent Oromo political Organization with potential to bring about lasting peace is THE OROMO LIBERATION FRONT (OLF) together with WBO. Friends and foes know that there won’t be a long lasting peace in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa that is not fully embraced by the OLF and the Oromo people. There is no meaningful alternative to OLF for the Oromo people too. SO, WE MUST BUILD OLF/WBO’s material and human capacity for the ultimate triumphant over the fascist TPLF regime and save our people and our country, EMIYE OROMIA!


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