Understanding Obstacles of Self-Rule and Observable Role of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

Understanding Obstacles of Self-Rule and Observable Role of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

By ANF, Nov. 25, 2019

In a very plain language, there are two groups of obstacles for self-rule in Oromia.

  • Neftegna
  • Some (not all) OPDO (PP)

Just leave the needy of Neftenya to milk money from diaspora who clearly announced Qeerroo as terrorists because they are known in the enemy zone. The worst part is the PP (OPDO) group who already invited people to domestic country and, then, they offered position for pseudo politicians, corrupted some people, wage defamation and intimidation on known activists and arrested others. The Neftenya never arrested, nor demoralized their group who return to domestic country.

This PP (OPDO) cheats itself as if they were superior to Neftegna group. They use various approaches to manipulate people. For example, their first approach is to engage elders, Abba Gadaa, businessmen, activists, and a few numbers of their followers. They molded themselves like a snake from OPDO to ODP to EPP to PP and finally, anyhow, this PP will certainly close in Oromia by freedom fighters of Oromo. The final close up of OPDO would not be far.

Their second approach is to hurt students emotionally, physically, financially and academically. When students call for help, they stranded students into hostile Amhara Regional State even if they saw assault of students to death. They kept quite as if they never knew the student problems. Some students even displaced but the so called OPDO (call it PP) failed to host and accommodate the students. The odd things, furthermore, they step in to manipulate and return the students to the hostile environment; however, they left students on charitable society or in the miserable situation without offering supports for the students.

The third approach is they wages war on civilians through martial law. They shoot people as well.

At this moment, they started to divide a community into domestic and diaspora. On diaspora, they attempted to manipulate but apparently that would not work out. They so critics of diaspora using various terms like welfare people, interference on domestic affairs, unhealthy, anti-unity, undercover activists, and so on.

They are either shortsighted what really means self-rule, worried for their position, or paid to deprive freedom in favor of Neftenya. When few improvements come, they claim as if they fought for and brought that. No problem for their disgust flexibility! They also claim that we lead country, or “bala tera”.

The reality though, there is no way to lead a country and “bala tera”. The practical aspect should be to rule their specific reginal state and cease to interfere with other region. Ruling of a country means the competitive input of each specific region. Ruling of a country means being advancing people’s questions and come out with a solution through participatory, and not to impose a dictatorship view from top to down nor to create problem and solve it as if it was the people’s question; for example, arresting people today and release them tomorrow to looks good. The truth will prevail. Self-rule is inevitable. Students will be successful. True freedom fighters will be successful. Marginalized people will get fairness. Neftenya never be successful. OPDO (PP) will terminate.

Do you still believe PM Abiy Ahmed?

  • When people asked for regional self-rule in the first place, he refused this and he proposed more than two languages at the same time. His proposal facilitates cultural and linguistic subjugation in Oromia and on Oromo. Order does matter!
  • Already Afaan Oromo is a working language for OPDO but he falsely claimed to make Afaan Oromo for OPDO or whatever he called PP (prosperity party).
  • PP is not a best for Oromia and Oromo because there is no self-rule. Hence, PP brings more colonizers to Oromia under the disgust of this party.
  • 4) He arrested Oromo political members (e.g. Gemechu Ayana and several) but he released and invited Neftegna politicians including Andargachew Tsige.
  • He put command post in Oromia that damages and demoralized Oromo.
  • He disarmed Oromo while Neftegna regions are armed.
  • He assigned students out of their specific regions in attempt of mixing colonizers and colonized.
  • After students started getting attack and assault to death, he refused students demand to return to their specific region. Rather he stated on Nov. 15, 2019 that he would continue to eliminate 10 or 20 people or close Universities.
  • He again targeted people stating that University problem caused by people who have foreign political agenda.
  • He started attacking political rivals.
  • He is lair on several occasions including changing the name of passport to escorts, signing agreements to unit Oromo political parties but he dishonored this agreement, split them and further drag them to EP.
  • He sent police and military forces to kill people ruthlessly.
  • He failed to answer Oromo’s questions including management and ownership of cities in the Oromia region.
  • He withheld to give license to Oromo political parties on time but he gave to neftegna earlier.
  • He sent military forces to kill and arrest Sidama people for they asked self-determination. But, then, he met with people as if he was good person and showers them with rhetoric, cultural clothes and smile.
  • He kept quite when Qimant, Gumuz, Oromo were attacked. That means he endorsed those calamities.
  • He removed important people from key positions including Lemma, Xaayibaa
  • He used people including Taye Dandaha to pass his unacceptable ideas but which is acceptable for Neftegna.
  • He kept people including A.Sime who explicitly got complain from Oromo.
  • He hijacked pseudo politicians to unit with OPDO.
  • He failed to address the students poisoned.
  • He speaks with good rhetoric but his actions are different.
  • He kept quite when various ethnicities are fighting in Dire Dawa, Amhara Regional State etc
  • He advocates for centralized governance that further deprive the right of marginalized people.
  • He uses religious people and elders for political purpose.
  • He brings in another agenda to divert attention rather than he could address the causes realistically.
  • People have questions but he insisted to impose his ideas from top to down.
  • He manipulates people and force to buy-in even if people went to the extent of burning his unitary book.
  • He travels from region to region while a number of people being displaced, killed, and assaulted domestically.
  • He implements investment at relatively developed areas and cities while marginalized areas are barely got attention. This created congestion and immigration severely.
  • Overall, he never uttered even critics against neftegna while others are being attacked.
  • He installed symbolic of cremated Neftegna burial of Minilik II in the place who was the worst criminal dead person for marginalized people.
  • He tracks and hijacks people online including Facebook by breaching privacy.
  • When Oromo students assaulted to death and suffering in Amhara Regional State, he refused to rescure to their Oromia Regional State despite students rally on several occasions.
  • He failed to provide accommodation for the Oromo Students came to Finfinnee from hostile Amhara Regional State.
  • He ordered that arrested Oromo students even in Oromia Regional State.
    And so forth.


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