Two very slim young men.. both barefoot

Two very slim young men.. both barefoot

Abibe Bikila
Tokyo Olympic Marathon 1964

Surrounded by many white people and ready for a 42 km fight. Name called by name. Next to name call, first shot the run. 42 km started as 195 meters. The Ethiopian Olympic delegation members of Yidnekachew Tessema remember not to mention the name of Abebe Bikila at the beginning.

‘I asked him why didn’t you delete the recorder. He said it’s number 11 so he marked his name. If there was no sign at the beginning, the result would have been disqualified with all those barefeet. The current Ethiopian delegates say I am still late when I think about this.

Ethiopia brought two athletes in 1956 Rome Olympic.. Two flowers.. Abebe Bikile and Abebe Wakjira! No one remembers that Ethiopian athletes will win. White journalists say Abebe Bikila when we tell them the best time in the country, they said it was your lie.

May the leader of the delegates be praised.

Abebe Bikila, who runs barefoot with Morocco athlete Redi Abduselam, has taken second position next to her husband. The competition starts tonight at 11:30 pm. Thousands of people have been migrated along the road. The dead are leading by the light and fighting with the warm weather. When Rome reached Deporta Cafena, Abebe Bikila, left the Moroccan with the speed of Axum. When Abebe looks at Axum statue, I think he is bright, says Journalist and author Fikru Kidane… Abebe Bikila has worked miracles on his barefoot. A new record has been recorded in two hours and 15 minutes. Sheger is happy that this run was held on the eve of anger… Sheger has not cut music…
We are very happy, our wish is fulfilled.
Abebe Bikila won (× 2)

The shoe owner Abebe Bikila

Abebe Bikila, who won barefooted by Rome Olympic, is famous in the world. It is said that the fame was paid from all Haileselassie. When the western media called King Haileselassie called Ethiopia, Abebe Bikila started following Abebe Bekila. 1960 The next ordinary Olympic producer is Tokyo A Japanese shoe manufacturer who heard Abebe Bikila’s fame said if I didn’t make a shoe for Abebebe bikila. The Olympic committee said we can’t afford the cost. The Japanese said leave the cost to us and send only the length and width of its legs. Abe made history again in this way. He improved his Rome record and committed a huge loss against Marathon Olympics.

Just to summarize it.

Abebe Bikila has been treated in a hospital after a car accident in the British government spent a long time in London. The current Olympic committee writer Fikru Kidane and Mr. Yidnekachew Tessema went to London to ask Abe from the Austria meeting. When we see the letters sent to him from the whole world says Fikru Kidane. The number of the letters is one full jonia. Don’t think the senders are the leaders of the country and famous people. The current president Richard Nixon and Queen Elizabeth are present. Queen Elizabeth has been found in hospital. Even the letters of love to the famous people, Kidane has responded in the name of Abebe. When I added one more thing, every journalist’s attention is on Abebe Bikila when they went to Mexico. The question presented to the delegates to interview him has not gotten out. And this is also the same
Fikru Kidane has been prepared as a translator. When Fikru Kidane told him the first question and the answer of Abe:

Sir, there is no one who knows better than me. Why don’t you answer me? ′′…. (I think our athletes have inherited not only victory but also this regret from Abe)

Good luck to the modern army of Tokyo..

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