Understanding Problem of the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed: Won Nobel Peace Prize

Understanding Problem of the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed: Won Nobel Peace Prize

ANF, October 11, 2019

Complicity: Abiy Ahmed concealed the atrocities of Menelik who slaughtered, killed, hanged, mutilated hands and legs of people and cut women’s breasts. Menelik evicted people from their land, took livestock and agricultural products from peasants with no or little payments.

Abiy Ahmed praised the settlers’ descendants for inaugurated the Unity Park that includes the statue of Menelik. He further promised to expand the version of Master Plan, which was opposed by Oromo and took hundreds of Oromo’s life but favored by settler’s descendants, across the city connecting to Bole. He ignored the vandalized Irreecha site.

Malfeasance: He obstructed Oromia Orthodox religion, self-administration and Afaan Oromo but, he offered mere lip service. He made no public speech at the Irreecha festival where millions of people participated. He merely discussed with a journalist. However, he was so splashed smiley face at Menelik stature.

Divisive: Before the Irreecha festival, Abiy Ahmed signed an agreement to unite OPDO/ODP, OLF, and OFC. After Irreecha festival, oddly, he held a meeting with OPDO/ODP only and, he even split this party into two groups that created division. The best option for Oromo is to reject his opinion but unite with Oromo parties.

Some information indicates that he planned to split Oromia and create disagreement amongst Oromo. He ordered military occupation in Oromia, especially to Wollega and Guji, against the interest of the people. Beyond attack and displacement, ordering his military forces, he jailed, killed or injured several Sidama, Oromo, Somali, Afar, Gumuz, and Qimant people. But he failed enforce Court order in Tigray.

Imposing Amharic Language: He declined to implement people’s priority about self-administration and Afaan Oromo. He devoted to re-imposing Amharic language through economic activities and employment opportunities.  He had time to write a book that expands the Amharic language.

Wily: He easily manipulates the upright Oromo. He stated that Oromo’s questions are minors and they need not raise that. At an interview with a journalist, he aggrandized about noticeable Oromo that attention-grabbing to Oromo but he never appeared in the Irreecha festival. He also posted his picture on the website as if he was celebrating Irreecha.

Inappropriateness: He trapped with several conflicts of interests. His spouse and mother are Amhara. And, he has been biased in favor of Amhara instinctively. He offered 25,000 Euro to a protestant group, and he also promised to give more to the same group in the future. Don’t get me wrong, me too a protestant but such apparent bias from high level of leader is unacceptable at all.

Misallocation: Abiy Ahmed got donations from abroad. He invested in luxury projects in the capital city that attract urban migration and displaces landowners. He constructed various high standard parks which he said is even better than any park in the USA. Peripheral remote areas exposed to hunger and widespread poverty. They hardly have potable water.

Evasiveness: On several occasions, people have asked relevant questions. To avoid those questions, he has been misleading as if he was to unite Africa. He travelled to various places including to Djibouti, Kenya, Egypt, Somalia, USA, Israel, France, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Germany, Eritrea and so on. He got admiration from various countries because of his superficial, rhetorical speech and smile. The reality is though; he could have implemented independence and interdependence like western countries that bounded by reciprocity agreements to ensure sustainable development and peace.

Remark: Locally, he (Abiy Ahmed) creates more chaotic, dictatorship, illegal displacement and settlements. He bragged to put aside pen and take gun to fight. He is running conflicts of interests. He is power monger appealing to authority in the world sating love and unity while the low income and rural residents are mindlessly suffering. He probably does not answer people’s question but pass on the Prime Minister position to another person after the election that will create more dictatorship. He can fit best for mediation at the international level, with more salary, but not in Ethiopia.

Some of the quality for the best leader is who can listen to his follower, honesty, predicable, openness, unbiased, uphold the rule of law, uphold the constitution, and participatory of stakeholders. Anyway, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won noble prize today.

Disclaim: The whole points and statements are only my personal opinion.

ANF, October 11, 2019

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