The stillborn premiership of Dr. Abiy Ahmad! TPLF got the ultimate REVENGE against the Oromo people!

The stillborn premiership of Dr. Abiy Ahmad! TPLF got the ultimate REVENGE against the Oromo people!

By Abbaa Ormaa, April 3, 2018

One word for it: Disgraceful!

A common phrase in the United States Congress is “Dead on arrival” and is commonly used when a bill that has zero chance of succeeding is passed by one of the two chambers to the other chamber.

Dr. Abiy’s premiership is DEAD on arrival in the true Oromo people’s congress! Even for his supporters and reformist this must be a SAD day! An hour after he is sworn as the next PM of the empire he goes to the palace and says exactly what is in his heart, praising Menelik, a man who committed genocide against the Oromo people and massacred more than 5 million Oromo, and tell the Oromo people that he will continue his legacy. For the Oromo people, Menelik’s name is always remembered with Aanolee, where thousands of mothers lost their breasts to mutilation by Menelik’s Neftegnas.

TPLF is known for revenge and this is the ultimate revenge against the Oromo people.  

All those who have been advocating for OPDO and the so called Lemma team must and should be embarrassed today. 

In his complete garbage acceptance speech he calls for reconciliation and forgiveness. How on earth a man who cannot forgive his own father regardless of any wrongdoing by his father calls for such forgiveness. This is hypocrisy at its highest pick. He dispraised his father because he is a Muslim and an Oromo. Two unthinkable combinations in Ethiopian politics!

Is it may be his father of accused of supporting the Oromo Liberation Front and jailed for that that he couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge him because his masters will not be happy? It is absurd that this guy calls for peace with Eritrea and opposition groups when he does not have the fortitude to acknowledge his father.

Dr. Abiy is the modern day GOBENA and must be looked at as such by every Oromo alive. OPDO is always the enemy of the Oromo people and Dr. Abiy proved all those stood on the opposite camp correct!  OPDO does not speak and represent the Oromo people.

What Dr. Abiy did today in a span of three hours is no less than what Abadula Gemeda did when he declared war on the Oromo people!

The Oromo people and above all the QEERROO must intensify the struggle and hold OPDO and the TPLF accountable.

We the OROMO people back home and here in the diaspora must learn the lesson from today’s drama that the only way we realize the aspiration of our people is to intensify the struggle and win our war against injustice in the Ethiopian empire!

So, today let us each donate whatever you can; $5, $10, $1000 in the name of #DrAbiy to the Oromo Liberation Army and the Oromo Liberation Front. That is the only way we can liberating our people from this cylices of deceived denigration! If you are mad and disappointed like I am by Dr. Abiy that is what you do. Let US do it!

Oromia Shall be Free!


  1. Abiye is wayane prain washed slave how deceives himself only. He should first praise once OLF chailed hero father and today’s Qeerroo heroes of Oromia..arm and join them to free FINNFINNE once for all.

    Attention: Oromia and rest of oppressed nations in fake apartheid ailing Abyssinian empire… doesn’t give wayane settelers a chance to regroup and strake you again with the help of Abiye & co ( OPDO )
    Take arms wash them with their own blood,,

    Oromia shall be free soon….inshaALLAAH
    Rest of oppressed nations will follow suit

  2. Is it true that Abiye did not recognize his father during his speech? Did his father attend the ceremony? If so any person regardless of who he is or the position he hold in the society that does not respect his/her parent is a dead person walking on earth. If this is true it is time for Oromos to unite and continue the struggle for freedom and equality.

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